February 21, 2024


Interior Of The Road

Here’s what homes sold for week of Feb. 28



2214 SW 6th St, Freedom Neo Properties LLC to Columbus Collective Housing LLC, $119,000

654 N Portage Path, Buchholzer Frances Seiberling Trustee to Nordmeyer Leslie, $815,000

887 Oakland Ave, Petrillo Anthony W to Abiya Ma, $105,000

690 Hickory St, Harvey Dion L to Reed Christopher A, $170,000

70 Wallhaven Dr, Miller Mary Jane to Palcko Heather, $150,000

580 Koerber Ave, Miller Cynthia to Dunn William, $70,000

1954 Flint Ave, Akron Properties LLC to Lewis Kendall A, $73,000

977 Peerless Ave, Hanson Carrie W to Beverly Professional Homes LLC, $43,486

2490 Cedar Creek Ln, Moss Andrew to Stolicny Robert, $205,000

1306 Girard St, Honey of A Home LLC to Enjoy LLC, $65,215

25 Berkshire Ct, Broida Barbara K to Garrett Ellen M, $126,500

2216 Eastlawn Ave, Clester Richard L to Alatorre Oscar, $155,000

823 E Archwood Ave, Johnson Randall L to Huntsberger Dustin Alan, $87,000

611 Herbert Rd, Lakins Jesse M to Brown Austin R, $115,000

559 Patterson Ave, Mcmillan Anne W to Gurung San, $107,000

696 Glendora Ave, Bekbeato Inc to Gaston Natalia Guerrero Ramirez, $47,000

2444 Manchester Rd, Mccormick Kenelm F to Martin Sera M, $89,900

473 Reed Ave, Abdulla Mary M to Roberts Vernon R, $94,000

1020 Georgia Ave, Caesar Properties of Ohio LLC to Bernier Caitland E, $75,000

1160 Carnegie Ave, Benninger Mary Anne to Havana Properties LLC, $85,000

1311 Gorge Blvd, Schoenbachler Rusty to Spaulding Donta, $138,500

2522 Ogden Ave, Weimer Lance E to Sharrock Chistopher, $122,400

456 Manderly Dr, Magoun George F to Peterson Teresa M, $105,000

1910 Stabler Rd, Neel Patrick to Shadi Mark A, $225,000

912 Hereford Dr, Quinlan Randolph Mary R to Quinlan Kyle Frederick, $250,000

1859 Brookwood Dr, Botnick Steven M to Guerin Ann M, $316,000

1069 Merton Ave, Black Belt Investors to Davis Alec, $67,500

570 Schiller Ave, Pettit Austin R to Walker Stephan, $133,000

384 Noah Ave, Fikes Phillip Anthony to Mccoy Derrick A, $84,000

470 Massillon Rd, Stewart James T to Rowe Jim Paul Jr, $74,000

540 Meade Ave, Demo 2 Done LLC to Lind Tyler, $84,000

601 & 603 Baldwin Rd, Giampapa Stephen Louis Trustee to Haller Catherine N, $92,900

1740 Highview Ave, Wade Joshua to Foster Lisa, $85,000

1230 Manchester Rd, Quest Ira Inc FBO Aja Tompot Ira to SFR3 060 LLC, $44,900

162 Waldorf Dr, Oliver Cylinda to Hall Erin M, $180,000

1128 Kohler Ave, Nzo Properties LLC to Johnson Colby, $120,000

443 Roslyn Ave, Tjaden Justin D to Pavlenda Andrew, $205,000

346 Cleveland St, Camp Rick A to Middlebury Housing LLC, $24,150

97 MT View Ave, Ratliff Douglas A to Jacob Devin, $42,900

1607 Garman Rd, the Aem Services LLC to Grays Gloria M, $252,500

1614 Malasia Rd, Johnson Ralph P to Allen B Properties LLC, $77,000

239 Crosby St, Vetter Eric to Realtypro LLC, $33,000

1651 Brown St, Firestone Federal Credit Union to Pannell Evan L, $72,000

1772 Rock Hill Lane, Solitt Janet to Salzman Adam, $158,000

1409 Marcy St, Blazeff Mark to Riley Preston L, $38,000

2478 Edwin Ave, Rafferty Stacey J to Lott Martinezes, $97,400

364 Ripley Ave, Veglia Blake to Shively Taylor, $160,000

654 Upper Merriman Dr, Travis Romeo to Nicholas Keith Lamarr, $210,000

593 MC Kinley Ave, Vue Nengsho to Cortes David Trustee, $93,000

869 Triplett Blvd, Akron Dream Homes LLC to SFR3-050 LLC, $54,000

1344 Pontiac Ave, Tucker Remodeling & Construction LLC to Helms Rianne L, $110,000

1053 Victory St, Chapman Mark A to Slflo LLC, $8,000

parcel 6724066 W Market St, Twin Oaks Investment Group LLC to Horvath Eugene J, $2,000

605 Merriman Rd, Schmeiser Tracy L to Rodriguez Joel, $338,450

851 Orlando Ave, Vaughn Howard R Jr to Strothers Stephen, $149,900

1766 Hemlock St, Nuspl Steven J to Hagenbaugh Mark, $147,500

809 Belleau Wood Dr, Nabors Gabriel J to Phillips Kent, $320,000

150 & 152 S Maple St, D & Y Properties LLC to Savranskky Yury, $65,000

458 Kathleen St, Mckown Martie Ann Trustee to Morrison Christopher George, $119,000

898 E Archwood Ave, Lin Taw to Cheam-Mon Tie-Chan, $48,530

559 Morgan Ave, Mount North Capital 1a LLC to Mount North Capital 1 LLC, $57,000

1043 Hartford Ave, Mount North Capital 1a LLC to Mount North Capital 1 LLC, $36,000

1303 Nestor Ave, Egbert Daveene L to Cunningham Tracy A, $45,000

145 S Balch St, King James IV LLC to Hargett Travis Scott, $140,000

576 Parkview Ave, Schlueter Michael H to Fernandez Norma Idalia, $70,000

968 Bellevue Ave, Okdemo 1 LLC to Kenbrook Holdings LLC, $273,000

553 Grace Ave, MP Enterprises LLC to Moorer Marc, $15,000

275 N Portage Path, Lindsey Prudence P to Felder Joel, $128,200

2377 Scotland Dr, Wagner John H Jr to Buonamici April G, $146,000

2181 Cooledge Ave, Beaver Nathan L to Fulmer Zachary, $215,000

118 Jewett St, Rankin Lisa F to Campbell Treneice, $35,500

940 Amelia Ave, Wynn Shane A to Spencer Amy K, $131,000

823 Huber St, Caffey Cierra Shawnta to West Latonya, $9,900

613 Cole Ave, Lapidakis Malena M to Frazier Matt Cory, $93,900

456 Noah Ave, D & Lamar Sells Rental Properties LLC to SFR3 050 LLC, $43,000

671 Dorothy Ave, Integrity Residential Solutions LLC to Portage Banc LLC, $30,000

369 Windsor St, Okdemo 1 LLC to Kenbrook Holdings LLC, $273,000

130 Hiawatha Pl, Boggs Unabelle R to Quinn Dennis, $60,000

2471 & 2473 Gilbert St, Hinkle Terry A to Bower Alana L, $57,600

1641 Oakwood Ave, Cook Jessica A to Knops Andrew, $121,000

2331 E Market Unit 112-A St, Robinson Linda L to Zubair Stephanie, $25,000

1720 Wiltshire Rd, Batal Richard W to Weigand Christopher P, $147,000

1017 Roslyn Ave, Williams Arnita M Lewis to Williams Arnita M Lewis, $25,000

parcel 6761571 N Portage Path, Buchholzer Frances Seiberling Trustee to Beck Michael R Jr Trustee, $425,000

