December 8, 2023


Interior Of The Road

Here’s what homes sold for week of March 28



1339 Alphada Ave, Khadka Khina Maya to Khadka Gopal, $140,000

671 & 673 Ocean Ave, Francisco Michelle H to Brakd LLC, $95,000

715 Hillsdale Ave, Balog Andrew to Giles Graham, $225,000

1627 Evergreen Ave, Adam Judith A to Sugden Mavis Jamila Amponsah, $115,000

516 Pauline Ave, Roberts Property Group LLC to Tribble Dillon C, $115,000

685 Corice St, Coalition Investments LLC to 70FOUR Investments LLC, $35,000

672 Columbus Ave, Coalition Investments LLC to 70FOUR Investments LLC, $35,000

1062 Dover Ave, Citibank N A Trustee to Lambey LLC, $33,400

795 Saxon Ave, Miravalle Christiana J to Miravalle Christiana J, $17,365

495 Flora Ave, King Jeremy R to New Generation Homes Inc, $42,400

1264 Linden Ave, Acevedo Cesar to Niroula Khada Nanda, $132,000

1299 Orlando Ave, Leathers Donald D Sr to Terteryian Armen, $75,000

1613 Juniata Rd, Clay Steven J to Lind Jose, $142,000

2230 Cramer Ave, Toth John S Trustee to Eberle Kevin R, $36,000

1022 & 1024 Lane St, Tierra Y Esperanza Para La Commjnidad Human Orgini to Gonzalez Eduardo Gonzalez, $18,000

