July 24, 2024


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Why Use a Water Pressure Pump?

How many times have you turned on the shower only to find that the water came dribbling out, much like a spring rain shower? Instead of a nice strong spray, you are left with just enough water to lather up and rinse off which is quite disconcerting. You’ve heard of water pressure pumps which can be used to increase the pressure, but is that all they can do? Actually, you would be amazed at the many uses you have for a water pressure pump because they serve several functions wherever you need a strong stream of water indoors and out.

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3 Main Types of Water Pressure Pumps

Since there are three main types of water pressure pumps, the first thing you may want to do is determine why a water pressure pump? Are you looking for one with an electronic controller, a pressure switch and pressure vessel or perhaps you need one with a speed controller. The kind of pump you need is determined by its primary function. The type commonly referred to as a D-EBOOST is most often connected to your inbound water pipes to keep pressure high when there is a leak or perhaps there is a drain on the local water supply that, in turn, limits the amount you can pull. If you need a water buffer, you will probably want a pressure switch and pressure vessel type pump which is also recommended for irrigation systems. The type with a pressure switch is most often used in situations where you have a water buffer.

Conserving Our Natural Resources

While increasing water pressure inside the home is one of the main reasons why today’s homeowner invests in a water pressure pump, there are other ecological reasons as well. Not only can increasing the power help reduce the amount of water being pumped into the home because it’s more highly pressurized but pumps can help us to claim and use rainwater. In fact, to re-use stored rainwater with a water pressure pump has become increasingly popular among conservationists at a time when global warming is causing major droughts around the world. From using less water under pressure to reclaiming rainwater, pressure pumps are perfect for sustainable living.

To Increase the Efficiency of Well Water

One of the reasons why so many people have chosen to build a home in rural areas is to avoid city utilities to a great extent. When there is fresh well water available, why not use it? There’s a one-time cost associated with having a well dug and equipped to pump water but there may be times when that pump lacks sufficient power to pump enough water for the home or for the irrigation of farmlands. The right water pressure pump can help your existing pump work more efficiently, which, in turn, means that you will never need to ‘buy’ water again. Together with the use of collected rain water, well water can significantly lower utility bills month after month while conserving water in reservoirs.

To make a long story short, any time you need to increase water pressure for any reason then a water pressure pump may be the answer to your dilemma. After you’ve chosen the model you require, you will be more than happy to finally have the water pressure you’ve been lacking.