June 12, 2024


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How professional Stucco ceiling removal can boost your property rates?

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Popcorn is a kind of ugly and bumpy looking ceiling decoration.  This type of decor was used in the early 1950’s possibly to improve the overall appearance of the home. Thus, this was thought to improve the acoustics of the room while hiding the ceiling flaws. The reason for the rising negativity around the material is that it is both difficult to clean and repaint.

On the downside, these ceilings contain chemicals like asbestos that can have a harmful impact on you and your family’s wellbeing. Therefore, the concept of Stucco ceiling removal has gained favor in the past few years. You can sell any type of home with a popcorn or acoustic ceiling easily and quickly through the professional services to expedite the task. 

Even homeowners who wish to dispose of their property often acknowledge that these ceilings are extremely ugly and take a toll on the property value. This kind of ceiling decor also tends to attract both dust and grime – adding to the issues. Hence, if you are going for selling or buying of any older property or home, calling in professional Acoustic ceiling removal services becomes extremely vital. Once you have found the best service provider, you and your professional service provider will take up discussion about the adequate steps to ensure that the process is done as quickly as possible to get the best results for your needs. 

Conducting an asbestos evaluation and treatment

Before you opt to search out for the right Stucco ceiling removal service providers, you need to undertake asbestos evaluation test from a qualified laboratory. The results of such a test can yield information about the expense and effective way for the ceiling removal process. Therefore, post you get the results of the tests, you can call in a professional about the best quote for the place. 

If you do not adopt the professional Acoustic ceiling removal services, you need to pay a huge amount of costs for handling this matter.  If you are not interested in seeking out the professional removals, your buyer needs to deduct a standard price from the actual value of the home. However, the same may cost you extra and lower down the profits. As stated above, without using professional assistance, the removal process can become extremely difficult and time consuming. 

Taking up the professional service for ceiling removal

Removing the above-mentioned ceiling requires an extensive scraping of the existing space and then using the right form of texturing to improve the overall quality of the property. Since, the task is extremely messy and problematic, homeowners often forgo the DIY projects as these are quite tiring and costly.

Once you have decided on taking the professional services, you need to look deeper into the cost and the amount of finances needed to get the best results.

So, ask your friends and family for reference on getting the best service provider as per your requirements and you need to look at the ratings, reviews and customer feedback for such service providers before taking the next step. The lack of proper evaluation and control makes things to become extremely complicated and takes a toll on the final outcomes.

How professional service providers take down the ceiling? 

In case of a professional service provider, they bring in huge machines or pumps to act upon the textured materials. A professional service provider uses a special drywall compound to handle the ceiling issues which is then finished off with paint. Another great idea is to remove these fixtures is by soaking or using a skim coat before taking the paint process.