2360 & 2362 Kermit Ave, Hathaway Edward William to Argauer Kevin, $149,000

586 Auld Farm Cir, Triban Investment LLC to K Hovnanian Aspire at Auld Farms LLC, $47,000

133 Hollinger Ave, Woods Antoinette M to K and L Services LLC, $33,000

2199 SW 24th St, Jarvis Lesa Sue to Castellano Michael, $75,000

2962 Woodridge St, White Gary A to Hercegovac Marica, $119,900

106 Brighton Dr, Gaytan Daniel De Jesus Reyes to Bosma Jeremy A, $83,000

1075 Collinwood Ave, Perrin Scott T to Young Gene, $65,200

1035 Berwin St, Gulley Richard Thomas to Vacca Michael, $162,900

1788 & 1790 Tanglewood Dr, Dirne Michael F to Shea William R IV, $160,000

1278 Anna Ave, Hall Rondal to Garber Angela, $99,900

738 Seward Ave, Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Ira to Nixon Maria, $200,000

466 Spaulding St, Netratanakul Nalinrat to Sanders Brett, $14,000

1125 Terrell Dr, Kennerly Darnell to Huggins Durand G, $180,000

2132 SW 11th St, Flint Holdings 18 LLC to New Generation Homes LLC, $17,500

1317 Harpster Ave, Flint Holdings 18 LLC to New Generation Homes LLC, $17,500

1725 Ford Ave, K S Yoak Enterprises LLC to Ullman Michael Jesse, $133,000

469 Moreley Ave, Wiggins Alice G to Hemli Holding LLC, $95,000

2976 Cory Ave, Prater Jackie to Parsons Matthew, $180,000

784 Rosamond Ave, Sommerville Truelove to Wells Fargo Bank National Association, $46,700

1564 Berendo Ave, Steinbauer Joy H to Tiki Properties IV LLC, $59,100

750 Clearview Ave, Jones Charlene R to Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Association, $42,100

2210 Canterbury Cir, Davis Laura M to Page Scott C, $291,100

325 Horton Ave, Combs Sheridan Lee to Prater Jackie, $195,000

360 Alpha Ave, Lynch Anna R to Snodgrass Jacob, $89,000

733 Meredith Lane, Myers Joseph E to Meyers Timothy Walter, $353,500

559 S Firestone Blvd, Miller Robert J to Cremi Anthony Russell, $200,000

799 Stadelman Ave, Trident Restoration Property Group LLC to Highpoint Equity LLC, $63,500

1036 Hancock Ave, Smith Debra R to Gentile Daniel L, $148,500

777 Harvard St, Semelsberger Timothy to New Generation Homes Inc, $29,500

678 Moon St, Jones Renard to Instant Rehab Ohio LLC, $5,000

1881 & 1885 Redwood Ave, Richardson Pierce Trustee to Dotson Terry M, $139,900

954 E Archwood Ave, Hill Nicholas P to Corey Lyda, $93,000

1286 Sparhawk Ave, Dierker Karl J to Yael Orbach LLC, $67,000

88 E Dresden Ave, Resch Albert C Trustee to Vue Tong, $83,900

418 Doyle St, Gill Richard A to Hunt John R, $25,000

2391 SW 27th St, the Mac Shack LLC to Omnilife LLC, $15,000

870 Storer Ave, Lockett Kimberly to Patterson Property Preservation, $2,500

673 Noble Ave, Lockett Kimberly to Patterson Property Preservation, $3,500

1865 Ford Ave, Harris Zakiya to Smith Tamila M, $89,000

2187 Triplett Blvd, Esakov Robert M to Ellison Julie, $145,000

1228 Flanders Ave, Helmick Shawna to Jackson Valen, $125,000

2268 SW 7th St, Kostiv Jeremy M to Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, $53,500

1205 Neptune Ave, Real Estate Gurus LLC to Muszynski Raymond M Jr, $98,900

1268 Brown St, Martin Michael R to Taubert Morgan E, $72,750

2641 Robindale Ave, Del Savio Cory M to Brady Hayden R, $150,000

1258 Moore St, Barnett Thomas to Bituin Jonel, $33,000

567 Patterson Ave, Johns Susan R to Corbin Stephen D, $118,500

1809 Flint Ave, Thornton Willie C to Muckley Rachel, $94,900

623 & 1/2 Fulmer Ave, Florida Vacation Land LLC to Reyes Daniel, $133,000

2021 Thornhill Dr, Antal Nancie R to Lorenzo Polly S, $75,000

948 Cree Ave, Lewis Frances to Greens Investment Group Corp, $68,000

1240 Ashford Ln, Otto Jessica M to Horn Danny D, $155,000

372 Black St, Connelly David J to Perez Marta Leticia Henriquez, $35,500

875 Hereford Dr, Freeland Properties LLC to Haggins Bruce, $194,950

864 Kickapoo Ave, Gay Robert E to Pence Thomas J, $93,500

1311 Dietz Ave, Tyler Marvin J Jr to First Priority Property Management, $21,000

2663 Pelton Ave, Moss Mitchell H Jr to Woodward Tyler, $158,500

1665 & 1667 Shatto Ave, Schu Properties LLC to Hirz Jeffrey M, $140,000

745 Clay Dr, Towd Point Mortgage Trust 2019-4 to Montes Raul T, $35,000

360 Baldwin Rd, Mitchen Shayna to Williams Madeline M, $163,000

1155 Frederick Blvd, Just Orange LLC to Grosick Dustin W, $85,000

258 Cranz Pl, Flint Holdings 18 LLC to New Generation Homes LLC, $11,000

340 Noble Ave, Blue Dolphin Homes LLC to Sherpa Aishma, $160,000

1456 Woodbirch Ave, Flint Holdings 18 LLC to New Generation Homes LLC, $11,000

1163 Peerless Ave, Flint Holdings 18 LLC to New Generation Homes LLC, $11,000

993 Concord Ave, Flint Holdings 18 LLC to New Generation Homes LLC, $11,000

72 S Adams St, Flint Holdings 18 LLC to New Generation Homes LLC, $11,000

1616 Faye Rd, Crane Kenneth D to Bryd Christine, $197,000

492 Crouse St, Aby Rentals LLC to JWN Rentals LLC, $90,000

905 Clement St, US Bank Trustee to SFR3-060 LLC, $49,400

707 Merton Ave, Culp Gary M to Starks Lamont, $300

920 W Market St, Feinman Robert G to Mishal Yeshai, $405,000

777 Biruta St, Bramley Barbara to Roberson Lauren T, $140,000

151 S Portage Path, US Bank National Association to High Class Homes Inc, $37,000

155 Eastholm Ave, King Carlos Edward to Johns Susan, $119,000

2331 E Market St, Adkins Glenn to Rearick Mitchell A, $58,000

701 Allyn St, Par Rentals LLC to Meriggiare LLC, $57,500

1877 SW 17th St, Luftig Peter to Luce Frederick St, $55,612

356 Ripley Ave, Graham William C to Opendoor Property Trust I, $173,300

2053 2057 Quayle Dr, Kittell Kurt M to Whitley Lesley, $201,000

520 Floyd St, Cozart Clayton to Cozart Todd M, $105,000

1792 Brookshire Rd, Bowie Hallie M to Adams Patrick E, $320,000

1280 Rowe St, Triplett Patricia S to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc, $21,968

1205 Weiser Ave, Keith Daniel B to Gauder Jeremiah, $45,000

1115 Copley Rd, Greenhome Funding Inc to Olson Victoria, $145,000

1119 Copley Rd, Greenhome Funding Inc to Olson Victoria, $145,000

1289 Girard St, Hull Jesse to Keesy Kent A, $3,500

359 Stevenson Ave, Culver Sandra J to Robishaw Rhea, $150,000

1066 Harrison Ave, Estes Shellene E to Padua Sheila Marie Soto, $129,000

1323 Sweitzer Ave, Hubbard Karen to Lantzy Ryan, $77,000

1375 Laffer Ave, Sinzali Prem to Perkins Traci, $75,000

1080 Joy Ave, Thomas Matthew R to Bialobrzeski Arkadiusz, $55,000

100 E Woodsdale Ave, Ramm Restorations LLC to Mollberg Kris, $138,000

1245 & 1247 Roslyn Ave, Tucker Cedric to Collins Kevin R, $50,000

981 Shreve Rd, Severns Carl L to Shin-Etsu Silicones of America Inc, $80,000

1394 Burkhardt Ave, Tank Estates LLC to Gutierrez Ivan, $89,800


350 Lincoln Ave, Marsh James Chad to Sanor Daniel J, $141,000

146 7th St NW, Flint Holdings 18 LLC to New Generation Homes LLC, $2,500

294 E Heatherwood Dr, Smith Janice R to Nahacky Robert D Trustee, $230,000

1350 Wooster Rd W, Burrell James H to Jre Homes LLC, $100,000

183 E Ford Ave, Tandarich Michael R to Jackson Bryan C, $72,000

536 Taft Ave, Roberts Gary to Roberts Christopher A, $52,000

543 & 545 Parker Ave, Barberton Realty Two LLC to Lieb Adam J, $180,000

379 Wooster Rd N, Neighborhood Conservation Services of Barberton Inc to Grandee Kelly, $70,000

161 Glenn St, Eckberg Amanda to Knight Morgan Richelle, $117,000

154 E Park Ave, Collmar Cheston to G&R Property Solutions LLC, $74,000

625 Washington Ave, Skymount Solutions LLC to Collins Kevin, $30,000

186 7th St NW, Ball Daniel A to Saloiye Tracie, $63,000

514 Wilson Ave, Funk Patricia Trustee to Dugan Jennifer, $74,000

173 W Way St, Young Haley S to Jec Properties of Ohio LLC, $117,000

1069 Belleview Ave, Burnette Ryan to Bonenfant Rick, $145,000

513 Franklin Ave, Petty Thomas R to Shirlock Homes LLC, $75,000

779 Lockwood Rd, Zimmer Patrick to Ward Kerry Jr, $181,880

102 22nd St NW, Ward Kerry Jr to Miller Susan E, $155,000

Bath Township

4594 W Bath Rd, Mittiga Mark B to Mittiga Mark B, $100

3711 Sanctuary Dr, Cavanaugh Rachel Gorby to Husmann Colby, $510,000

631 Ghent Rd, Yellow Creek Development LLC to Scioto Properties SP 16 LLC, $365,000

4716 Rolling View Dr, Pifer Bruce W to Uhl Edward J, $425,000

2587 Smith Rd, Wanner Susan L to Steele Heather, $245,000

Boston Heights

142 Beverly Rd, Grandee Kelly L to Jre Homes LLC, $145,000

Copley Township

89 S Hametown Rd, Galloway Shannon J to Bulgrin Jessica D, $292,000

4131 Laurie Lane, Brenneman Kara to Barth Edward, $525,000

1574 Belle Meade Rd, Lehnert Gertrude W to Smucker Michael, $317,000

885 Kirkwall Dr, Thornhill Darcy to Etzel Caiden Rain, $103,000

2525 Wright Rd, Dietz Elizabeth to V C Alkire LLC, $147,910

969 Croghan Way, Yuen Paula to Kihn Guillaume R, $265,000

1291 S Medina Line Rd, Franks Amy to Carew Mathew, $425,000

1382 Lakeland Ave, Cramer Glenn to Martin Andrew, $154,000

418 Turner Dr, Scott Edra L to SBK Investments LLC, $255,000

Coventry Township

419 W Rhine Ave, Steele Robert V to Streator and Tysa LLC, $103,000

Cuyahoga Falls

1624 11th St, Rhein Michael E to Vital Renee E, $110,000

2314 Parkview Dr, Hobbs Kevin M to Van Meter Eric A, $177,000

134 May Ave, Yutzy John E Jr to Kerensky Craig M, $165,000

2376 Grant Ave, Siesel Craig A to White Matthew, $275,000

2722 Oakwood Dr, Bivens Robert J to Losa Investments Ltd, $87,000

3009 Hudson Dr, Seibert Keith W to Burnham Jason, $150,000

2451 Bailey Rd, RHRM Properties LLC to Egan Conor, $142,500

2053 10th St, 2053 10th Street LLC to Simmerer Keith, $100,000

1761 18th St, Kabicinski Charles A to Keaton Jenny, $200,000

954 Graham Rd, T J Land Management One LLC to Parajuli Chandra, $118,000

2318 15th St, Wise Kevin J Trustee to Greulich Joseph B Trustee, $177,000

1856 8th St, Vonallman Nanette M to Vonallman Nicholas A, $162,000

1205 Highbridge Rd, Sprague Caleb A to Kovacs Trevor, $200,000

2140 Schubert St, Shannon Timothy L to Latevola Daniel John, $153,000

621 Center Ave, Stavrou Byron G to Terry Amanda E, $76,000

1952 14th St, Kalnicki Federico to Bernhardt Kevin M, $170,000

412 Adams Ave, Stofira Carole Sue to Covert Grace, $121,000

50 Pine Ave, NVR Inc to Wright Christopher M, $382,990

4647 Pebble Creek Ct, Donathan Shawn Q to Negrillo Kell M, $485,000

3378 Hunter Pkwy, Ries Ann to Myers Joseph E, $185,000

142 Park View Ct, Juda Lucile M to Neel Coley J, $373,000

104 Cedar Woods Dr, Hyatt Jackee L to Rizal Neera, $334,900

1890 Northampton Rd, Wagner Gregg A to Filon John, $5,000

1900 Northampton Rd, Wagner Gregg A to Filon John Edward, $145,000

4025 North Steels Cir, Wyoga Land Partners LLC to NVR Inc, $51,300

4019 North Steels Cir, Wyoga Land Partners LLC to NVR Inc, $56,000

4023 North Steels Cir, Wyoga Land Partners LLC to NVR Ince, $51,300

4021 North Steels Cir, Wyoga Land Partners LLC to NVR Inc, $51,300

4029 North Steels Cir, Wyoga Land Partners LLC to NVR Inc, $51,300

4027 North Steels Cir, Wyoga Land Partners LLC to NVR Inc, $51,300

1647 S Eckert Ln, NVR Inc to Keibler Casey D, $272,500

4031 North Steels Cir, Wyoga Land Partners LLC to NVR Inc, $56,000

2151 Pinebrook Trl, Fisher William B to Meyer Philip, $136,000

3501 River Rock Dr, Bowman Ruth A Co Trustee to Heyden Donna Lynn, $306,500

30 Pine Ave, NVR Inc to Fawaz Bassem M, $339,990


2636 W Market St, Kaufmann Patricia Trustee to 433 Akron LLC, $161,008

2961 Chamberlain Rd, Evaggelia D Fertis to 2961 Chamberlain LLC, $247,000

2365 Covington Rd, Buerling Curt T Co Trustee to Lilly Michael, $160,000

parcel 904185 Ghent Rd, Wirz Brandon William Albert Co Trustee to Myers Steven Ronald, $210,000

