December 9, 2023


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When You Should Contest The Will

When what you inherit after a long time of devotion and care are just scrambles, life may seem to be very bitter. If the will seems unfair and you want to fight for your rights and inheritance, you should hire a lawyer and discuss further options. There are many cases when you should contest the will. Consider burrowing advance inheritance money if you are certain that you will win the process, but you are in urgent need of money.

One of the most common reasons why people contest a will is when they received very little because the deceased was clearly influenced. The best example is the case of what we call “gold-diggers”, people who marry rich persons to get their money. An 60-70 years old millionaire will most certainly attract many gold-diggers who will try to influence the main beneficiary of the will. This can also happen if the deceased was helped by a nurse, who surprisingly received a large inheritance. Police should be involved in this. There are many cases when social workers blackmailed or coerced their rich patients to change the will in their favor.

If the deceased was suffering from mental problems when the will was signed, you should try to contest it. Providing an ambiguous will should make you question its inheritance distribution. Getting medical records showing progressive mental decline should be shown to the court and provide a solid reason for questioning inheritance distribution.

When the will is not executed according to state’s laws will give the chance to contest it. Pay attention to all of state’s laws. A will may be declared invalid for all sorts of procedures that were not correctly performed, like having sufficient witnesses or not meeting the state inheritance distribution laws.

A more serious accusation is when you consider the will to be a false document or the result of a scam or forgery. There are many heinous crooks around and some of them will go as far as convincing an old person to sign for a will, while tricking that he or she signed for something else. You will need a really good lawyer to prove the scam. Also, if the will is not signed by the deceased, or the signature looks falsified, alert the authorities.

And there are many other cases when a will can be contested. It is important to be mentally prepared for the process and gather all available documents.