192 E Ido Ave, Klinger Ralph W to Jensen Thorvald Edmund Jr, $68,500

490 Gage St, Angheld Richard A to Spicer Cross Apartments LLC, $10,000

1788 Fairlawn Knolls Dr, Oelschlager Jo Ann Trustee to Zweig Andrew, $415,000

748 Chester Ave, Blaser Properties LLC to Newell Ashley N, $80,000

1495 Malasia Rd, Lavender Judith A to Nelkin Neil, $62,000

1351 Marcy St, JJC Investment Properties LLC to W Properties LLC, $25,000

795 Saxon Ave, Schlabach Delbert to Miravalle Christiana J, $69,900

1595 Preston Ave, Mahaffey John to Hall Renee J, $115,000

145 Myers Ave, Buckeye Real Estate Solutions LLC to Allen B Properties LLC, $36,500

1206 Tampa Ave, Withee Donna Lee Trustee to Tyler Anthony, $87,500

1307 Tampa Ave, Grissom Jay to Rocket Mortgage LLC, $44,000

1164 Ackley St, Williams Alice M to Jones Charles T, $10

2905 Mogadore Rd, Adair Holdings LLC to A&K Summit Holdings LLC, $86,000

989 Morse St, Prouty John Anthony to Lester Johnathan, $198,500


192 3rd St SE, Workman Kathleen Susan to Moser Michelle Lynn, $90,000

330 E Tuscarawas Ave, Freshly Lynn L to Fullerton Nikki, $98,950

119 Morgan St, Village View Apartments LLC to Ed Gur Real Estate LLC, $60,000

1984 W Turkeyfoot Lake, Kail Carmen to Slusser Sharon K, $235,000

116 Elmwood Ave, Habegger Jeffrey D to Dunn Jeffrey A, $109,000

50 Waltz Dr, Schoenbaechler Limited II to Crum Andrew J, $152,000

125 19th St NW, Trippe Neena M to Ranostay Properties LLC, $38,000

248 & 250 7th St NW, Magic City Holdings LLC to Galion Capital LLC, $56,666

76 Yonker St, Leonti Justin A Trustee to Matta Katlyn, $160,000

225 30th St NW, Wooley Andrew to Kovach Jennifer Lynn, $132,500

327 Washington Ave, Harris Eric Leroy to Green Noah, $110,500

5198 Miller St, Stonkus Michael P to Keogh Sean J, $253,900

5250 Witner St, NVR Inc to Johnson Andre, $287,110

307 6th St NW, England Michael L to Huntington George, $70,000

203 9th St NE, Faith Baptist Church to Farris Kellie, $30,000

Bath Township

933 Top of the Hill Rd, Heddens James F to Jones Michael D, $1,225,000

645 Pebble Beach Dr, Quick Sharon E to Siddiq Shafqat, $347,000

2877 W Bath Rd, Stephens Paul S to Stephens Paul Andrew, $370,000

532 N Revere Rd, First National Acceptance Company to Richardson Chris, $150,000

Copley Township

139 S Hametown Rd, Dutt Marianne R Trustee to Kroslak Jacob, $125,000

278 Adena Trce, Palazzo Cynthia L to Buddo Melanie, $280,000

1532 Centerview Dr, Friend Richard D to Searles Timothy, $220,000

1217 Jacoby Rd, Dowdall Michael J to Heller Richard K, $209,000

Coventry Township

789 Swartz Rd, Wilson James R to Wade Jarrod R, $210,000

3075 Greer Rd, 310 Homes LLC to Speelman Steven, $232,000

3547 Peninsula Dr, Johnson David A to Ciccolini Michael E, $675,000

3643 Ponciana Ave, Lenarz Dana A to Spiegel Gabriel, $176,000

80 Leicester Dr, Hohl Mark D Jr to Egan M Edward, $175,000

3290 Cottage Grove Rd, Belknap Michael to Shaffer Matthew, $12,000

3955 & 3957 Cox Rd, Maple Harold to Kollar Melissa, $277,000

Cuyahoga Falls

2751 Valley Rd, Glass Lindsay T to Samaniego Leah K, $169,500

133 Jennings Ave, Machamer Christopher to Delta Real Estate LLC, $165,000

2355 Grant Ave, Livingston Alan to White Austin, $212,000

2047 9th St, Burgner Cheryl Trustee to Gandee Ronald P, $95,000

2173 Providence Blvd, Goodridge Michael W to Predico Henry N, $270,000

2663 Overbrook Rd, Moore Paul B to Lucas Nathan Thomas, $179,900

419 Alameda Ave, Gajurel Dilli R to Lapolla Tina L, $206,000

1616 14th St, Matola Birgit to Lee Susan Roberts, $127,500

318 Hayes Ave, Fournier Michael J to Cassidy Keith, $190,000

3376 Pendleton St, Hartman Brian Jeffrey to Zapata Mercedes Ann, $188,000

1444 Buckingham Gate Blvd, Karvounides Angela to Bentley Megan, $112,000

1786 Windsor St, Pulizzi Luke J to Wilson Samuel Philip, $129,400

754 Arcadia Ave, SFR3 020 LLC to K S Yoak Enterprises LLC, $76,510

416 Magnolia Ave, Brunswick Kevin to HTJ Building & Remodeling LLC, $97,800

2864 9th St, Dever Jennifer M to Ryan Elizabeth A, $50,000

1840 Sackett Ave, Lambert Scott N to Douvikas Mariah, $161,000

115 Orrville Ave, Trent Anna M to Nykaza Mark A, $132,117

2217 9th St, Facemire Gregory G Sr Trustee to Frowerk John J, $103,000

853 Eaton Ave, Bhattarai Bhakta K to Subba Roshma, $238,000

2851 8th St, Leipold Kenneth B to Mcgraw Dustin, $189,900

1836 Tacoma St, Reid Barbara U to Crawford Hilary, $180,000

1531 Sackett Ave, Sapper Evan L to Shih Wendy W, $144,500

715 Steels Corners Rd, Greenleaf Drew A to Brown Ero, $260,000

4043 North Steels Cir, NVR Inc to Lampert Leonard Albert III, $326,835

4045 North Steels Cir, NVR Inc to Rawson Tori Hunter, $312,165

404 E Heritage Dr, Smith Lisa H to Hepburn Leslie S, $142,917

404 E Heritage Dr, Hepburn Leslie S to Hepburn Leslie S, $28,583

20 Pine Ave, NVR Inc to NVR Inc, $369,990

1643 S Eckert Ln, NVR Inc to Sahai Nita, $336,443

146 Christy Dr, Gilbert Mindy S to Smith Jennifer, $205,000


331 Fieldcrest Dr, Brown Robert L Jr to Arman Ryan, $485,000

2834 Riviera Dr, Petros Homes Riviera LLC to Denovchek Earon M, $381,750


3812 N Glenridge Rd, Nahacky Cathy A Zimmerman Trustee to Apone Regina M, $180,000

1372 Maple Grove Ln, K Hovnanian Forest Lakes LLC to Kail Karyn, $267,310

3722 Troon Dr, Gray Logan A to Fetterman Kelsey Ann, $415,000

62 Starboard Cir, Dawson James G Jr to Moore Eric, $262,500

