May 18, 2024


Interior Of The Road

Footgolf online game combines soccer, golf and pinball


The shutting down of businesses and schools due to the outbreak of the coronavirus forced millions of people to stay at home. In turn, both existing and new gamers prompted a spike in the demand for online gaming—which was already one of the most popular forms of entertainment and a multi-billion-dollar industry

Now, people aren’t just playing and purchasing games like never before for the fun of it, they are doing so to escape and cure both boredom and anxiety. The demand for online games continues to skyrocket, as more and more people seek newer ways to stay entertained during the government-issued stay-at-home orders due to the rapid spread of COVID-19.

With so many professional sports cancelled, embracing virtual sports games became the best alternative in a physical distancing world. Games like Footgolf Evolution has grown in popularity since the lockdown, particularly because it combines soccer, golf and pinball into one game. 

This is a puzzle game that combines both physics and logic and players have to kick a soccer ball into a golf-like hole in the playing field while utilizing or avoiding different obstacles on the field. Playing the game requires you to either tap your screen or click your mouse to select the ball, then pull back to set the strength and angle of the kick, before releasing it.

You have to create a playing strategy that works best for you by either hitting the ball directly into the hole or making it ricochet off either a wall or some of the obstacles on the field. However, the lesser kicks you make before putting the ball in the hole, the better chance you have of matching your par value for that round. Each of the 24 levels within the game has a par score which players must beat to get 3 stars on it.

With online games, many people can now sit isolated in different corners of their rooms for hours and not feel the slightest bit bored, lonely or anxious.