May 23, 2024


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How to design a small living room?

Small living room doesn’t have to be stuffy and not very practical, provided that you follow some of our rules. Check out below, how to design a small living room to use the space properly and get an aesthetic end result.

Pick good furniture for the available space

Small living room usually means, that the whole appartment isn’t really big. It might be a good thing, if you are willing to plan the space correctly – we will show you, that you don’t need a huge appartment to live comfortably.

First of all, pick up furniture in a correct size. Not too big, but not too small either – just sufficient for the residents. It might be a good idea to skip the purchase of coffee table, if the room is really small – a comfortable, small sofas will have to do. If you want to get the table though, pick a small one, preferably with some storage space below. This way, you will be able to store your books, magazines and other useful stuff closeby.

What is more, not only the size matters, but also colours. For small living rooms, it’s good to pick bright furniture. Small sofas in a shade of dove gray or beige will make the room look interesting and more spacious.

Play with the light

If the room is small, you want to make it look bigger with the light. Avoid long, blackout curtains, that will cut off the light. Instead, you might want to get delicate, translucent curtains or decide not to put such decorations altogether.

If you will allow the light to fill the room, it will definitely look bigger. Remember: when it comes to small interiors, natural light is your best friend.

Use mirrors

Another trick, that might make a small living room seem bigger than it actually is, is putting some mirrors in the room. You can place them above the cupboard or behind the sofa, and if you decide on a set of small mirrors – just place them so that they reflect the wall in a bright colour.

Mirror reflections will give the impression that the room is larger than it actually is, which is really helpful when it comes to small living rooms.

Bright colours are the best option for you

When it comes to colours, small rooms are meant to be bright. Shades of beige, light gray, maybe even white, blue, light green – all bright, joyful colors will make the interior seem bigger. The colours should be used to paint the walls as well as to furnish the room.

Don’t be afraid to use bright coloues – nowadays, materials of the furnitures are easy to clean. When it comes to the walls – you might use wet-washable paints or tiles that are even easier to maintain.

As you can see, small living room is really easy to plan, if you are willing to follow some basic rules. This way, the whole interior will look good and, most importantly, will stay as practical as possible!