938 Skyside Dr, Marshall Kenneth R Trustee to Pond Michael, $227,500

3006 Myersville Rd, Aldilan LLC to Wilson Drew C, $103,000

3209 Deborah Ct, Mcferren Garrick P to Jaklitsch Jeff, $243,100

2814 Stratford Cir, Hanigofsky Lawrence E to Mullins Lucinda, $260,000


6056 Nicholson Dr, Paine Mark Elijah to Moorhead Joseph, $880,000

107 Boston Mills Rd, Bonnette Jonathan Christopher to Moore Mitchell E, $375,000

7490 Whitemarsh Way, Riley David R Trustee to Rossi Marvin, $790,000

2363 W Hale Dr, Facemire Gregory G Sr Trustee to Henline Gloria J, $188,880

7340 Valerie Lane, Morris Jeffrey A to Jankowski Pamela K, $310,000

7348 Huntington Rd, Stepanek James P to Lane Bradley, $655,000


3208 Sunny Brook Dr, TWL Hidden Lake LLC to NVR Inc, $60,000

3196 Sunny Brook Dr, TWL Hidden Lake LLC to NVR Inc, $60,000

1357 Cayuga Ave, Jackson Lucas E to Wolf Nicholas A, $135,000

3168 Sunny Brook Dr, NVR Inc to Rai Arun, $304,555


8782 Robinwood Terr, Teutsch Leah to Schmidt Debra Jean, $238,000

8819 Smokerise Dr, Grooms Caleb B to Zhang Ke, $320,000

7851 Stoneridge Rd, Gibson Jordan D to Exultation LLC, $142,000

896 E Aurora Rd, Janock Kenneth J to Macedonia Plaza LLC, $150,000

698 Ledge Rd, Blackburn Torrey A to Sapanaro Jennifer Lynn, $235,000

1067 Broadmoor Rd, Suponcic Joseph Jr to Buitrago Juan Tenorio, $179,900

8432 Bobolink Dr, Palmer Leonard D Sr to Clutter Debra L, $230,000

7640 Creekside Pkwy, Dhillon Robinjit K to Adebayo Segun Blodun, $305,000

8607 Tahoe Dr, Estep Edward D to Sustersic Timothy E, $460,000


126 Marion Ave, Miller Paula Louise to Kingelheber Kyle, $130,000

3727 Dick St, Reed Jeffrey J to Harris Eric L, $165,000

3738 Louise St, New Day Realty LLC to Gamatero Jamie Lawrence, $138,000

Munroe Falls

167 Forest Brook Blvd, Jones Eric J Trustee to Pickard Evan, $225,000

New Franklin

4270 Woodedge Blvd, Baird Doyle B Co Trustee to Filing Amy N, $190,000

901 Blossom Dr, Leboeuf Randall to TJ Circle One LLC, $294,250

905 Blossom Dr, Leboeuf Randall to TJ Land Management One LLC, $240,750

5813 Lyric Dr, Stefan Allyssa A to Vadino Shiphirah R, $125,000

4998 Will Dr, Wells Steven S to Vinson Keith Michael, $280,000

5571 Fairland Rd, Currington Tara R to Hammett Jeffrey, $220,001

2060 W Comet Rd, Shepler Michele A Trustee to Kovatch Philip J, $300,000

Northfield Center Township

166 Fairhaven Dr, Vojtush John S Jr to Botta Blaise V, $93,000


8975 Cambridge Dr, Swan Kelli S to Baker Street Homes LLC, $195,000

80 Kennedy Blvd, Muse Justin D to Lyons Kristopher A, $199,000

94 Kennedy Blvd, Newrones Eric to Owens Randy B Jr, $125,000

180 Rosewood Ave, Landis Properties LLC to Yaratch James R, $200,000


2324 Shelva Ln, Rowh Raymel H Jr to Snodgrass Kim, $100,000

2928 S Hametown Rd, Geraldi Paul to Moses Cody, $166,000

3933 Higgins Dr, Addison Norton LLC to NVR Inc, $54,168

412 Hazelwood Ext Ave, Gayler Paul J II to Richardson Lauren M, $130,000

3925 Higgins Dr, Addison Norton LLC to NVR Inc, $54,168

parcel 4600135 Taylor Rd, Porter David Robert to KS Yoak Enterprises LLC, $21,313

3765 Alberta Dr, Rennick Terrance M to Tudini Jesse M, $105,000

2690 Laubach Dr, NVR Inc to Garrett Bradley, $319,695


2150 Stine Rd, Matusz Elizabethann to Helin Philip, $319,800

1955 Stine Rd, Evans Cole Julie A to Rye Ricky II, $225,000


10124 Outrigger CV, Figueroa Maribel to Brown Ryan, $150,000

10451 Penton Ct, Smith George L to Holik David, $335,000

10252 Clipper Cove, Bohlen Catherine to Bohlen Catherine, $41,300

Richfield Township

3289 Gullane Dr, Pavluk Walter S Sr Trustee to Kibe Kinyua Prisca W, $1,250,000


3843 & 3847 Richlawn Rd, Linhart Property Management LLC to Fillous Brittany Marie, $195,000

Sagamore HIlls Township

577 Orchard Grove Ave, Kunszt Ivan Trustee to Pastir Andrew, $163,000

10740 Valley View Rd, Caramela Miller Sandra A to Cingel Tim, $65,000

804 Geddes Bluff, Adler Carl to Cisan Kevin D Trustee, $266,550

734 Village Club Rd, Lohmeyer Dorothy W Trustee to Nickschinski Linda Rae, $210,000

6270 Greenwood Pkwy, Blemaster Emily to Christenson Amy Marie, $89,000

Silver Lake

1532 Graham Rd, Cordi Terri to Moore Paul B, $319,900

3060 Kingston Cir, Price Bryan M to Mcintyre Roger K II, $290,000

3092 Mayfield Rd, Bodjanac Caleb to Talalas Roberts Tami L, $335,000

2877 Landon Dr, Ellsworth Phyllis Klewe to Greensburg LLC, $127,500

Springfield Township

3040 Greenleaf Rd, Guthrie Kenneth D to Francisco Mary R, $240,000

936 Hayne Rd, Burnette Charles to Hughes Chase C, $160,000

966 & 972 Abington Rd, Auvil Cory J to Reinvestor Group 1 LLC, $122,400

625 N Oakwood Dr, Ebury Re LLC to Bell Anthony, $55,000

685 Junior Ave, Schwaben John C to Pitingoro Michael, $151,000

1717 Moonlight Dr, Brewer Elizabeth Ann to Leverton Robin Lynn, $70,000

1850 Ronald Rd, Skiles Robert Thomas to Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, $30,000

1730 Ambre Dr, MCMLXX LLC to Ilg Jeffrey S, $203,900

2161 Canton Rd, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Forshey Sandra A, $113,925

1116 Bruce Rd, Palmer Barbara Ann to Krona Enterprises LLC, $13,750


2815 Saybrooke Blvd, Charles Thomas F to Garner Beau, $290,000

parcel 5619652 Darrow Rd, NVR Inc to Smith Jennifer, $348,610

parcel 5600204 Harding Ave, Frame David G and Margaret Ann to Frye Pamela, $5,600

parcel 5600055 Taft Ave, Frame Glenn David and Margaret Ann to Frye Family Holding LLC, $8,400