361 Edmore Rd, Fragedakis Frank to Ogrean Theodore M Jr, $350,000


10 Harbour View Dr, Eadon Harry A Jr to Ansel Joseph T, $245,000

15 N Tamarack Dr, Stuckey John to York James W, $252,000

40 Forest Cove Dr, Villilo John C to Eadon Harry A Jr, $355,000

3814 Twin Pines Dr, Brown Esther E to Roach Brian, $90,500

608 Knollwood Dr, Kidwell Robert D II to Geitgey Rebeca S, $330,500

3021 Stonehurst Rd, Gogel Thomas J to Colelli Sean D, $370,000

parcel 2801358 Massillon Rd, James Pamalla D to Maynard Raymond, $10,000

978 Boettler Rd, Kluss Cynthia to Porter Daniel, $150,000

143 Moray Dr, Hunter Richard R to Gasper Francine J, $274,900

433 E Comet Rd, Wasik Patrick J to Keller Eugene W, $302,500

3921 Walnut Wood Way, Aboutorabi Bijan M to Leonard Erik, $410,600

3932 Crest View Dr, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Douglas Jeanette, $437,600

7969 MT Pleasant Rd, Beaty Frances J Trustee to Joseph Debra J, $12,270

2071 Carlile Dr, Zuschak Shelvia Jean to Dodd William R Jr, $195,000

1285 Everbright Dr, Jre Homes LLC to Hollis Jennifer Leigh, $250,000

2481 Raber Rd, Morgan James K to Mize Chase, $245,000

1940 Greensburg Rd, Filing Lorene A to Young Robert F Jr, $95,000

1660 Berna Rd, Gooch Zachary A to Bissell Zachary, $230,000

706 Robins Gate, Huntington National Bank Trustee to Stalnaker David R, $287,103


2356 Danbury Ln, Andrews Jonathan R to Robinson Matthew, $389,000

1360 Barlow Rd, Bulla Matthew N to Groth Christopher C, $430,000

6609 Kingswood Dr, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Araba Oluwatosin Y, $711,114

1682 Hines Hill Rd, Stulpin Christopher D to Andrews Jonathan R, $515,000

5628 Humelsine Dr, Himes Sylvia Christine to Shi Jingyu, $307,500

2304 Weir Dr, Alvarez William Jr to Morra Christine E, $450,000

5892 Stow Rd, Stutzman Daniel to Murton Zachary M, $290,000

5960 Brewster Dr, NGC Group LLC to Marous James L, $370,000

6562 Walnut Ct, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Patel Bharatkumar, $568,115

7660 Andover Way, Daigle Christopher to Nixon Cameron, $699,000

75 York Dr, Castrejon Yuriria Baz to Stedillie Anthony J, $785,000


3252 Sunny Brook Dr, TWL Hidden Lake LLC to NVR Inc, $48,454

3304 Stafford Dr, NVR Inc to Sengdan Mangal, $297,750


8535 Ravenswood Ln, Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Lords Property LLC, $152,900

1010 S Chinaberry Cir, Drees Company to Tidmore Qianna Michell, $698,522


171 Marion Ave, Chlebina John to Freeman Matthew C, $52,000

Munroe Falls

94 Ridge Side Ct, White Anne M to Mustafa Moamar, $225,000

246 Bermont Ave, Ayala Gerardo to Aux Funding LLC, $136,500

128 Munroe Falls Ave, Jagos Brett Allen Trustee to Meadows Phillip D, $265,000

New Franklin

3127 Bronco Dr, Zwick Darlene D to R & W Home Improvement LLC, $150,000

653 Valley Crest Dr, Fair Way Investment Group LLC to Smucker Ryan, $162,000

5007 Coleman Dr, Cole Rochelle to Mundy Daniel L II, $190,000

984 Stump Rd, Ott Joseph A Co Trustee to Drexler Michael, $250,000

4713 Manchester Rd, Camp Daniel to Taylor Duane, $194,000

Northfield Center Township

7218 Meadow Brooke Way, Yanc Chris R to Rogucki Matthew J, $390,000


3510 Wadsworth Rd, Martinez Alejandro to Bilinovich Patricia, $182,300

3924 Higgins Dr, Addison Norton LLC to NVR Inc, $54,168

3939 Higgins Dr, NVR Inc to Helmlinger Geoffrey Paul, $300,000

3650 Knecht Rd, Benttle Development LLC to NVR Inc, $50,000

3664 Knecht Rd, Benttle Development LLC to NVR Inc, $50,000

parcel 4604679 Roop Ave, Pramik Kenneth P to Magic City Group LLC, $8,000

3666 Knecht Rd, NVR Inc to Hawkins Jeffret Van, $310,625

1140 Gardner Blvd, Wallick Lauren E to Cool Katie, $240,000

1897 Caroline Ave, Flohr Charles P to Stoller William D, $90,000

3948 Johnson Rd, Moskal Lisa A to Lengacher Breanne D, $365,000

Richfield Township

3686 Whitethorn Cir, Birel Walter J to Jaklitsch Jeff, $265,400

5150 Hecker Dr, Britton Charles W Trustee to Bresler Brandi, $302,900


3803 & 3807 Richlawn Rd, Manley Kenneth M to Miller Eernestine B, $188,000

3726 Harold Dr, Bresler Charles II to Graham Megan A, $225,000

Sagamore Hills Township

461 Wilson Dr, Buckenmeyer Kale C to Fuller Sean, $485,000

168 Seiberling Dr, Livecchi Steven M to Billittier Dennis Michael, $465,000

parcel 4501941 Romane Dr, Tarby Jon J to Chalmers Michael, $90,000

Silver Lake

2990 Vincent Rd, Bauer Aimee L to Moore Megan I, $240,000

2938 Overlook Rd, Christensen Pamela J to Wise Nathan, $270,000

Springfield Township

2316 Pressler Rd, Moore Christine Martha to Shaffer Andrew F, $210,000

3060 Killian Rd, Lough Joshua L to Dewitt Jeremy, $217,500

parcel 5102211 Killian Rd, Wagler Properties LLC to Sarlington Ltd, $402,000

1825 Killian Rd, Bazzell Lauri A to Johnston Joseph A, $300,000


2234 Arndale Rd, Joiner Margie A to Wallette John M, $191,000

3845 Lake Run Blvd, Ripepi Philip V to Charatun Aliaksandr, $161,000

1911 Newbury Trl, Kelly Muriel S to Kois Bernard J, $195,000

2573 River Downs, Riter James V Trustee to Riter Anthony R, $275,000

3121 Evelynton Pl West, Opendoor Property J LLC to Karki Sushila, $370,000

3064 Kent Rd, Anglin Jacqueline M to Chess Christina L, $45,000

3885 Stow Rd, Flipping Dreams LLC to Carr Theresa, $110,000

2182 Arndale Rd, Hall Richard E Trustee to Wasserman Lauren C, $449,900

2748 Prescott Downs, Lowery William J to Head William J, $330,000

2594 Progress Park Dr, Shinsky Nancy J to Noel David, $276,750

parcel 5619658 Darrow Rd, Cedar Crest Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $59,667

parcel 5619657 Darrow Rd, Cedar Crest Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $59,667

parcel 5619659 Darrow Rd, Cedar Crest Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $59,667

parcel 5619660 Darrow Rd, Cedar Crest Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $63,000

parcel 5619656 Darrow Rd, Cedar Crest Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $63,000

