May 18, 2024


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Love Books? Ideal Accent Chairs to Pair with Creative Shelving

From old traditional to modern minimalist homes, one of the furniture pieces we cannot go on without is a bookshelf. Somehow, books represent dated knowledge that accompanies us as we grow older. That said, those shelves are almost always placed in a reading room, or paired with a reading chair.

So, if you found yourself here as you were accent chairs to buy online, we’ll make this worth your while. Here at Yorkshire Fabrics, we prepare custom-made and upholstered accent chairs to suit every need and preference. That said, your comfort is at the top of our priority list. 

So, we prepared three accent chairs designs and styles that can easily go with your current or a new bookshelf set-up. Pair up your shelving with some exquisite upholstered seating today.

Woven and Long-lasting

We may have rattan furniture from the 1940s that are still sturdy today. It’s very likely that your grandparents bought these accent chairs at a craft fair, only to realize it finds itself a suitable spot in the home. 

That said, rattan is a durable and versatile material that lasts a long time, which shows why it still is in excellent condition today. It pairs well with a hardwood bookshelf filled with old hardbound books. Also, the smell of your reading room will be filled with hints of musk and vanilla.

With adequate care, this piece of woven furniture outlasts leather or wood furniture. What we love about rattan and other woven natural materials is that it can take on almost any shape, and you have a wide range of options for the handmade cushions. So, if you’re looking for accent chairs to buy online and you want something more cozy, traditional and homey, then this option is for you.

Of Nooks and Niches

If you had bookshelves installed into your wall, and you find a particular space that needs filling, it can be an excellent spot for a reading chair. That said, the quintessential wooden armchair would fit right in. 

If your home is more of a pristine monochromatic color scheme, take this opportunity to put a pop of color on that area. Dark-colored wood with vibrant cushioning can certainly draw the eye to this area. Without anyone occupying the space, it can easily be a picturesque area on its own.

With this set-up you can also pair your accent chair of choice with a slender sculpture, a tall vase, some snake plants, or a vertical reading lamp. You can also keep the area subdues with a neutral palette for the wood and cushioning. These wall niches also work as efficient spots for classics, like Bergeres or club chairs.

Executive calls the Shot

In this set-up, we have to point out that not only our homes work as venues for swaying stacks of books. In fact, some offices cover up an entire wall with their bookshelves. In that case, making an executive swivel chair as your main reading chair can make the reading experience feel more professional.

Office chairs are generally designs more for functionality than comfort. However, some modern designs entail refined upholstering that allow these chairs to take on a more defined form. When you go looking for accent chairs to buy online, you may be drawn to the universality of these office chairs, and how they can almost fit into any setting. 

This is what makes these kinds of accent chairs attractive. That said, throw in some pattern cushions to contrast solid colored armchairs and you’re good to go. Just be keen on choosing a chair that it actually comfortable to be seated in for long hours.

In Conlusion

That being said, those were ideal accent chair designs you can pair with bookshelves in your reading room. Then again, as trends change over time, remember that your comfort and convenience matters more than the appearance. 

If you found accent chairs to buy online and it doesn’t feel right once you use it, feel free to re-upholster the thing. These re-adjustments are but a small compromise compared to long years of unease. With that, we hope this article proves helpful to you and your home.