5126 Atterbury Ln, Printers Devil Inc to Pederson Marie T, $180,000

2923 Williamsburg Cir, White Jonathan C to Kaczmarczyk Matthew L, $310,000

1925 Hibbard Dr, Harrison Rusty to Harrison Dannielle, $230,000

2189 Bryn Mawr Dr, Wolohan Shannon G to Graehling Heather, $200,000

3815 Lake Run Blvd, Sutton Kenneth Kevin to Harrison Rusty Lewis, $142,000

4275 Osage St, Pratt Thomas J to Saran Homes LLC, $136,200

2104 Conwill Rd, Curenton Constance to Curenton Constance, $53,250

3972 Falconswalk Ct, Deng Guodong to Mazur Linda M, $231,000


475 Sperry Dr, Bowen Floyd H Jr to to Thao, $171,000

1176 Broadview Rd, Mcclellan Ann Pauline to Wiesen Matthew T, $245,000

330 Earlington Cir, Mccullough Michelle L to Mcclellan Ann, $230,000

95 Northwood Ln, Biswa Dil B to Baraily Karna, $264,620

76 N Washburn Rd, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Habony Tyler J, $385,670

780 Danner Rd, Bell Anthony to Jackson Lucas, $250,000

638 Ivywood Dr, Ursetti Anthony E to Zolna Jacob W, $318,000

56 Maca Dr, Corzine Douglas E to Corzine Bryan D, $325,000


9440 Lawnfield Dr, Webb E Cheryl to Aux Funding LLC, $186,500

9485 Lawnfield Dr, Ford Dianne B to Loretz Feleisha, $125,000

2854 Alling Dr, Romito Andrew C to Ruck Joshua D, $415,000

Twinsburg Township

3124 Blue Jaye Ln, Mizenko Deborah L to Samant Nitin, $542,000

3168 Saint Mikala Ct, Lawson Kathryn M to Nicely Emily, $525,000

2036 Twinsburg Rd, Middlebrook Robert to Spencer Marcell, $300,000


Atwater Township

1319 Fairview, Sander Elizabeth to Ciolino James J & Melissa A (J&S), $165,000

2241 Alliance Rd, Cart Matthew J & Holly (J&S) to Shawley Stephen & Emily Ruth Hartley Shawley (J&S), $224,900


833 River Run Rd, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Sheth Bhavesh & Bindi (J&S), $460,775

405 Dunwoody Dr, Cass Jeffrey & Laura (J&S) to Durham Brian William & Alison Bates Durham (J&S), $895,000

699 Claridge Ln, Banc Timothy R to Brower Mark K & Kirby S (J&S), $345,000

1124 Bryce, Durkee Mitchell G to Hutchinson Brice D & Alyssa J (J&S), $190,000

955 Whisperwood Ln, Ricard Robert Patrick & Jessica Marie (J&S) to Ladner Shane & Carla (J&S), $534,500

405 W Homestead Dr, Tanski Mark A to Girman Mark A & Susan W (Co Trustees), $585,000

827 River Run Rd, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Kodavati Veerendra & Swethakalyani Garapati (J&S), $506,060

221 Greenbriar, Roettger Nicole to Gray Christopher & Jacey (J&S), $365,000

Brimfield Township

2235 Orchard Cr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Raj Jeevan Raj Ottilingam Lakshman, $323,355

3503 Gary, Krimmer Brian R & Elizabeth R (J&S) to Gambone Jeffrey & Kathy (J&S), $145,000

2270 Orchard Cr, Cranberry Farm LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $61,800

4223 Whitestone Rd, Pierce Floyd Gary II & Emily W (J&S) to Schultz Michael T Jr, $289,000

4578 Creekside Dr, Krummel Chase T & Ashley A (J&S) to Pytel Gail A, $255,250

1314 Aarons Wy, Kasim Rafa to Abuarqob Rasha Ahmad Daoud, $80,000

771 Covington Ov, Carr Clara H to Meagher Patrick M & Deborah G (J&S), $220,000

1397 Countryside Dr, Hershberger Kevin R & Tamie L (J&S) to Hood Jeffrey L & Pamela F (J&S), $425,000

Charlestown Township

7297 St Rt 5, Yano Ty Michael to Edgell Michael Brian & Tina Marie (J&S), $54,000

Franklin Township

32 Wanda Ct, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Lanni Christopher L, $423,630

1889 Pine, Markowitz Daniel V to Renfro Henry W & Laura M (J&S), $320,000

1841 Ashton Ln, C150 1841 Ashton Lane LLC to Kent Ohio Housing LLC, $35,860,000

4677 Louis Ln, Newcomer Partners LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $79,750

45 Germaine Cr, Newcomer Partners LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $79,750

4673 Louis Ln, Newcomer Partners LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $79,750

39 Wanda Ct, Newcomer Partners LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $79,750

4661 Louis Ln, Newcomer Partners LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $79,750

4689 Louis Ln, Newcomer Partners LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $79,750

Freedom Township

Lot 29 Smalley Rd, Donatelli Anthony R to Bittecuffer Chester Arthur III & Melanie N (J&S), $52,000


10571 White St, Kline Stefanie to Watson Kathleen, $151,895


1239 Mantua, 409 Wgrant LLC to Kulis William M E, $94,000

431 Wilson, Zais Edith M to Mcdonnell Matthew, $172,000

550 Rellim, Perkowski Mikel A to Font Steven V & Anna N Foran (J&S), $228,000

1315 Carol, Xaybandith Phouvong & Souvanthong J & S ) to Solomon Bryant, $156,000

Palmyra Township

9198 Tallmadge, Bartholomew Rebecca A @ (3) to Mitchell Troy E & Jill R Clark, $220,000

Randolph Township

2594 Swartz Rd, Briggs Jordan P & Mary B (J&S) to Miller Brent & Lindsay M (J&S), $250,000

Lot 64 E Waterloo Rd, Happel Jonathan & Samantha S Tuttle (J&S) to Cart Matthew J & Holly (J&S), $499,000

4541 Waterloo Rd, Happel Jonathan & Samantha S Tuttle (J&S) to Cart Matthew J & Holly (J&S), $499,000

Lot 64 E Waterloo Rd, Happel Jonathan & Samantha S Tuttle (J&S) to Cart Matthew J & Holly (J&S), $499,000


846 Mechanic, Dillon Douglas W & Diana R (J&S) to Roberts Travis Jacob, $89,475

825 W Highland, Greater Northeast Ohio Investments LLC to Brocato Chad E Sr & Melanie, $97,000

Ravenna Township

3906 Dawley Rd, Thomas Carol & Carol A to Hazelbank Inc, $230,000

6453 Spring, Rohl Gregory A & Brittany N (J&S) to Jre Homes LLC, $57,000

3397 Lovers Ln, Jones Brian to Flauto Raymond Jr & Regina Lias (J&S), $345,000

3464 St Rt 59, Ravenna Auto Body Inc to Lagniappe Builders LLC, $200,000

3456 St Rt 59, Ravenna Auto Body Inc to Lagniappe Builders LLC, $200,000

Rootstown Township

2671 Wintergreen Ln, Goldinger Robin L to Pearson Douglas & Lisa (J&S), $265,000

Shalersville Township

3051 Lake Rockwell, Scarlett Darlene to Sherrod Aaron, $87,500

8566 Weaver Rd, Ringer Walter E to Moncheck Aaron, $163,000


Lot 64 S E Ferguson, Oyster John A (Trustee) to Time for Lunch LLC, $375,000

905 Bristol Ln, Schmid Vivian J to Coutler Megan, $167,000

2171 Timber Ridge Tl, Gribik Ronald J & Nicole D (J&S) to Jackson Kelley, $357,000

9050 St Rt 14, Rental Guys LLC the to Cabby Brothers Tent & Event Rental Inc, $226,505

1615 Leslie Dr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Carter Carmen S, $348,650

1643 Duncan Way, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Zhang Ruizhong & Manbo Zhu (J&S), $410,000

1628 Duncan Way, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Magar Sanjeeta & Moti M (J&S), $366,160

Suffield Township

1185 Sweetbriar, Milligan Douglas to Church William A, $205,000

252 Ridge, Dunlavey Brian to Hooper Jonathan, $339,000

310 Waterloo, Corzine Bryan Douglas & Brianne Leigh (J&S) to Gipson Jessie Jr, $260,000


9865 Belden, Kalinoff Gary J to Hershberger Jordon M, $136,000



Beaber Daniel R from Caywood Karen M, 1448 Wade Ave, $75,500.

Dennis Chris & Meyers Nick from Albert Suzanne K, 2467 S Linden Ave, $66,000.

Directed Trust Company FBO from Daves Amber, 1815 S Freedom Ave, $64,000.

Directed Trust Company FBO from Daves Amber, parcel 107336 Freedom Ave S, $64,000.

East Ohio Properties LLC from Northview Properties LLC, parcel 113885 Northview Ave, $50,000.

Frauenberger Bethany Nicole from Johnson Mark A & Rainieri Christopher, parcel 7700840 Johnson Ave NE, $76,000.

Gray Dylan S from Gum Geral Preston Jr & Woods Amanda, 1015 Fairfield Rd, $87,500.

Haq Properties LLC from Equity Trust Company, 974 Madison Ave, $54,000.