3867 Baumberger Rd, M & T Real Estate Investing LLC to Graham John W Jr, $200,000


721 Treat Blvd, Northcoast Properties LLC to Brumbaugh Amanda, $160,000

472 Dottie Ct, Flanagan Michael G to Esakov Robert, $219,000

parcel 6003189 W Howe Rd, Lovelace John Michael to Messina Joshua J, $70,000


2979 Waterford Dr, Wells James Brian Trutee to Vandevort Christopher Lee, $315,000

9885 Ravenna Rd, Peel James A to Robinson Robert, $139,900

10253 Orchard Hill Ln, Langston Brian to Stanley Eva, $172,000

1843 Sunview Dr, Verbic Lawrence Trustee to Vella Carmina, $199,000

10395 N Pond Ln, Lindemer Todd P to Thomas Rebecca L, $315,000

9846 Oakwood Dr, Billings Kelsor G Jr to Most Tobin R, $106,000

10357 Covington Ln, Gordon Michael to Hales Sangue M, $232,000

2431 Ashdale Dr, Godsell Lisa A to Koury Jude A, $228,000

Twinsburg Township

3108 Aspen Ln, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Shi Peter, $480,010


Atwater Township

5630 Wilkes Rd, Novak Craig John Sr to Gibbons Daniel J II & Heidi L (J&S), $50,000


905 Parkview, Lance James P to Ellashek Zachary, $286,000

838 River Run Rd, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Koduru Jonathan & Danielle Aleece (J&S), $517,985

440 Pond Run, Pinney Caroline A to Gal Properties LLC, $350,000

36 Chatham, Howsmon Brent J Aka & Cynthia A Aka (J&S) to Fiedler Richard W & Alyssa M (J&S), $305,500

275 Cambridge, Hte Housing LLC to Hayslip Anthony & Mary C Walsh (J&S), $255,000

895 W Parkway BV, Longo Lisa M to Purgert Brian & Lauren (J&S), $515,000

813 Nautilus Tl, Monday Tiffany R to Kohn Adam P (Trustee), $785,000

428 Heather Ln, Evans Jennifer M (Successor Trustee) to I L Remodeling LLC, $207,000

590 Beljon Ln, Stauffer Michael & Stephanie R (J&S) to Behm Broderick Garrett & Ellen Deering (J&S), $601,000

745 Windward Dr, Miller Mary Jane to Varney Jim M & Lynn J (Co Trustees), $475,000

815 River Run Rd, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Seth Tarun & Tanu (J&S), $524,525

865 Dipper Ln, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Hoban Anne, $345,990

Brimfield Township

4087 Chapman Dr, Everett Edward Jr & Melissa Crandall-Everett (J&S) to Knapik Thomas & Melissa (J&S), $272,000

2191 Orchard Cr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Cinderich Jordan C & Deborah S Douglas (J&S), $398,066

2238 Orchard Cr, Cranberry Farm LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $61,800

52 Tudor Ln, Roh Martin to Pfeifer Kelsee, $160,000

Charlestown Township

7707 St Rt 5, Hamrick Brenda K to Call Tony, $52,000

Deerfield Township

1730 St Rt 225, CLF Land LLC to CLF Land LLC, $0

1730 St Rt 225, CLF Land LLC to CLF Land LLC, $0

Edinburg Township

3091 Alliance Rd, WBT Rentals LLC to Miller Jarad M, $175,000

7180 Hughes Rd, Hehmeyer Karen G (Trustee) to Tussel Kurt, $350,000

Franklin Township

14 Germaine Cr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Ahmadzai Farhad & Malali (J&S), $417,534

Freedom Township

9293 Nichols, Harris Michael I to Hewitt Michael & Janet (J&S), $475,000


10340 Industrial, Garrettsville Sports Complex LLC to SCH Rents LLC, $700,000

Hiram Township

5791 St Rt 82, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company (Trustee) to Sedensky David & Molly Wolfe (J&S), $121,000

12701 Mumford, Leslein Mark R & Lorena A Hostetler (J&S) to Byler Eli E Jr & Beth Ann C Weaver (J&S), $325,000


6709 Wakefield, Zabor Stephen L & Kathryn M Craig (J&S) to Fernandez Juan Jose & Jennifer Marie Lisa (J&S), $300,000


128 Sherman, Academic Rentals LLC to Golden Flash Rentals 2 LLC, $540,000

132 Sherman, Academic Rentals LLC to Golden Flash Rentals 2 LLC, $540,000

607 N Water, Maydak Richard J & Laura L (J&S) to Amtd Properties LLC, $185,000

5153 Sunnybrook, Gregor Cheryl to Shafei Haidar Abdulsalam Abullah & Nicole Lynn June (J&S), $164,000

Palmyra Township

Lot 30 W Div 4 Whippoorwill, Stull David G to Mitchell Robert T, $70,000

Randolph Township

3828 Randolph, Kelley John Raymond & Thomas William @ (3) to Kelley Nathan Curtis, $130,000


1054 Canterbury Way Dr, Speicher Paul A & Tina M (J&S) to Delsavio Cory Michael & Lena Elie (J&S), $267,000

501 Greenbriar, Poland Kevin T (Trustee) to Vanhorn Donella K & Jennifer M Haylett (J&S), $158,000

170 Bryn Mawr, Mcclanahan Claudia to Cibella Marc, $92,000

Ravenna Township

3157 Wolf Run, Weaver Jamey D to Fisk Marcia, $195,000

6397 Woodlawn, Hamstra John C to Hall Linda Alicia, $201,000

4375 Wolforth Ave, Capstan Management LLC to Gallegos Pavielle Jimenez @ (5), $5,871

Rootstown Township

4676 Lynn Rd, Shur Co LLC to Shur Co LLC, $0

4295 Marks, Hindel Scott W & Sarah I (J&S) to Marzec Jessica, $220,129

4855 Tallmadge Rd, Robert Moser Enterprises LLC to Alpine Property Management Company LLC, $465,000


9315 Flora, Kormos George N & Jean M (J&S) to Wasserbauer Emily O & Catherine M (J&S), $72,000

1688 Leslie Dr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Shetti Mahaveer & Sarojanee (J&S), $324,835

9283 Gerald, Mccauley Sue S to Dalal Properties LLC, $57,000

9040 Portage Pointe, Gallagher Renee A to Wilson Jacob D, $115,000

1655 Duncan Way, FLG Streetsboro LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $73,680

10040 Hazelton, Leonardi Kenneth D Jr & Kimberly M Schwarber to JD Home Solutions 4u LLC, $80,500

1919 Fairways Dr, Atwater Demetrius to Burns John R, $312,000

Suffield Township

441 Hutchison, Field Rentals LLC to Lutz Marisa, $214,375

836 Griggy Rd, Waples James C & Sherry J (J&S) to Bauer Aimee, $360,000

Lot 2 NW Griggy Rd, Waples James C & Sherry J (J&S) to Bauer Aimee, $360,000



Arbogast Alexander & Brown Sydney from Howard Todd E & Sheila M, 134 Ramsey CT, $88,000.

Bright Vanessa from Furry Timothy J, parcel 104079 S Morgan Ave, $5,000.

Bright Vanessa from Furry Timothy J, parcel 104080 Morgan Ave S, $5,000.

Brown Corinna from Mccord Shawna L, 2619 Center Ave, $143,000.

Guardian Fund LLC from Unicorn Development LLC, 1507 S Freedom Ave, $38,138.

Jarvis James E & Kathy A from Partin Alec James & Santucci Nathan Dean, 2478 Ridgewood Ave, $260,000.

