April 13, 2024


Interior Of The Road

Our favorite heavy-duty pressure washer is just $250 with this exclusive code (save $100)



When it comes to keeping the outside of your home clean and presentable, there’s no better tool to have at your disposal than a pressure washer. And right now, you can snag our pick for 2021’s best pressure washer for a fraction of the price, an excellent get if you’re looking to get your home exterior in top shape before fall.

The Tacklife 3300PSI combines all of the most important qualities we look for in a good pressure washer: easy assembly, good mobility, high water-pressure levels, and a reasonable price tag. That price is even more attractive today, however: With code CNETTK01 at checkout, you can slash an additional $100 off the price of the Tacklife 3300PSI, dropping it to just $250 from its usual $350 list price. You have a little over a month to take advantage of this exclusive deal, which ends September 30.

With the Tacklife 3300PSI, you get a gas pressure washer with five adjustable nozzles to customize the pressure level and width of your water flow. With 12-inch anti-slip wheels and a 30-foot pressure hose, the Tacklife 3300PSI is easily maneuvered around your home to power-clean any variety of surfaces: decks, porches, fences, driveways, and more. In our testing, we found the Tacklife 3300PSI is easily assembled out of the box and has a balanced, sturdy feel to it with no wobbling. And, of course, at 3,300 psi, Tacklife’s cleaner-on-wheels delivers more than enough power to blast away multiple levels of grime and dirt building up on your home’s surfaces.

If your home improvement plans extend far beyond pressure-washing, there are some other solid Tacklife deals running right now, including a handy wall-mounted garden hose for $110 (save $50 with code CNET008), a cordless lawn mower for $150 (save $150 with code CNETTK03), and a 50% off sale on a bunch of tool sets, drills, and other DIY products