Iml Containers Ohio Inc from Alliance Commerce Park LLC, parcel 10014597 Freshley Ave NE, $836,880.

JCJC Property Management LLC from South Linden LLC, 144 S Linden Ave, $100,000.

Mayle Daniel J from Proctor Marvin H & Sandra J, 960 Jefferson Ave, $55,000.

Morris Elgin from Rowe Jessica Lynn, 750 Auld St, $42,900.

Summers Raymond & Yoho-Summers Kay Ann from Hershberger Melvin J Trustee, 805 Devine St, $54,000.

Swantek Yancie Lee & West Sherry from Adventure Property Investments, 544 W Harrison St, $46,000.

Bethlehem Township

Campbell Bradley & Andrea from Adams Jason & Jessica, parcel 1100755 Swahali Trl SW, $13,000.

Finley Tyler M from Gingerich Dannie, 5813 Brinker St SW, $170,000.

Mccartney Wilbur & Carmel from Dickey Robert K & Sharon F, parcel 1100198 Safari Trl, $23,000.

Miller Marty J & Byler Andrew from Agnes James G, 116 Basin St NW, $51,700.

Miller Marty J & Byler Andrew from Renner Timothy Etal, parcel 1200519 Canal St E, $51,700.

Miller Marty J & Byler Andrew from Renner Timothy, 8450 Hudson Dr SW, $51,700.

Miller Marty J & Byler Andrew from Renner Timothy, parcel 1200297 Canal St E, $51,700.

Zook Noah D & Susan T from Hershberger Dannie E & Lovina D, parcel 10015048 Dolphin St SW, $92,690.

Canal Fulton

Flory Chad R & Robert W & Darla J & from Bosley Jerry A, 189 Skyview St NW, $160,600.

Kittinger Charissa M from Decker Rebecca A, 773 Sandlewood Dr, $167,500.

Murphy John H & Susan from Schauer Roberta L & William T Ttees, 921 Cabot Dr, $315,000.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Schalmo Properties Inc, parcel 10013926 Bonita Cir SE, $29,500.

Shaw Barrie & Anita & Cheche Michael from Stalnaker Richard G & Sharon A, 958 Cabot Dr, $220,000.

Short Bruce Richard & Sharon Warkentin from Schalmo Properties Inc, 924 Cabot Dr, $285,900.

Wilder Mary B from Bowman Cheryl L, 426 Riverview St, $185,000.


Adcp LP from Golden Dana R, 1134 Bellflower Ave SW, $65,000.

Adolph Andrew M & Hartong Chandler from Harris Cortni L, 4204 Norman Ave NW, $195,000.

Ajanel Tomas Lopez & Hernandez Sanfa from Revision Homebuyers LLC, 2318 6th St NW, $48,000.

Alexander Pierce Construction LLC from CT&B Property Holdings LLC, 221 Market Ave N, $320,000.

Avon Angela M from Gay Scott E Jr, 2232 Geltz CT NW, $42,000.

Baxter Tracy L from Secretary of Housing and Urban, 1201 18th St NW, $52,300.

Bills Joseph M from Filliez Steve, 1229 High Ave SW, $20,000.

Changet Nick T from Shorie John P Jr, 1212 Buena Vista St NE, $190,000.

Clark-Johnson Robin from Shorie John P Jr, parcel 230665 3rd St SE, $3,000.

Clifford Floyd George from Pinis Thomas P, 908 Rose CT NW, $16,000.

Corl Harry IV from Frangias Nick, 431 Montabella PL NW, $320,000.

Daugherty Crystal from Tungsten Investment Property’s LLC, 205 Park Ave NW, $3,500.

Ddialogue & Discourse Media from Dynamic Point Properties LLC, 3839 Fairmount BLVD NE, $30,000.

Ddialogue & Discourse Media from Dynamic Point Properties LLC, parcel 202212 Gilbert Ave NE, $30,000.

Gordon Eugene W Jr & Tabitha A from Gross Beverly, 365 49th St NW, $289,000.

Groom Gary & Jessica from Filliez Steve, 1648 Ohio Ave NE, $24,000.

Harig Rebecca F from Hight Dylan L, 1223 22nd St NE, $106,400.

Haynes Andrew from Pittson Properties LLC, 2800 6th St SW, $30,000.

Hernandez Ana M & Feliciano from Jlba Holdings LLC, 1145 7th St NW, $72,500.

Hernandez Ana M & Feliciano from Jlba Holdings LLC, 709 Gilmore Ave NW, $72,500.

Huntington National Bank from Jewell Moshalai v, 3517 12th St SW, $60,000.

Iraheta LLC from Molla Michael A Estate, 2215 Morris Ave NE, $67,100.

Itts Robert & Hosner’s Properties LLC from Itts Robert & Oyer Jay Howard Ttee, 305 Schroyer Ave SW, $210,000.

Jochem Barbara & Smith Ashley from Dechiara David A, 1115 2nd St NW, $33,454.

King Melanie from Bowman James, 713 Marion Ave SW, $16,600.

Macclennan Peter R & Elizabeth M Ttees from Dahmer Gilbert L Jr, 2820 13th St NW, $50,000.

Mccauley Denzil & Debra from US Bank Trust National Association, 3317 Fairmount BLVD NE, $105,000.

Miller Toreka from Bischoff Theodore Esr & Marvelene, 3143 12th St NW, $102,000.

Nason Megan from Swogger Michael, 1210 Rowland Ave NE, $60,000.

Overdorff Nina Katherine & Jacob from Waltz Robert T & Kelli K, 318 22nd St NW, $328,500.

Scheibe Cody Tyler & Coen Amanda Maryann from Mcnenny Minh, 1225 41st St NW, $174,999.

SFR3-050 LLC from Ez Living Properties IV LLC, 918 Troy PL NW, $95,923.

SFR3-050 LLC from Ez Living Propeties IV Inc, 809 Harriet Ave NW, $95,923.

SFR3-060 LLC from Esek Ventures LLC, 1215 Auburn PL NW, $43,000.

Travis Asharae from Gordon Satyn L, 715 Harriet Ave NW, $1,000.

Canton Township

Davis James L from Casto Alan D Trustee, 500 Trump Ave NE, $133,500.

Embrace Homes Loans Inc from Vance Mark T & Christine R, 2719 Shepler Church Ave SW, $100,000.

Hren Victor & Corrin Sheryl L from Corrin Roberta J Trust & Corrin Sheryl L, 1482 Coty Dr SW, $96,000.

Hren Victor from Hren Victor & Corrin Sheryl L, 1482 Coty Dr SW, $96,000.

Kendall Matthew D from Vaitsis Bill, 2354 Holt St SE, $15,000.

Kendall Matthew D from Vaitsis Bill, 2359 Holt St SE, $15,000.

Kinback Samantha Rae from Kinback Christopher F & Tiffany Dawn, 3224 3rd St SE, $60,000.

MFH Enterprises LLC from Sloan Ronald D Trustee / Ronald D Sloan Revocable Living Trust, 3611 Cleveland Ave SW, $500,000.

MFH Enterprises LLC from Sloan Ronald D Trustee / Ronald D Sloan Revocable Living Trust, parcel 1306548 Carnwise St SW, $500,000.

Nail William Lee from Noble Gayle E, 1315 Broad Ave NW, $137,000.

Rohrig Kimberly M from Hood James A & Rohrig Kimberly M, 2553 17th St SE, $30,000.

Strebel Scott A & Jennifer G from Domer Thomas E, 1730 Baum St SE, $160,000.

Thompson Charles P & Susan T Ttees from Strebel Scott A & Jennifer G, 1533 Baycrest Dr NW, $224,900.

Jackson Township

Bradford Frederick J & Eloise K from Klotz Leona Kathleen Aka Leona K, 5080 Limerick Ave NW, $191,000.

