June 12, 2024


Interior Of The Road

Streamline Travel Home is a vintage RV with some mid-’60s bling

Combining the shiny aluminum look of a vintage Airstream and the California Zephyr, this 1965 Streamline Travel Home will give your nomadic #vanlife a huge injection of midcentury style. Surfaced by Barnfinds.com, this retro motorhome is up for auction right now on eBay Motors and is selling with no reserve.

The Travel Home was built by the Streamline Trailer company of El Monte, California, and Thornton, Indiana. The company, which dated from 1957, was mostly known for its travel trailers. Like them, the Travel Home features an aluminum exterior and gold anodized trim. The 30′ Travel Home rides on a 193-inch wheelbase and is powered by a 330-cubic-inch Ford V8 paired with a three-speed Cruise-O-Matic transmission. The engine slurps from twin 30-gallon fuel tanks. Forced-air heating and air-conditioning see to occupants’ comfort. The unit is self-contained with a toilet, tub, shower, and a 35-gallon holding tank. The fully-equipped kitchen has a fridge, range, and a double sink. Several floorplans were available, and this appears to be the Vista Deck center-dinette model. Besides the obvious party potential, the Vista Deck provided a location for the onboard 3,500-watt generator and dual butane tanks.

The Streamline Travel Home is said to have cost $17,950 new (before options), at a time when the median U.S. house price was just over $20k. But the median U.S. house couldn’t hit the road, like the Streamline Travel Home. As the company boasted: “Fully self-contained, the Travel Home includes every feature found in a modern home,” adding, “the Ford-powered Streamline Travel Home provides the ultimate in living-on-wheels.”

Streamline lasted until 1974. In its time, there was a club for Streamline trailer and motorhome owners, called the Royal Rovers. Grab this Travel Home, and you, too, will be able to rove like 1960s royalty.

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