June 20, 2024


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Residential Solar Panel Systems: A Must Have

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need To Run My House? - Going Solar

Having a home of your own is a good start for you and your family to have your own space to beautify. What’s more, you can control what you have to put in your home. One of the most important things a home should have is light and light comes from electricity. Electricity consumption is expensive as everybody knows. But solar panels were discovered to give alternatives to people’s source of energy.  Save energy by residential solar panel systems offered by solar services to homeowners who would want to power up their homes using solar energy.

How Solar Panel Works

1.Solar panels consist of silicon photovoltaic (PV) cells. Solar panels absorb rays from the sun then electricity is produced through the PV effect. This is called Direct Current (DC). However, this is not suitable to be used on home appliances so the DC should be directed to the central inverter.

2. The converter then converts the DC electricity to Alternating Current (AC) electricity. This type of electricity can now be used for home appliances. AC electricity is then directed to the switchboard.

3. The switchboard is the one responsible to allow AC electricity to your home appliances. It is also responsible to control the solar energy, it makes sure that the first power would be used in your home especially if solar production is not enough and it will only take energy from the grid for additional solar energy.

4. Utility meter is needed for each home, this will be installed by your solar service. This utility meter can record all the electricity the household consumes as well as the solar energy exported to the grid, it’s called net-metering.

5. Unused energy will be sent back to the grid. This exported solar energy can let you earn credit to your electricity bill, it’s called feed-in tariff.

With the use of solar panels you can save energy since you don’t have to turn it off, it automatically turns off. It is also good since it can charge in the morning and it is still usable while charging. Then during night time you can use the energy that was charged during day time.

Having solar panels at home will be a good investment for your family. You might be spending an extra budget for installation but you can have a return of investment in 3 to 5 years. With all the electricity bills you saved through the years of your usage you can earn what you have invested in it.

Having knowledge of how it works can make you aware of how the set up goes so you can operate it properly. Operating it properly would lengthen its durability. To help you more in deciding if you need it or not here are some things to consider when purchasing a solar panel system.

Factors to Consider in Solar Panel Installation


Make sure you set aside enough budget for your solar panel system. You can consult your solar services for quotes on how much you have to shell out. Be ready before you have your solar panel system installed.

Roof structure

Make sure that your roof position is ideal for solar panels, but if it isn’t, do not hesitate to ask your solar service contacts on how to remedy this concern. The area for solar panels should be open to the sun rays so it can gather direct sunlight to power up the system.

Potential of Solar Power

Take note that the amount of energy the solar panels collect will determine how much energy it can give. Therefore, homeowners have to consider some factors on their home structures before installing a solar panel system so they could maximize the usage of it.

Considering these factors can help homeowners to decide if solar panels are ideal for their homes. If ever concerns arise, solar service workers can assist them in making things work. Solar Panels are good investments for home especially when it comes to electricity consumption. Who wouldn’t want a lower electricity bill?In addition using solar energy can help you be more conscious on how you conserve energy usage in running your home. It will help you in home management as well as let you earn credit for doing so.