Dickerson James M & Bliss from Stinson Marcia E, 2886 Wickford Ave NW, $390,000.

Immel Zachary J from R Mccarty Rentals LLC, 5979 Lawnview St NW, $187,500.

Lahmers Melvin E & Molly J from Houser Patricia A Etal, 804 Concord St NW, $200,000.

Lantz Chad M & Christyn J from Wilder Mary B, 6825 Chippewa Ave NW, $270,400.

Mccracken Larry & Angela from Calevski David & Laura, 5790 Courtland Ave NW, $229,500.

MS Rabbit LLC from Easterday’s Floral & Gift Shop Inc, 5720 Hills and Dales Rd NW, $360,000.

Reese Ethan & Emily from Rogers Jess A & Lanessa L, 8960 Gladys St NW, $272,000.

Rosario Victor M & Fernandez Zenobia from Ferrante Christian Bernard, 2801 Brighton Cir NW, $300,000.

Stover Anthony from Crum Richard & Dawn, 4541 Erie Ave N, $76,900.

Waltz Kellie & Robert Timothy from Westfall Braden S &Rachel L, 8345 Athens Ave NW, $365,000.

Zyla Richard D Ttee from Deville Hills & Dales LLC, 3561 Red Tail Cir NW 7a, $349,775.

Lake Township

BG Custom Homes Inc from Buckeye Land Acquisition LLC, 12510 Class Ave NW, $52,900.

Big Top Properties LLC from Walther Jan D & Sharon, 3804 Timberview St NW, $410,000.

Drake Benjamin & Beougher Denise from Lee Michelle A, 13675 Cleveland Ave #43, $20,000.

King Timothy R & Stacy L from Frost Jack E, 1945 Lake Center St NW, $150,000.

MPC Investments LLC from Shearer Cameron D & Graber Rachel K, 310 Belle Ave SW, $205,000.

Reese Kristina Ann & Ryan Phillip from Weiner Peter, 2813 Carrington St NW, $439,900.

Zeke Properties LLC from Essig Donna J, 9362 Kent Ave NE, $70,000.

Lawrence Township

Herren Jessica L & Luke J from Lorentz Daniel W & Lisa K, 8330 Leaver Ave NW, $193,000.

Martin Jeremy A & Maria S & from Stuffelbeam Mary E & Mark W, 11336 Forty Corners Rd NW, $175,000.

Martin Jeremy A & Maria S from Martin Jeremy A & Maria S &, 11336 Forty Corners Rd NW, $175,000.

Lexington Township

Forster Wayne P & Sandra L from Passerin Forrest T TTEE/FAP Family Trust, 14459 Sturbridge St NE, $159,500.

Fulton Alexander S from Passerin Forrest T TTEE/FAP Family Trust, 14441 Sturbridge Rd NE, $149,900.


2321 Energy Drive Louisville LLC from Groffre Investments, 3588 Beck Ave SW, $2,200,000.

Clark Marilyn J & John C from Saba Mary C, 722 Frana Clara St, $229,000.

Gibbs Matthew W & Tara L from Ihb Atlantic Ventures LLC, 602 Edwards St, $158,000.

Mccauley Kimberly from Shank Donald A & Linda M, 1401 South St, $152,500.

Rademacher Austin M & Angela J from Hornick Steven A & Kimberly K, 814 Crosswyck Cir, $286,000.

Marlboro Township

Mcmillen Richard & Vanryswyk Chelsea L from May Monna, 8879 St Peters Church Rd, $141,900.

Miller Justin & Morgan from Hart Rich & Cathy, parcel 10013054 Immel Ave NE, $66,000.

Rhome Brian E & Rhome Laura A from Bauman John A & Nancy K Ttees, 8855 State St NE, $440,563.


Beans Robert P & Brenda from Cozzo Kathy, 1365 Benson St SW, $305,000.

Berbari Lauren K & Emily K from Willoughby Christopher A & Candi R, 941 Lincoln Way W, $87,000.

C A from Monsell Frederick G, 1015 Oakwood Ave NE, $124,500.

Coffman Thomas A & Lora D from White Jack L, 1511 Walnut Rd SW, $50,000.

Dickey James from Lautzenheiser Barbara R Trustee of the B, 1913 Lincoln Way W, $109,000.

Dodds Sebastian & Caila from Clark Lora P, 1407 Springhaven Cir NE, $260,000.

Driver Tyler from Carpenter Ronald L & Jodie L, 735 3rd St NE, $86,000.

Elm View Acres LLC from Rohr Valley Properties LLC, parcel 10005433 St Luke St NW, $1,375,160.

Fry Robert from Huntington National Bank, 411 Korman Ave NE, $71,000.

Griffin Tiffany C & Childs Hunter J from Fishburn Rachael A, 229 22nd St SE, $130,000.

Harding Jessica S & Mamidi Sekhar from Dowd Joyce B, 1341 Pebble Chase Cir NE, $247,500.

Henderson Arthur from Williams Julie, 323 9th St SW, $72,100.

Irwin Jason R from Whaley Shirley L, 231 8th St NE, $140,000.

K Hovnanian at Country View Estates LLC from Partner Land Company LLC, parcel 10014523 23rd St SW, $110,000.

Kansas Curry LLC from Cherry Springs Condos LLC, 1031 Queen Anne Dr NW Condo 1031, $263,900.

Keefer Crystal & Kris from Mcclay Joshua C, 931 Duncan St SW, $35,000.

Maxheimer David E & Lavonna R from Henning Pamela J, 414 Monroe St NW, $94,900.

Mcclintock Brooke from Green Lisa A, 216 Lewis PL NE, $122,000.

Mifflin Alexander from PJ Mit Homes LLC, 617 Guy St NW, $79,500.

Miller Jeri & Eric Howard from Reality Renovations LLC, 1161 Bradford Rd NE, $340,000.

Mitchell Joshua J from 816 Group LLC, 512 27th St SE, $112,000.

Passwaters Zachary & Sarah from Turkal Julia A Trustee of the Carl M &, 511 Grosvenor Dr NW, $156,000.

Rhodes Samantha N from Smith Kevin C, 1316 Kracker St NW, $53,000.

Starns Jaime L from Fichter Tracy & Mccarthy Thomas D, 2424 Wendling Ave NW, $150,000.

White Mark G & Brittany from Smith Development Corporation, 2170 Championship Cir SE, $549,900.

Nimishillen Township

Best Richard L & Judy K from Shiltz Barbara J & Thomas Margaret, 7455 Gayview St, $118,000.

Best Richard L & Judy K from Shiltz Barbara J & Thomas Margaret, parcel 3304975 Gayview St NE, $118,000.

Guidone Cory T & Krysten E from Pugh Ralph D & Helen C, 7967 Columbus Rd, $175,000.

Guidone Cory T & Krysten E from Pugh Ralph D & Helen C, parcel 3304940 Columbus Rd NE, $175,000.

North Canton

Harris Adam G from Harris Adam G, parcel 9201621 Milton St NW, $11,000.

Maglothin Linda Sue & Jennifer from the Diane Lois Basso Irrevocable Trust, 402 10th St NE, $180,000.

Stewardship Properties LLC from Cutler Jay L Trustee, 955 Foster Ave SE, $272,500.

Tehan Peter T & Katherine M from Casey John P & Valerie J, 503 Mckinley Ave SE, $165,000.

Williams Samantha from Stratosphere Investments LLC, 234 Summit St SE, $178,000.

Osnaburg Township

Esposito Nancy L from Moretta Vicki, 5931 Crestlawn Dr SE, $642,000.

Labara Jon J from Garman William Charles, 221 Ranowsky CT N, $105,000.

Mohr Michael T & Renee L from Mohr Michael T, 6149 Crestlawn Dr SE, $70,000.

Your Forever Home LLC from Moretta Vicki, parcel 10015063 Crestlawn Dr SE, $133,076.

Perry Township

Albrecht Shawn J & Martha J from Davis Mitchell J, 4613 14th St NW, $105,000.

