July 25, 2024


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Things You Can Do At The Airport While Waiting

Fun Things to Do While Waiting for Your Flight | World Goo

Waiting at the airport can be really inconvenient. When you are there, the hours appear to drag on interminably, and you’re compelled to kill time on more than one occasion, whether it’s because of delays or prolonged layovers.

It is generally recommended to be at the airport before the plane’s scheduled boarding or take-off time, but it is also true that once at the airport, you may wonder: what should I do until it is time to board?

And this is especially true if the anticipation is accompanied by a delay in the plane’s departure time. You can do many things from reading, eating, or even checking out the best airport executive cars London.

And, in order to make the wait more pleasant, why not use one of the ten recommendations listed below to assist you in getting through the long waiting periods at an airport?

Explore around

Airports are huge places where you can just roam around and achieve your daily steps goal! You can try some airport foods, get a good coffee, check the shops around, or for example, at London Heathrow airport, there is an art gallery that passengers enjoy while waiting for their flight.

Before going to the airport, check its map and see what is there to explore. You won’t be bored, we guarantee it!


A bookshop is a ubiquitous sight in airports, and with good reason. They always get you out of trouble when you’re stuck with nothing to do on your hands. You can find an excellent book or magazine about the subject at hand.

Another alternative is to carry a novel that you’ve intended to read or that you’ve been resolved to finish for a long time with you. While reading, you will notice that the time flies by quite fast, without losing sight of the many benefits of doing so.

Watch a good TV series or a movie

Several streaming companies now allow you to download movies and television shows for viewing when you are not connected to the internet.

So, if you have a long layover ahead of you, make yourself comfortable, put your headphones on, and start watching that movie you started but stopped halfway through, or finish the current season of your favourite TV series.


Make use of the self-massage chairs found in several large international airports.

Alternatively, you might reward yourself and spend the time waiting in a SPA. But where? You wouldn’t believe it, but numerous airports, including Helsinki-Vantaa in Finland, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, London-Heathrow in the United Kingdom, and Sydney’s Kingsford Smith in Australia).

Make good use of the internet

Given that most airports have free internet access, why not take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the most significant locations to visit in the city you are visiting?

Keeping your mobile phone’s images and mails in order is a great time to do it. You can even start learning a new language or read some educational materials. There are a plethora of alternatives.

Write or draw

Some things appear clear to us but that we overlook, so we disregard them and spend our time scratching our heads in search of other options.

You might find that writing or painting might help you relax and pass the time. It might be also beneficial to develop a list of all of the sites you wish to see on your upcoming trip.

If, on the other hand, you are returning, now may be the perfect time to write down the most memorable anecdotes from your travels to ensure that you do not forget them.

Visit the duty-free area

Duty-free stores are retail establishments that sell duty-free merchandise. In most cases, they are located in the international terminal of airports. 

You will likely get highly nice discounts or cheaper costs in this area. So, if you’re taking an overseas trip, take a stroll around the terminal.

Do sports

Suppose you’re fortunate enough to arrive at one of the world’s best airports. In that case, you can participate in golf at Hong Kong International Airport or Thailand’s Dom Muang Airport, ice skate at Seoul International Airport, swim in a 25-meter pool at Doha International Airport, or practise yoga at Doha International Airport.

Meet new people

It’s possible that you’re not the most outgoing person, but why not try meeting new people? A pleasant conversation can help the time pass quickly, and you may not even realize that two hours have passed.

You never know, you might make a new friend with whom you can go out and see later, or you might have a good conversation that keeps you from becoming bored. Many people have even found love while waiting at an airport terminal. Miracles do happen!