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On Earth, under the influence of its own weight, xenon, located at the critical point, would be compressed: at the bottom it would be denser than closer to the surface. All this led to the fact that the experiment with it could only be carried out under microgravity conditions, that is, in orbit. In a special test container, it was possible to create conditions under which xenon was in conditions close to the critical point, and then gently mix it with a miniature spatula. By measuring how much the liquid “resisted” the movements of the scapula, scientists obtained data on its viscosity.

Butter cream is delicious. No wonder it is he who is included in many cakes and other desserts. But for this cream to be really airy and appetizing, you need to learn how to whip it correctly. How to do it? Is all cream suitable for whipping? Let’s figure it out. Now that Nangsta is a cream charger delivery business that can get you cream chargers fast 24 / 7 you can save your time and have it delivered for your endeavors.

What kind of cream is right?

How to choose a cream that is suitable for cream and whipping? Here are some important points:

  • The minimum fat content of cream is 30%. A less heavy cream will probably churn too, but the resulting cream will not hold its shape. The fatter the cream, the thicker the finished cream will be. But still, you should not purchase a too fatty product. Firstly, it can quickly turn into oil, and secondly, it is not useful for the figure.
  • Buy only natural cream. Carefully study the composition of the product, it should not contain any additives such as thickeners, flavors, and so on.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the expiration date. Better to buy the freshest cream than one that has already been in the store for several days. Sour cream simply won’t whip, but split into whey and curd flakes.

Storage conditions are also important. So, in the store, the cream should be in the refrigerator, but not in the freezer.

As for the density, then, in fact, it does not play an important role. Of course, heavy cream will whip more easily and faster than liquid cream. But liquid ones are also quite suitable for butter cream.

Real housewives have long decided on the choice of frequently used products and purchase goods from certain manufacturers. Trial and error can be used to find the best cream. Buy products from different manufacturers, evaluate the results (it’s best to write them down), and then choose the best option.

How to beat?

How to whip cream? This question worries many housewives, and for good reason. The quality of the finished cream will depend on the equipment used. Studying the opinions of the most experienced chefs and chefs, we can make an unequivocal conclusion that it is impossible to use a blender with a conventional knife attachment for whipping.


You just separate the cream while whipping and you get not a whole composition, but two fractions: butter and milk or whey. But if the kit includes a whisk attachment, then a blender will do the job.