Allomong C Dean & Patricia E from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 6943 Gauntlet St SW, $234,575.

Baxter Roger from Stutler Matthew, 1308 Manor Ave SW, $82,500.

Chirumbolo Anthony from Woolbert Kenneth W Jr, 1806 Carriage Hill St NW, $135,500.

Galentine Garrett L from Malinajdovski Aleksander S, 443 Jackson Ave NW, $124,900.

Graybill Ralph L III from Gillispie Duane P, 1822 Stonehenge Ave NW, $124,300.

Harry David from Livengood Rebecca Trustee, 322 Wrexham Ave SW, $137,000.

Hartman Hanna E from Talafous Cassandra Virginia, 4821 14th St NW, $185,000.

Lane Robert Elton IV & Brittany from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 6104 Lavenham Rd SW, $301,485.

Macri Greggory J from Frasier Brothers LLC & East Caitlin, 5200 Charm St SW, $166,000.

Nelson Dawn & Laconca Vonnie from Bailey Terri L, 311 Bernower Ave SW #11, $1,000.

Property 31 LLC from BG Custom Homes, Inc, 2483 Delaware Ave SW, $33,400.

Property 31 LLC from BG Custom Homes, parcel 4319264 Perry Dr SW, $33,400.

Ratliff Cathy L from Henriques Matthew J, 319 Mohawk Ave NW, $191,000.

Rogers Matt A from Rogers Jess A & Lanessa L & Rogers Matt, 2405 Hankins Rd NW, $65,700.

Pike Township

Tippet Deon J from Whitmer Erik, 5723 Joleda Dr SW, $67,300.

Plain Township

4004 Royal Ave LLC from Walton Joy E, 4004 Royal Ave NE, $75,000.

Archer Jessica B & Aaron C from Swartz William Jeffrey & Kenneth B &, 2636 Orchard Park St NW, $254,900.

Barkley Jennifer M from Quinn Ashley A, 5215 Glenhill Ave NE, $225,000.

Chance Robert D & Anne M from Swank Ross A & Denise M, 1906 Timberlane St NE, $98,500.

Eckard Joseph & Cierra from Corrick Timothy & Trey, 2722 Maxine Ave NE, $72,000.

Generation 3 Properties LLC from Stevens Colene Ttee, 2739 Fulton Dr NW, $265,000.

Hayward Daniel H & Lada D from Robbins Eleanor & Charles, 6107 Wiclif Rd NE, $238,000.

J&J Commercial Real Estate LLC from Holder William Scott & David E & Cline, 1559 E Maple St NW, $185,000.

Lowmiller Amy C & Michael from Brahler Valerie, 6747 Kirby Ave NE, $172,000.

May Jenna from Phillips Brianna, 4107 28th St NE, $3,000.

Miller Clayton J from Homerun Properties, LLC, 2437 43rd St NW, $105,000.

Newton Charles from Filla Adam L, 1116 Spangler St NE, $145,000.

Serna Roberto Jesus & Mary Catherine from Snowden Julie Watson, 2211 47th St NE, $150,000.

Tyson Bradley R & Marjorie L from Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio, 3524 Martindale Rd NE, $150,000.

Vorderman Erin from Mast Jonathan I, 923 Milford St NE, $95,000.

Waikem Jacqueline Kreuzer & Weigand from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 1216 Southbrook Cir NE, $446,465.

Walker Richard G & Naydine B from Walters Michael D &Rebecca J, 2475 Beechmoor Dr NW, $269,900.

Warman Eric D from Lopez Ryan J & Linda, 1030 Dell Cir NW, $145,100.

Whorten Melanie & Eric from Curl Christopher J & Rodelyn, 4253 20th St NW, $200,000.

Wran LLC from Stevens Jennifer L, 3622 Werner Church Rd NE, $122,000.

Yendluri Srikanth Lakshmana from Lehman Peter A & Paige M, 2025 Longfellow St NE, $317,000.

Sandy Township

Jre Homes LLC from Miller Michael D & Susan J, 163 N Main St, $45,000.

Sugarcreek Township

Alleshouse Shawn from Alexander Victor Jr, 11710 Dartmont St SW, $115,000.

Chaplin Harry Jr Trustee from Neff Victor L, 134 Harmon Ave NE, $24,000.

Lambert Donald F II from Lambert Marsha K, 124 N Church Ave, $100,000.

Miller Marlin W from Miller Norman A, 207 2nd Ave NE, $159,500.

Tausch Kimberly A from Gaut Tasha, 10585 Navarre Rd SW, $170,000.

Tuscarawas Township

Baum Eric A & Ginger S from Zimmerman Theresa M, 2615 Parkbrook Ave NW, $118,000.

Elm View Acres LLC from Rohr Valley Properties LLC, parcel 7206929 Kenyon Ave SW, $1,375,160.

Iams Justin M & Tiffany J from Blaumeiser Alice K, parcel 7201536 Edward Ave SW, $10,000.

Matheny Nicholas R & Colleen R from Benson Samuel S, 1717 Beaumont Ave NW, $133,000.

Washington Township

Faverty Carrie from Sorge Barbara M & Rohrer Roberta L, 2406 Beechwood Ave NE, $130,000.

Kepp Susan from Scullion Gregory D & Jessica L, parcel 8500070 Queensbury Rd, $40,000.

Salaski Ronald L from Salaski Ronald L, 6271 Union Ave NE, $5,000.



1323 Harmony Dr, Mckenzie John T & Madison L to Reinhardt Brandon J & Ruth K, $368,400

170 Nottingham Way, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Payne Desiree Cheri Trustee of the Desiree Cheri Payne Revocable Living Trust, $489,900

443 Brentwood Way, Forest Glen Development of Medina LLC to Mcclellan Renee L Trustee of the Renee L Mcclellan Trust, $235,000

162 Tolbert St, Wade Jarrod R & Katya M Rohrer to Madanat Hope Catherine, $128,000

10152 Dale Dr, Tetlow Timothy A to Cornejo Juan & Kimberly, $266,700

1215 Eastern Rd, Massie Rhonda L & John P Wolohan to Brown Joye & Barbara Snyder & Christopher Snyder, $368,500

310 Broad St, Wiedeman Jean E & Becky M Pataki & James P Flood & Cathlieen Marie Williams & Kelli Ruth Richey to Backdoor Properties LLC, $120,000

parcel 040-20C-09-011 State Rd, Verghese Creena Trustee of the Creena Verghese Revocable Trust to Polen Ron, $42,000

372 Foxglove Dr, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Yaniga David S & Angela Marisol, $522,615

parcel 040-20C-13-128 State St, Verghese Creena to Polen Ron, $42,000


258 W 130th St, Yusko John & Carrie to Funke Maxwell & Elizabeth Wright, $200,000

3093 Holly Dr, Polavaram Muni S to Vincent Tylor T M & Mary C, $243,000

parcel 003-18C-08-013 Pearl Rd, Schade Joseph F Trustee to Jaws SDG Holdings LLC, $145,000

