December 4, 2023


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Review of the Bosch Family of Coffee & Espresso Makers – Tassimo and Benvenuto B20-B30

As a leader in home goods and kitchen appliances, Swiss company Bosch offers one of the widest ranges of coffee makers and espresso machines available from one retailer. They have quality coffee makers that range in price, from as low as one hundred and sixty dollars – to a high, commercial quality machine priced at twenty three hundred dollars. They are known for their durable workmanship and excellent features.

Bosch Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker: The Tassimo is Bosch’s one cup unit capable of not only brewing your coffee but hot teas, hot chocolate, cappuccinos and lattes (with milk) as well. It uses what is known as T-Discs (Tassimo discs) that all contain the meticulously measured amounts of each ingredient required for your drink. It then uses it’s bar code technology, where the unit scans the bar code on the T-disc, determines which drink you have selected and brews it perfectly – self adjusting to the best brew time, amount of water and perfect temperature. In less than one minute you’ll have a single cup of your favorite hot beverage, and it will taste just like the brew at your favorite coffee house! The system is easy to use and requires very little clean up.

Bosch Benvenuto B20 Super Automatic Espresso Machine: Priced at an average of seventeen hundred dollars, the Benvenuto B20 is a high end complete espresso, coffee, cappuccino and latte brewing system. It is rich with many features but has a relatively low learning curve, making it perfect for the novice or the professional. It has a conical burr grinder that produces the best grounds without burning the beans. The grinding wheel is strong and requires very little maintenance. The water tank can accommodate nearly a half gallon and it includes a grip handle for easy removable. There’s a feature on the unit that will alert you to low water pressures. The bean hopper holds a half pound of grounds, producing up to thirty cups of coffee before needing to be refilled. The spent grounds are then sent to an internal dump box. It is self cleaning with 15 bar pump pressure. The drink selection menu allows you to select a range of drink sizes, from small espresso shots to extra extra large coffee. It froths milk, creating the perfect foam. The Benevenuto B20 is perfect for small businesses and office environments.

The Bosch Benvenuto B30 espresso machine includes all the wonderful features of the B20 with the primary difference being the digital screen at the top of the unit.