April 18, 2024


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How to Hang a Festive Garland Over Your Front Door This Holiday Season

If your plan for decking the halls includes adding a festive garland to your exterior doorway, you might be wondering how to go about doing so. Fail to secure the garland thoroughly and it can come loose, becoming a tripping hazard (or it could blow away entirely). Fortunately, getting your garland to stay put is easy with these expert tips.

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holiday garland over front door

holiday garland over front door

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Choose the best hooks for your siding type.

Your home’s exterior siding type will inform your hanging method, explains Amy Studebaker of Amy Studebaker Design. By purchasing clips that are specifically designed for the material, not only will you prevent the hooks from damaging your siding, but you’ll also create the best possible hold, ensuring that your garland will stay exactly where you want it. You can find siding-specific hooks for brick, vinyl, and cinder block. “If possible, consult your builder on what type of hook or hanging method they think is best,” she notes.

Gather your supplies.

Once you have purchased your hooks, make sure you have a few other essentials on hand. According to Studebaker, that means adding an item that most florists rely on to your arsenal. “Flower wire is a must, as well as some type of mechanism to hook the floral wire over, whether that’s a removable outdoor hook ($4.97, amazon.com), nail, or a cup hook,” she says. A stool is helpful, too, and will allow you to reach the area above the door, so you can mount your piece high enough.

Start in the middle.

One of the easiest ways to hang your garland? Studebaker says to start in the middle. “Putting up the garland on one side and working your way across across won’t always result in proper placement,” she says. “If you begin at the top and work your way down on both of the sides, the garland will lay much better and swoop down in a really beautiful way.”

Secure your garland.

For the most secure fit, Studebaker shares that you should take the floral wire and loop it around your garland and whatever hanging mechanism you’re using. “I make sure that there are three hook locations to secure the garland with: one at the top and one on either side of the door frame,” she says. “This method will keep your garland more secure, so it won’t blow away in the wind.”