Kerns Kelley James Trustee from Deramo Daria R, 2508 Watson Ave, $96,000.

Lilly Sidney & Pecorial from Bell Leon & Vera L, 703 S Seneca Ave, $16,000.

Rich Logan T & Todd J from Unckrich Craig A & Stephanie M, 1140 Overlook Dr, $119,900.

Rocking Horse Rentals Ltd from Star Ridge LLC, 340 S Lincoln Ave, $27,500.

Roose Ty J & Elizabeth A from Roose Sandra J, 935 Meadowbrook Ave, $85,900.

Walker Karen M from Wolkan Elizabeth S Trustee, 1209 Briarcliff Ave, $189,000.

Bethlehem Township

Benson Charles Kevin from Hunter Lynn A & William J Wros, 157 E St SW, $134,900.

Forney Tom & Connie & Paul from Sawyers John M & Bonnie S, parcel 1100556 Rhino Rd, $9,000.

Sukosd Latecia L from Heck Randy, 227 Canal St W, $22,000.

Tyson Warren from Fuchs Thomas & Teresa, 32 Center St NW, $266,000.

Canal Fulton

Ko Properties and Investments Inc from Kolp Robert & Susan, 476 Colony Rd, $171,000.

Mrgatroyd Craig & Munteanu Amalia from River Road Apartments LLC, 228 River Rd, $250,000.


Black Lab Rentals LLC from RC Homes LLC, 2310 7th St NW, $45,000.

C White Holdings LLC from Jeffers Shirell & Glasscock Martha, 1616 Clarendon Ave SW, $7,000.

Caloh Enterprises Ltd from Nationwide Investments LLC, 2516 Harmont Ave NE, $700,000.

Caloh Enterprises Ltd from Nationwide Investments LLC, 2520 Harmont Ave NE, $700,000.

Caloh Enterprises Ltd from Nationwide Investments LLC, 3523 Daleford Ave NE, $700,000.

Caloh Enterprises Ltd from Nationwide Investments LLC, 3524 Daleford Ave NE, $700,000.

Caloh Enterprises Ltd from Nationwide Investments LLC, 3602 Daleford Ave NE, $700,000.

Canton for All People Acquisition & from Northwest Canton Properties LLC, 821 10th St NW, $17,500.

Chic Francisco Mendoza & from Fal Re1 LLC, 1401 Ohio Ave NE, $38,000.

Cline John D from Chatterson Robert F, 2609 Penn PL NE, $1,000.

Compton Erika & Anderson Matthew from Hoffman Ryan M & Katherine E, 2131 36th St NW, $160,000.

Cortijo David Jr from Johnson Arthur C, 1650 Grace Ave NE, $20,000.

Cortijo David Jr from Johnson Arthur C, parcel 202773 Regent Ave NE, $1,000.

Dallas Dewayne R & Jenkins Renee Mary Et from Daverio Georgia Et Al, 715 Rex Ave NE, $21,500.

Davis Robert W & Tammie L from Shilling Jason C Trustee, 4838 Cloister Ave NW, $156,000.

Esteban Florencia Francisco & Francisco from Senz Joseph, 911 Harriet Ave NW, $30,000.

Gibenus LLC from Meriggiare LLC, 1325 Olivette PL NW, $99,000.

Guthrie Christopher W from Lyman Matthew, 1925 Fulton Rd NW, $245,000.

Guthrie Christopher W from Lyman Matthew, 700 17th St NW, $85,000.

Guthrie Christopher W from Lyman Matthew, 909 Shadyside Ave SW, $75,000.

Hartzler Jadan M from Carlson David, 914 Smith Ave SW, $50,000.

Howell James & Michelle A from Browning Gregory S, 323 Belden Ave NE, $23,000.

Kell Mike from Dolph Joseph D & Amy L, 1612 Bedford Ave SW, $39,000.

Kilgore Edgar M from Klebaum Enterprisesltd, 1303 13th St SE, $101,750.

Kilgore Edgar M from Klebaum Herbert G, 1214 Gonder Ave SE, $8,250.

Klingelsmith Sarah Abigail from Reinhardt Brandon J & Messner Ruth K, 1424 12th St NW, $118,500.

Lanza Sandra Luvina Sevilla & from Montes Pinela Maria Trinidad, 703 4th St NW, $21,000.

Lapierre Properties LLC from Blanda John D, 914 9th St NW, $25,000.

Lapierre Properties LLC from Frey Enros Jr, 613 Kennet CT NW, $35,000.

Lapierre Properties LLC from Husky Homes LLC, 706 Greenfield Ave SW, $45,000.

Lapierre Properties LLC from Madison Trust Co Custodian FBO, 307 13th St NW, $45,000.

Lehman Kenneth & Amy from Mcmillen Rita R, 352 Bellflower Ave NW, $152,000.

Lewing William Daniel & Cavazos Rosa from Manifest Investing Co LLC, 3824 Shanabruck Ave NW, $145,000.

Lighthouse Ministries of Canton from Hooley Daniel R and Julia A, 1927 4th St SE, $66,200.

Lighthouse Ministries of Canton from Hooley Daniel R and Julia A, parcel 203417 Harvey PL SE, $66,200.

Luttrell Donald from Seymoure Larry S, 1252 Hawthorne Ave SW, $90,000.

Neal Singleton & Cathie from Nichols Robert L, parcel 235716 Kennet CT NW, $1,000.

Obando Jorge Ivan from Citimortgage Inc Successor by Merger to, 901 14th St NE, $22,500.

Perry Connor J from Roricks Inc, 1019 Maryland Ave SW, $109,900.

Petrucelli Jennifer from Harrer Charles Michael, 116 Clarendon Ave NW, $107,500.

Pierce Nicholas James from Butt Theresa M, 1539 Norwood PL NW, $110,600.

Powell Kathryn M from Worrell Patrick, 2107 32nd St NW, $174,000.

Revision Homebuyers LLC from Billings Darnell, 3803 Mahoning Rd NE, $35,000.

Revision Homebuyers LLC from Billings Darnell, parcel 227138 Fletcher Ave NE, $35,000.

Revision Homebuyers LLC from Putnam Melissa Ann, 1714 Sandwith Ave SW, $45,000.

Sales Raymond A Jr from Hill Leonard A, 2700 7th St NW, $31,000.

SFR3-060 LLC from Ecrement Danielle, 2328 Tuscarawas St E, $21,000.

Stewart Matthew & Caitlyn from Jre Homes LLC, 2216 Mount Vernon BLVD NW, $184,200.

Tallman Nancy from Shonk Betty L, 1253 Rockwood Ave SW, $118,900.

Urban Green Properties from Groffre Investments, parcel 400045 Warner Rd SE, $27,000.

Viltus Henzen & Alexandre Nadine from Carlson David, 1321 12th St NE, $120,500.

Vogt Kathleen N from Stinson Marcia E, 2020 Mount Vernon BLVD NW, $161,000.

Williams Rebecca from Krueck Melana, 1205 5th St NW, $23,000.

Yoder Anthony from Pathway Property Management LLC, 2504 7th St NE, $240,000.

Yoder Anthony from Pathway Property Management LLC, 2506 Harmont Ave NE, $240,000.

Yoder Anthony from Pathway Property Management LLC, 715 Roslyn Ave SW, $240,000.

Zuares David from Aslanides Pan & Cheryl, 2224 Van PL SW, $57,900.

Zuares David from Verbeck Entrprises LLC, 2237 15th St NE, $63,000.

Canton Township

Chismar Gregory & Courtney from Benson Charles K TTEE/BENSON Irrevocable, 3302 Baum St SE, $253,000.

Chismar Gregory & Courtney from Benson Charles K TTEE/BENSON Irrevocable, parcel 1301304 Sandy Ave SE, $253,000.

Larkin Street Homes LLC from Ward Timothy Eric, 4525 Dueber Ave SW, $300,000.

Mallady Joseph from Sawyer Eric D, 203 50th St SE, $95,000.

