June 20, 2024


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What are the Top Features You Must Consider When Choosing Furniture for Your Garden?

Things To Consider When Choosing Garden Furniture - 1001 Gardens

It is no secret that growing your garden is great for your health and overall well-being as well as lifting the aesthetics and value of your property. But to enjoy the fruits of your labour and relish the joy of having a garden, you should have the right garden furniture that will fit right in and give your garden the wow factor it deserves.

From loungers to glass tables, to resin wicker chairs, to wooden garden furniture amongst others, there is a wide variety of garden furniture to decorate your garden but the problem is figuring out the right type that fits your needs and is best for your garden.

To help you discover the right outdoor/garden furniture for you, we shall be discussing the top features that you should consider when choosing outdoor furniture for your garden. We shall also be giving you some tips that you should find useful.

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Here the top 5 features you should consider…

1.      What Material Is It Made Of?

As you might already know and hinted at the beginning of the post, garden furniture is made using various types of materials including wood (cedar, teak, oak), metal (aluminum, wrought iron, steel, etc.), plastic, synthetic resin wicker, synthetic rattan, and fabrics (acrylic, vinyl) to mention a few. Despite the options you have available to you, some might not be ideal for your needs because of the material they are made from.

Most people that have gardens in their homes often choose furniture made from teak because it is very much low maintenance; it is an all-weather material and doesn’t look out of place outdoors when considering aesthetics.

If you will prefer furniture made with other types of wood or materials, you should check out the Oak Furniture Superstore – OFS to find elegant, quality, and durable furniture for your garden and other areas of your home.

Tip 1: Pair your teak furniture especially chairs with comfy cushions made with synthetic fabric designed with floral patterns to make it more comfortable to spend extended periods on and aesthetically complement your garden.

2.      Is It Water-Resistant?

Choosing water-resistant garden furniture is very important considering of course that it will be outdoors most if it not all the time. This feature goes hand-in-hand with the above because not all furniture types are water-resistant, and as such can deteriorate and eventually go bad. Also, considering that you might not want to go through the trouble of constantly moving the furniture so it isn’t ruined by rain makes this feature even more crucial.

The best water resistant furniture are; synthetic resin wicker, plastic, teak, wrought iron, and aluminum.

Tip 2: The best water-resistant furniture you should consider is the High-Density Polyethylene wicker (HDPE).

3.      Quality and Durability

Most times people think they can’t afford quality products because they are most likely above their budget and so they go for ones with less quality but tailored to their budget. When it comes to garden furniture it isn’t advisable to penny-pinch because, again considering that they will be outside most times, you might find yourself replacing them more frequently than you will prefer. Also, before purchasing a piece of outdoor furniture, durability is another feature that you should insist on to; get value for money, avoid accidents like falling, and not having to worry about insects and other garden wildlife ruining it easily.

If you know the right places to look you can get quality garden furniture that is very much durable at pocket-friendly prices.

4.      Size

Garden furniture comes in all shapes and sizes and because not everyone has a garden with lots of space and so it is important to consider the size of the furniture before picking one out and paying for it. Furthermore, if you are planning on getting furniture that will be stored away during the winter or autumn to protect it from the elements and you don’t have a large storage space, you should similarly consider this feature.

Tip 3: Before picking out your garden furniture have a measuring tape handy to measure the space you have available. Also, remember to leave room to allow for free movement in the garden.

5.      Is It Children-friendly

If you are looking to spend time with your family, especially your kids in the garden (as you should), it is essential to buy furniture that is safe for your kids to use or play around without injuring themselves. However, if you have your heart set on a delightful piece of furniture that you will love to have in your garden that isn’t exactly safe for your kids, then, ensure you have it childproof before you let them in the garden.

These are just a few top features to look out for when shopping for garden furniture. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post and you have found it very helpful. Happy shopping.