1517 Stanford Dr, Konrad Kady E Trustee to Ohio Community Realty LLC, $212,400

5362 Millcreek Blvd, Wickes Kathryn to Payne Scott E, $209,300

104 Pearl Rd, B & B Enterprise Properties LLC to Wecare Denali LLC, $1,195,000

4359 Lochs Ln, Szedny Olecia Anna to Robinson Terrance L & Shannon D, $350,000

4710 Briar Ln, Mclaughlin Susan M to Vocaire Joseph A, $258,000

4517 Vicky Dr, Hinckley Land Holdings LLC to Patel Harish R & Jaina R Chudasama, $97,000

66 Pearl Rd, B & B Enterprise Properties LLC to Wecare Denali LLC, $1,195,000

3775 Alesia Kae Dr, Janowski Stephen J & Beatrice J to Zuvic Aleksandra & Bojan, $365,000

2051 Samuel Dr, Harsh D LLC to Steppenbacker Tammy L & Andrew K, $135,000

90 Surrey Dr, Moldovan Daniel S & Mary V to Craft Andrew & Courtney, $277,500

509 Arboretum Dr, Culver Jason & Victoria Co-Trustee to Kozul Elvis & Sladjana, $490,000

3823 Royal Oak Dr, Baker Michael A & Liying W to Chelladurai Mirmal & Sriram Aruna Subramanian, $370,000

1300 Industrial Pkwy, 1300 Industrial Parkway LLC to Borcoman Mircea & Teresa F, $1,200,000

1092 Middlefield TR, Hoy Daniel M Sr & Nancy A to Barth Kelly & Craig M, $390,000

3542 Trailview Ct, Larrick Brian S & Michelle D to Kotar Anthony L & Jessica C, $349,900

3547 Trailview Ct, Kotar Anthony L & Jessica C to Wilson Andrea L, $255,000

1281 Manitoulin Pike, Matos Anthony J & Crystal J to Homa Nicholette & Jesse Andrade, $282,000

96 Normandy Dr, Norwick LLC to Schlegel Richard D III, $250,000

3533 Sleepy Hollow Rd, Ohio Rebuild LLC to Tidd Joseph, $235,000

3037 Elmer Dr, Eckhardt Margaret R to Trunov Anton & Marianna, $335,000

72 Oakleigh Dr, Decker Amy C to Alig Brian James, $283,000

480 Pearl Rd, 3JW Investment Group LLC to Neo Panama Holdings LLC DBA Opm Holdings LLC, $180,000

Chippewa Lake

460 Playland Pkwy, Rojek Dennis J to Rojek Daniel J, $125,000


1526 Skyland Dr, Miller Paul F to Abl Skyland LLC, $134,000

1190 Skyland Falls Blvd, Legacy Homes of Medina Inc to Brown Peter L & Maria Del Pilar, $994,461


8800 Norwalk Rd, West Medina Properties LLC to Gracious Living LLC, $256,000


102 May St, Galbraith David C & Donna Y Co-Trustee to Carpenter Michelle R, $130,000

parcel 015-26A-08-028 River St 122-122 1/2, Fitzgerald Amy M & Thomas A to Rakosky Keith R Jr & Deirdra Holmes, $73,000

131 Broadway St, Feltman John W to Grubiss Joseph K, $59,000

102 May St, Galbraith David C & Donna Y Co-Trustee to Carpenter Michelle R, $130,000

108 Vesper Cir, Whisper Creek Development LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $43,000


parcel 020-10D-41-011 Westfield Rd, Reusser Jeffrey H & Shari to Lobas David S & Corinne M Co-Trustees Under the Lobas Family Trust, $60,000

1049 N Jefferson St U-A, Carlton Connie L to Ott Lorri, $185,000

parcel 028-19A-20-045 Medina St, CKF Partners P L L to Recovery Center of Medina County, $370,000

5705 Elmer Way, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Delisio Scott William & Allison D, $609,910

3117 Starlight Cir, Petit Robert Kevin Trustee to Searle Terri Lynn, $330,000

5151 Park Dr, Shienkaruk Terri Trustee of the Ronald W Luckett Living Trust to Oconnor Daniel & Cynthia, $137,000

3707 Nichols Rd, Mackenzie Jack Benjamin to Fonce Meghan & Rocco Jr, $361,000

1975 Thoroughbred Dr, Druesedow Richard E & Diane J to Kepley Franklin Kyle & Madel A, $599,000

5758 Wolff Rd, Turner Richard P & Barbara K & Pamela Anne Moore Trustees to Strazar Nicholas J & Sharon E, $385,000

4151 Bagdad Rd, Kania Douglas A Trustee of the Kania Family Trust to Kania Douglas A, $335,000

528 W Liberty St, 528 Liberty LLC to Recovery Center of Medina County, $100,000

3861 Dartford Ln, O’malley Roberta L to O’malley Edward J & Denise Marie, $200,000

522 W Liberty St, Farley Faye M to Recovery Center of Medina County, $40,000

200 Granger Rd Unit 39, Gross Mary Kay & Kirsten Baker to Bucceri Chad Joseph, $140,000

parcel 028-19A-20-044 W Liberty St 536-538, CKF Partners PLL to Recovery Center of Medina County, $370,000

4592 Colinas Dr, Mokaren David M & Kristin L Masek to Welch Justin & Megan, $425,000

445 Ridge Dr, Bauer Tracy to Fannin Kaylee & Ronald, $160,000

5655 Elmer Way, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Caja Sheryl A, $537,651

parcel 026-06D-22-048 Falcon Ridge Dr, Olson Products Inc to Pretzloff Frank J & Lucia A, $60,000

786 Patriots Way, Brundige Charles E to Bankhead Hayle R & Tom M Gross, $337,500

4491 Grand Teton Dr, Burnett Sandra to Thompson Chester O D & Janice L, $231,000

2741 Sunburst Dr, Geralis Gust & Sharon to Moher Erin E, $390,000

895 Lawrence St, Divecha Behram K & Cynthia M to Divecha Behram K, $88,735


1497 Eastern Rd, Hartman Robert D to Mast Makayla L, $238,000


48 W Main St, DRD2911 LLC to Stallard Nathan J, $95,000

4448 Seville Rd, Graves Kevin Joseph & Shannen Chanel Olbrysh to Brundige Charles, $222,200


109 S Main St, Williamson Jackie to Hatch David S & Misty N, $39,790

Valley City

parcel 001-02C-11-010 Marks Rd (R), Lang Robert H to Sestito Robert J, $295,000

1973 Marks Rd, Lang Robert H to Sestito Robert J, $295,000

685 W River Rd, King Peggy N & Gerald L to Osowski Mark & Joyce, $190,000

6499 Neff Rd, Swalius Kimberly J to Coffman Timothy M, $325,000

6701 Spring Glen Dr, Finnerty Catharine to Hendrickson William E & Lindsay R Browske, $417,500

6202 Myrtle Hill Rd, Bringhurst Rory B & Wendy K to Everett Bryan B & Pamela M, $380,000

6404 Beaver Creek Pkwy, Drees Company the to Vivian Lori Lynn & David, $667,548

West Salem

parcel 019-13D-39-018 Jeffrey Rd, Deere Green Acres LLC to Clifford Larry D & Melinda K, $130,826

parcel 019-13D-34-014 River Corners Rd, Steurer Robert J to Prediy Ilya & Iuliia, $77,500



11757 Burbank Rd, Keegan Michael Etal to Lengyel Raymond S, $39,950


parcel 09-00115.005 Pine St, Suppes Mark S & Kimberly S S/T to Schafer Lawrence J & Darlene R Baab S/T, $51,500

147 Burbank St, Starkey Vendi L & James W S/T to Rayeske Sarah E & Benjamin J S/T, $320,000


18283 William Dr Rear, Orange Nicholas P to Tully Richard Jerome & Emily S Tully & Frankie Alexander Nicholson & Marie T Nicholson, $259,600

201 N Portage St, Lipaj Properties LLC to Carrollton Professional Alliance LLC, $370,000

195 Bailey Ct, Lindeman Greg B & Jamie C S/T to Langguth Michael J & Melissa S S/T, $380,000


8953 Wadsworth Rd, Conrad Marcia E to Story Oliver G, $250,000


10131 Mcquaid Rd, Troyer Melvin A & Susie A S/T to Miller Wesley M & Ruth A, $347,500


855 W Clark Rd, Davis Jerry S & Dorothy T S/T to Miller Reuben & Ruth S/T, $343,000


1145 E Messner Rd, Hostetler Uriah R & Susie H S/T to Hershberger Roy R & Betty A, $1,200,000

This article originally appeared on Akron Beacon Journal: Home sales for Summit, Stark, Portage, Wayne, Medina week of Feb. 28