Mcguire Thomas from Miner Peter Jr, 1006 Trump Ave NE, $37,600.

Sawyer Craig M from Apex Electric Supply Company, 3405 Lincoln St E, $61,000.

Stadelman Tracy from Haldi Richard J Trustee, 1414 W Park Ave NW, $295,000.

Winn Jacquez D from Kitzmiller Gary L, 411 Harter Ave NW, $152,000.

Yanok Christian & Natalie from Humker Dianne R, 2620 Helen PL NW, $135,000.

Yoder Anthony from Pathway Property Management LLC, 2901 Georgetown Rd NE, $240,000.

Jackson Township

Angeli Joseph & Staib Madison from Zolla Brenda, 7617 Brunswick Cir NW, $227,000.

Boothe Matthew & Kaitlyn from Pratt Jason J & Elizabeth A, 8522 Bald Eagle Cir NW, $410,000.

Burgess Alyssa R & Dustin M from Park Investment Group LLC, 6596 Kennebuck St NW, $540,000.

Clark Todd & Melende from Jack Mary C, 7733 Tahiti St NW, $211,000.

Hamad Irving C from Sabatucci Daniel A & Sue A, 4030 Columbia Ave NW, $220,000.

Haupt Chelsie Revay from Helline Gerald P Jr Lori L, 2723 Brentwood Rd NW, $247,000.

Kelley Meredith L from Ranalli Properties LLC, 7314 Rob St NW, $250,000.

Ko Properties and Investments Inc from York Kyle Alson, 314 Mount Pleasant St NW, $248,000.

Massolini John from Borsellino John & Joanne, 4458 19th St NW, $90,000.

Pollock Max & Julia E from Puterbaugh Michael R & Christina M, 6595 Yost St NW, $317,000.

Seely Brenda J & Joseph A from Scotsbury Builders Group LLC, 8793 Scotsbury Glen St NW, $100,000.

Sotebeer Maria C & Craig from Lepsky Steven L, 8093 Shady Stone St NW, $755,000.

Truex Robert & Yamilet from Cheung Pauline P C & Wong Sharon L & Cla, 1346 Stuart St NW, $150,000.

Wappler William John & Beth Ellen from Slesnick Elizabeth M Trustee / Elizabeth, 6445 Bertram Ave NW, $1,050,000.

White John from Campanelli Teresa M Trustee of the Teres, 6408 St Augustine Dr NW, $387,000.

Zheng Meiya & Guo Qifu from Caleski David & Michael & Puterbaugh, 5925 Frank Ave NW, $386,000.

Lake Township

Aldilan LLC from Cannon Nicholi, 3310 Linden St NW, $210,000.

Campbell Bradley Michael & Andrea Lynn from Pitinii Fredrick M, 3553 Shepherd St NW, $350,000.

Connell Ronald H from Mcnamara Jennifer A, 270 Lincoln St SW Unit 270-A, $79,050.

Grove Joshua J & Melinda F from J and L Properties LLC, 1608 Poppy Dr NW, $287,900.

Hunchak Lyubomyr & Galina from Fox Land Company LLC, parcel 10015085 Hunting Hills Ave NE, $115,000.

Kidd Jeffrey R & Tracy L from Kidd Jeffrey R & Tracy L, 2788 Smith Kramer St NE, $14,448.

Mull Raymond & Burge Tina from Mcknight Jenny K & Sawyer Craig M, 3288 Lake Center St NW, $229,900.

Paul Daniel W & Jeanmarie Soucy from Floyd Mary L, 1383 Cove St NW, $180,000.

Rocha Bernardino & Elsa from Bates Robert D & Maria S, 11465 Cleveland Ave NW, $120,000.

Valles Robert III & Maria S from Dickerson James & Bliss, 10871 Mogadore Ave NW, $375,000.

Vongunten Shelby R from Elliott Thomas J & Katie L, parcel 10008852 Burkey Rd NW, $159,000.

Lawrence Township

Greenbeich Properties LLC from Nickajack Realty LLC, parcel 10015127 Manchester Ave NW, $272,160.

Stclair Andrew from Cordero Rodriguez Tiffany, 33 Nicholas Cir NW, $3,000.


Manbeck Heath G from Irwin Michael & Lisa B, 1610 California Ave, $295,000.

Mayle Kyle Logan from Mayle J Kyle & Jean A, 203 S Walnut St, $124,900.

Marlboro Township

Pinczes Angelo Pete & Bevan Desire from Cooper Jennifer M, 11423 Byers Ave NE, $296,000.


Adco Distributors Inc from Adco Distributors Inc, parcel 612432 Lincoln Way W, $3,500.

Afg Massillon Ltd from Willis James G, 1407 Tremont Ave SW, $100,000.

Berens Andrew from Pawlowski Nancy E Trustee, 1740 11th St NE, $172,000.

Blackwell Linda & James from Maxheimer David E II, 817 6th St SW, $90,000.

Blackwell Linda & James from Maxheimer David E II, 821 6th St SW, $90,000.

Cobble Tonya from Kacsanek Jeffrey W, 11 Rolling View Cir, $1,000.

Croniser Jarred Daniel & Victoria Marie from MD Enterprises of Apple Creek Inc, 956 Wales Rd NE, $119,000.

Flinders Denny L from Magers Harold B, 827 Wyoming PL NE, $119,500.

Freedman Andrew & Dolph Amy L from Tallman Nancy G, 839 Seneca St NE, $125,000.

Hukill Jacquelyn M from Hukill Jay & Evelyn, 938 1st St NE, $90,000.

Huot John L & Vicki L from Lynch Megan K Trustee, 1035 Scottwood PL NE, $201,000.

K S Yoak Enertprises LLC from Conley Mark W & Denise Michelle, 864 10th St NE, $30,000.

Karve Amod from K S Yoak Enertprises LLC, 105 9th St SW, $140,000.

Lantzer Jefferey from Mayfield Bryan K, 2518 Rhode Island Ave SE, $46,400.

Lantzer Jefferey from Mayfield Bryan K, 418 Albright Ave SE, $25,100.

Lantzer Jefferey from Mayfield Bryan K, 894 1st St NE, $71,100.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Lockhart A R Development Co, 3564 Kenyon Creek Ave NW, $59,000.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Lockhart A R Development Co, 3576 Kenyon Creek Ave NW, $59,000.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from Lockhart A R Development Co, 3572 Kenyon Creek Ave NW, $59,000.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from Lockhart A R Development Co, 3575 Kenyon Creek Ave NW, $59,000.

Robinson William Burton & Leisa Fonte from Campbell Bradley M & Andrea L, 2235 Rio Grande Cir SE, $279,900.

Ruby Land LLC from DSV SPV2 LLC, 134 Maple Ave SE, $13,500.

Ruegg Lucas A from Ruegg Andrew, 1342 Tremont Ave SW, $16,500.

Shilling Donald Alan from Miller Cynthia, 2238 Courtland Ave NW, $110,000.

Tabellion Annette R from Demarco Vicki I Trustee, 2405 Harsh Ave SE, $40,000.

Troyer Nathan from Kittinger Betty L, 222 State Ave NE, $73,000.

Nimishillen Township

Ayers Alicia N from Walden David J, 5616 Mowry St, $150,000.

Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd from Lowder Ralph & Debra L, 5181 Francesca St NE, $52,000.

Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd from Lowder Ralph & Debra L, 5195 Francesca St NE, $52,000.

North Canton

Hill Faye from York James A, 322 W Maple St, $156,000.

Hill Faye from York James A, parcel 9204768 Royer Ave NW, $156,000.

Jackson Jean M from Maendel Caitlin M & Jeffrey W, 1515 Chadford Gate SE, $500,000.

Keefer Crystal D from Lemmonade Homes & Construction Inc, 1115 Hillcrest Ave SW, $450,000.

Mcnichol Christopher & Danielle from Mulheim Randy S & Kimberly J Co Trustees, 414 Weber Ave NE, $290,000.

