May 22, 2024


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How To Sell Your House Fast

There are a lot of reasons why people need to sell their home quickly whether it’s selling due to repossession, divorce, too much debt, or just to release some equity.

Todays homeowners have lots of options to sell their property; they could go through an estate agent, sell it privately or or use private investors or cash buyers as they are called.

The services they offer may not fit everyone’s requirements, however there are certain benefits when they use cash buyers above the more popular methods; they can complete fast on the sale (usually between 4 – 6 weeks). This is due to them having cash available, they aren’t in a house chain and everything legally is already in place, like solicitors and surveyors.

Going through the more traditional routes like estate agents can be very costly and time consuming; normally about 1.5% – 3% fees and takes between 3 – 6 months, if not more. However, saying that, if you are not in a rush to sell and you are looking at achieving the highest price for your property then an estate agent would be the best option for you.

How private investors work is they try to make a realistic offer within a short period of time (normally within 24 hours) on your property. This would be based on information obtained by extensive research in your local area, recent sales of comparable properties, similar houses that are currently on the market, what the local trends are showing and if any work is needed on the property. Each customers offer is to fit their needs.

hey can also usually offer different options to each individual customer, things like,”sell and rent back” -this is so you can sell your home to them and rent it back and never have to leave their home, “sell and buy back” – this is where the seller is given the option to buy their property back and a set number of years at a reduced rent(normally 5 years), or you could just sell and move on.

Cash buyers normally take everything in to their equation this enables them never to turn down any property at all where ever it is in the U.K.

I would like to say thank you for reading my article but please make sure that you have all the information to hand before making a decision,and investigate all avenues of getting your home sold in ways that meets your requirements.