July 13, 2024


Interior Of The Road

‘Queer Eye’ star Bobby Berk shares his spring cleaning tips

After more than a year of quarantine, it’s likely your space doesn’t seem particularly inspiring right now.

But with spring in full swing, there’s never been a better time to de-clutter your digs and add a few fresh design elements to cheer things up — and if you’re unsure where to start, “Queer Eye” star Bobby Berk is here to help.

The home design expert shared his top three tips for sprucing up your space exclusively with Page Six Style, and don’t worry: They won’t require as much elbow grease as the complete renovations and remodels he masterminds on the Netflix show, but they’ll still make a major impact.

1. Add new greenery.

There’s no quicker way to bring spring inside than with some leafy greens — and not the kind you eat.

2. Switch out pillows.

Berk, 39, typically keeps tons of pillows and cozy throws on his couches during colder months; come spring, he streamlines the setup, bringing in pillows in warmer colors and ditching the blankets.

3. Change up artwork.

“You don’t need to go out and buy all these new things to make your house feel fresh and new,” Berk told us. Instead, simply switch up the placement of existing pictures and paintings in your home, moving them from one room to another.

Bobby Berk is the resident interior design expert on Netflix's "Queer Eye."
Bobby Berk is the resident interior design expert on Netflix’s “Queer Eye.”
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When it comes to clutter, Berk recommends recycling old magazines (“They stack up, they end up taking up space, and they’re way easy to get rid of,” he explained) and those to-go food containers “we’ve all accumulated during lockdown,” along with the old mismatched towels you likely have collecting dust in your linen closet or laundry area.

“Pro tip: Donate them to animal shelters. They can always use rags for animals to sleep on and to bathe them with,” Berk said.