Suba Victoria Angelique & Roshong Kraig from Naughtor-Travers Joseph P & Shambaugh, 913 Oakwood St SE, $137,500.

Osnaburg Township

Genin Michael Thomas from New Day Realty LLC, 112 Liberty St E, $153,000.

Hicks Bryan J from Hicks Joseph B, 5508 Georgetown St, $60,000.

Paris Township

Byler Enos & Rhoda Trustees from Byler Enos & Rhoda Trustees / Enos & Rho, 2745 Fox Ave NE, $11,500.

Unkefer Real Estate LLC from Unkefer Gregory & Simms Linda, 4105 Market St N, $550,000.

Unkefer Real Estate LLC from Unkefer Gregory & Simms Linda, parcel 4102001 Whitacre Ave NE, $550,000.

Vangundy Justin A & Bowling Alexandra P from Geiger Maxwell A & David M, 11154 Lincoln St SE, $150,000.

Perry Township

Brogan Bernadette from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 6122 Lavenham Rd SW, $291,590.

Burger Daniel D from Sidharta Nathanael O & Lian TRSTEES/NATH, 1535 Jackson Ave NW, $190,000.

Daniels Thomas & Blakney Lauren from Caughey Thomas J & Carol A, 1113 Cliffwood Ave NW, $328,500.

Dillion Mikel from Ristoff Theodore S, 239 Eden Ave NW, $155,000.

Fatigati Analisa Marie from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 6116 Lavenham Rd SW, $299,505.

Fatigati Jeanette Christine & Michael from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 2611 Genoa Ave SW, $328,290.

Francis Robert J from Diveley Joanne, 6225 Dodge Rd SW, $150,525.

Gubesch Shawn J & Susanna R from Schafrath Troy D, 4707 Shermont Ave SW, $80,000.

Hemerlein Keon from Luthi Joseph & Connie, parcel 4307951 Southway St SW, $240,000.

Hemerlein Keon from Luthi Joseph E & Connie F, 2949 Southway St SW, $240,000.

Henley Kelly J from Countryside Service Company LLC, 5001 4th St NW, $211,000.

Hinton Capital Investments LLC from Smith William T & Mosley Karen A, 3730 Georgia St NW, $78,000.

Hoffer David & Helene from Mcavinew Daryll & Liana, 5190 Emil Ave SW Unit 404, $26,000.

Hoffer David & Helene from Mcavinew Daryll D & Liana R, 5981 Margie Cir SW Unit 311, $25,000.

Hoffer David & Helene from Mcavinew Daryll D, 5980 Margie Cir SW Unit 211, $28,000.

Irwin Michael & Lisa & Keller Ryan P from Shimek Shana A Aka Shana, 5196 Oakcliff St SW, $160,000.

J&J Home Improvements LLC from Hinton Capital Investments LLC, 3730 Georgia St NW, $82,600.

Knapp Jack R & Masduki Ely M from Dunn Jill E, 3201 List St NW, $210,000.

Miner Tyler from Rohr Anthony J & Jennifer L, 741 Manor Ave SW, $130,000.

Pendleton Gary M from Kline Gary L, 6500 Highton St SW, $146,300.

Revision Homebuyers LLC from Winter Angela M, 3123 Rowmont Rd SW, $54,000.

Stalnaker Audy from Lynch Kieran M, 5935 Hancock St SW, $180,000.

Wilson William E & Lori A from Hoy Timothy E., parcel 4300175 Shepler Church Ave SW, $16,000.

Wood Scott & Weber Brittany from Boals Wesley, 180 Perry Dr NW, $164,900.

Plain Township

Arnold John E & Susan J from Lexington Farms North Ltd, parcel 10013238 Harness Cir NE, $93,000.

B&B Financials LLC from Kubasco Christena Gay, 8011 Garnet Ave NE, $105,000.

Betz Evan J from Moffat Louise M, 2714 19th St NW, $231,000.

Blooming Properties LLC from Stevens Colene Ttee, parcel 10015113 Werner Church Rd NE, $131,489.

Friedmann James Jay from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 1357 Fountain View St NE, $475,835.

Glover Darren Edward & Lisa Lorain from Mcfall Hope C, 3201 Cloverhurst St NE, $415,000.

Jevec Elizabeth A from Jevec Thomas E Ttee & Jevec Elizabeth A, 2725 Saxon St NE, $124,000.

Lilly Tracy & Richard Jr from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 7979 Cobbler Ave NE, $318,170.

Miller Robert from Tack Eric P & Rhonda, 1402 Schneider St NW, $249,000.

Nshimiye Eric & Chantal from Yaneff Ryan & Riley Camaryn, 1202 Pittsburg Ave NW, $101,500.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Mckinley Edgewood Development Company LLC, 1273 Southbrook Cir NE, $86,490.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from Mckinley Development Company Ltd, 3403 Stoneleigh Rd NE, $72,000.

Ondecker Kyle & Ashton from Fete Brandon M & Dianna L, 2873 Saxon St NE, $295,000.

Pumneo Jaime L & Zachary C from Gross Erik & Sandra, 3321 Martindale Rd NE, $170,000.

TGNK Properties LLC from Tasos Electric Co Inc, 1906 Spangler St NE, $384,500.

TGNK Properties LLC from Tasos Electric Co, 2721 Harrisburg Rd NE, $321,500.

Thompson Debra S from Booher Jay A, 3930 Boettler St NE, $198,000.

Vongunten Shelby R from Elliott Thomas J & Katie L, 8330 Burkey Rd NW, $159,000.

Walter Yvonne E Trustee from Westfall Jimmie C II, 3228 Roosevelt Ave NE, $71,500.

Wernerchurch Land LLC from Stevens Colene Ttee, parcel 10015114 Werner Church Rd NE, $158,709.

Wernerchurch Land LLC from Stevens Colene Ttee, parcel 10015115 Werner Church Rd NE, $202,881.

Whipkey Andrew & Tiffany from Arteno Maureen A, 2505 45th St NW, $129,000.

Sandy Township

Cayton Jacob & Brittney from Cayton Paul Duwane & Mark Allen, 7935 Ravenna Ave SE, $59,000.

Sancic Family Farms LLC from Parsons Dennis G & Brenda J, 5501 Elson St SE, $115,000.

Sugarcreek Township

Holly Bean Ltd from Unruh Carolyn W, 901 West CT, $35,000.

Keim Jacob A from Elliott Family Properties LLC, 12481 Sandusky Dr SW, $152,500.

LK1 Investments LLC & Big D Real Estate from Hunter Denise D & Thomas M & Todd C & Mo, 100 Grant St SW, $68,420.

Scott Sandy from Miller Vicki L Et Al, 5688 Pigeon Run Ave SW, $423,000.

Strong Trevor D & Madison L from Ellis Michael T, 650 Church St NE, $185,650.

Stutzman Daniel & Rosanna from Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, 221 Harmon Ave NE, $2,000.

Tuscarawas Township

Simon Aaron L from Shanklin Lewis, 2526 Bellevue Ave SW, $67,000.

Washington Township

Stubbs Robert L & Rowe Lacey M from First Choice Property Acquisitions LLC, parcel 10007107 Schubert Ave NE, $30,000.



3662 Mark-Dale Dr, Williams Cory D to Kyer Bruce & Geraldine, $435,000

8294 Wadsworth Rd, Howard Chester & Mary to Prince Brian J & Sarah D, $450,000

10320 Rischel Rd, O’connor Frances M to Moore Katherine M, $175,000

213 Euclid Ave, Johnson Lisa Jo to Springer Jason L & Amber, $168,500

196 Deepwood Dr, Wojtala Richard to Huynh Victoria, $105,000

parcel 040-20A-12-481 295-297 Simcox St, Mann Melinda to 6831 Ridge Road LLC, $210,000

161 Stauffer Dr, Toth David to Nowling Aaron & Lindsey, $295,000

175 Ault Ave, Cheslock Bradley A & Lori L to Volpe Nathan, $105,000

348 Foxglove Dr, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Santos Jodi M & Derrick, $431,835

290 Tanglewood Trl, Walsh Laura L to Walsh Robert & Aimee, $310,000


428 Rockledge Ln, Quinn William to Coleman Carol A, $245,000

640 Blackberry CL, Laffin Brian D & Alicia L to Quinones Isaac & Nelly & Sarita, $371,000

530 Topaz Ln, Panik Eric to Winkler Andrew & Molly, $125,100

parcel 001-02C-22-038 Pearl Rd, Roger Nair Revocable Living Trust Dated Dec. 29 2015 the to Rosco Holdings LLC, $25,000

4600 Boxwood Dr, Mcmahan Gerald E & Sharon to Bowers Christopher E, $189,000

3484 Sturbridge Ln, Weaver Kimberly H & William P Hardy to Short Erica R & Jarad C, $251,151

3432 Spencer Ln, Monczewski Theodore J & Sharon A to Monczewski Casey Thomas, $227,000

4262 Hadley Ct, Vuckovic Milan & Ljuba & Vanja Vuckovic Gleske to Crotty Angela L, $190,000

3059 Elmer Dr, Maruschak Michael E & Janet L to Jackson Kevin & Sarah, $415,750

1413 Spyglass Hill Dr, Galuzny Brian P to Purcell William & Susan, $256,000

1605 Mckinley Ave, Phillips Amber R & Denton L to Braden Nathaniel Robert & Hazel Anne Olarte, $240,000

1756 Maxwell Blvd, Sweet David R to Russo Peter D, $173,000

2110 Hathaway Dr, Medina Creative Housing Inc to Lewicki Abby, $192,500

124 W 130th St, Budrys Algimantas M to Gulbinas Rimgaudas Trustee of the Rimgaudas Gulbinas Trust, $36,290

Chippewa Lake

5693 Burlington Dr, Divis Amanda to Pische John Michael & Samantha Marie, $281,000


1229 River Woods Dr, Mayan Alexander W & Candice M to Robinson Brandon & Jillian, $750,000

parcel 016-03C-29-040 Bethany Ln, Savron David M Trustee to Derrick Kevin P & Lisa W Co-Trustee of the Derrick Family Trust, $155,000

2261 Laurel Rd, Kauntz Malwine M Trustee of the Regina Gierscher 2004 Declaration of Trust to Hussey Chelsea Coleman & Andrew Charles, $445,000

1841 Ledge Rd, Schrubb Donald A & Caren L to Sankarasubramanian Jeyabalan Murugesan & Mukilambigai Sivanandam, $345,000

1141 Skyland Falls Blvd, Skyland Land Company LLC to Rini Thomas J & Carolyn Ann, $190,000


2903 S Avon Lake Rd, Decker Kathleen M to Kufner Dale A Jr, $629,900

4455 Beat Rd, Mueller George P & Doris L to Klein Nicole Mollohan, $350,000


parcel 013-14C-06-002 Lodi Rd, Schur Nicholas J to Remington Joseph, $60,000

9144 Lodi Rd, Schur Nicholas J to Remington Joseph, $60,000


3139 Styx Hill Rd, Newcomer Jacob D to Long Kyle W, $140,000

5989 Lance Rd, Phillip William & Thomas to Peer Robert E, $244,000

5354 Lance Rd, Kacic Deborah A to Williams Cory D & Brianna C, $520,000

3465 Hunting Run Rd, Kosc Gregory & Charlene to Mcculloch Brigid Mary & Eduardo Enrique Baca Hernandez, $735,000

417 Bronson St, Kostos Jenifer to THT Amistad Heritage Properties LLC, $459,000

4757 Ledgewood Dr 9-D, Scoarste John M to Brigadier Justin, $143,000

717 N Court St, 915 Partners LLC to Bumblebee Village Holdings LLC, $170,000

585 Birch Hill Dr #5, Hoop Jeremie A to Berne Enterprises LLC, $146,000

510 Pine St, Abell Sherry to Johnson Jakeb N, $230,000

1050 Larkens Way, Brogle Bryan A to Nagle Shirley R & Larry G, $260,000

1168 N Jefferson St U-44, Garry Edward M & Rita Garry Esposito Co-Trustees of the John J & Joanna H Garry Revocable Trust to Robson Kyle D & Teri Ann, $240,000

1135 Starboard Dr, Cagaric Gordana to Monaco Kyle C & Michelle A Salvatore, $296,000

890 Black Bird Way, Willis Brent D to Strait Matthew Daniel & Alynne & Stanley Zielinski, $277,500

912 E Smith Rd, Residential Solutions Inc to Laule Jonathan P, $360,000

4297 Sharon Copley Rd, Mino Mary Ellen to Moyer James A & Marcia B, $325,000

707 Twin Oaks Blvd, Beshire Ruth A to Maxwell Jamie M & Nathan W Hottinger, $210,000

parcel 033-12A-27-015 Thoroughbred Dr, Green Edwin A & Patricia A to Bond Jason L & Lindsay N, $180,000

188 Canterbury Ln A-32, Beranek Albert & Stephanie A to Kasper Jane E, $100,000

942 S Court St, Mason Ronald G Sr & Valerie J to Husak Samuel, $175,000


parcel 010-30A-10-046 Eastern Rd, Colter Timothy A to Euro Home Improvement, $15,200


parcel 012-21A-12-001 136-138 Main St, Atsma Thomas & Pamela H to Knudsen Brad, $152,000

110 Greenwich Rd Unit 7, Mcminn Matthew S to Cianciola Amelia M, $92,000


7506 Spencer Rd, Yoder Leroy to Bentley Ralph E & Janet R, $325,000

Valley City

parcel 025-01A-33-059 Columbia Rd, Hammon Hedy A to RG, $120,000


9870 Wooster Pike, Johnson James R & Nadine L to Towd Point Mortgage Trust 2016-3 US Bank National Association as Indenture Trustee, $120,100


Big Prairie

parcel 18-00051.000 Shreve Rd, Merillat Debra Joan Trustee to B&R No 3 LLC, $200


parcel 21-00390.002 Gearhart Rd, Sheppard Breanna Aka Breannon Sheppard to Carmony Land Holdings LLC, $400,170


205 Pine St, Tivenan Reilly M to Hilton Eric Scott & Alesha M S/T, $187,000

101 Coulter St, Uhler Georgia P Aka Georgia Uhler to Robinson Jared & Brittany S/T, $145,000

parcel 09-00400.001 Coulter St, Uhler Georgia P Aka Georgia Uhler to Robinson Jared & Brittany S/T, $145,000

119 Darla Dr, Stahl Thomas J & Denise L S/T to Yannayon Tonya R, $225,000


12777 Mark Path, Hine Daniel L & Victoria J S/T to Mcfadden Theresa & Corey S/T, $256,000

120 S Portage St, Dannemiller Ronald J & Nora K Dannemiller & John W Campbell & Judith L Campbell S/T to K S Yoak Enterprises LLC, $75,000

165 Circle Dr, Hall Grant S to Hall Shelby J, $140,000

170 Bailey Ct, Franklin Mary to Zhang Cheng & Chai Wu S/T, $329,000

5 Byron Dr, Ault Ronald C & Becky S S/T to Pfeiffer Paul & Bonnie S/T, $185,000

54 Circle Dr, Booth Brian K & Atije T Shemo Booth S/T to Bertz Matthew R & Jennifer L, $257,000


53 S Main St, Brown Joye to Reichman Travis Paul & Amanda Jo S/T, $190,000


8543 Cleveland Rd, Slaubaugh Randall S to Frazier Christian Douglas & Kaylee Petersen, $137,000

This article originally appeared on Akron Beacon Journal: Home sales for Summit, Stark, Portage, Wayne, Medina week of March 28