February 27, 2024


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Finding Success as a Real Estate Agent

Real estate sales have become a lucrative career for ambitious salespeople. It’s a fun, fast-paced position that allows you to make your schedule. Want more time with your family?

Just have them join you on a call. Want to travel the world? Schedule appointments with travelers and foreigners looking for a new place to call home in your downtime.

However, most real estate agents don’t last more than five years because they don’t have a plan for success. They don’t know how to position themselves as business owners and lack business knowledge.


Here are Ten Tips to Get You Started as a Successful Real Estate Agent Without Stress

1: Know how to use the MLS (multiple listing service)

2: You’re a salesperson. Treat yourself like one.

3: Know when to say no.

4: Become your boss. Work for yourself (and create excellent properties).

5: Understand the finance and legal aspects of real estate.

6: Understand the economics of real estate.

7: Be able to communicate effectively with your prospects, clients, and other agents.

8: Understand how laws apply to your work.

9: Understand contracts, deeds, and the like

10: Be a good listener.


Finding Success as a Real Estate Agent


Difference Between Being a Solo Agent vs. Joining an Established Real Estate Team

Solo agent team members (both agents and brokers) bring their specialization to the table. As a result, they can take advantage of each other’s knowledge, intelligence, and experience.

For example, if you are an agent who values excellent marketing ideas, you may want to work with a broker who excels at networking and networking skills (the salesperson role). If you wish for your presence in the market to be strong, a team of two or more would be ideal.

Joining an established team will give you access to otherwise unavailable resources to independent agents. An established team has a proven track record for success and will help you get off the ground fast, build your reputation and help you earn new clients quickly.


Finding Success as a Real Estate Agent


Here are some of the pros of each:

3 Pros of a Solo Agent

  • Can spend time with your family.
  • Can work when you want to work.
  • Will have a reliable source of income each month.

3 Pros of Joining a Team

  • Access to resources and training that are otherwise unavailable.
  • Learn skills faster and easier.
  • Established track record for success (can shorten learning curve).


Why is it Important to Establish a Marketing Strategy Early?

It’s essential to set goals for yourself at the beginning of your career. These goals will help you decide which avenue is best for you. Proper planning will save time and money in the long run by helping you determine what efforts to make and what not to.

Once your business is established, it will provide consistent and reliable income each month – the only thing that can better this is a real estate investment.


Finding Success as a Real Estate Agent


What is Real Estate Farming?

Real estate farming is a marketing technique used by real estate agents to attract new business. Instead of selling a house, the realtor guides the buyer through the entire purchase process from contract to close.

The agent’s job is to help find a home that meets all buyers’ needs for price, location, and condition. Each month, each agent in the team brings their new clients in for an updated listing presentation and discussion about how best to sell their listings (i.e., better photos, staging advice).

When it comes time for an open house, the agent invites all of their clients in at once to account for as many potential buyers as possible.

Why it’s Essential for Becoming an Expert Realtor?

Becoming an expert realtor is one of the fastest ways to grow your real estate business. By constantly educating yourself on the latest trends, you can prepare yourself before your competitors. You can become a resource that buyers and sellers seek out because they know they will get results.

Some top real estate agents spend as much as 40% of their time networking and building their reputation in the community. They attend events and speak with new people every day to ensure that their name is at the front of everyone’s mind when it comes time for a new home or property.

This is an essential skill to learn and master if you want to become a top salesperson.


Finding Success as a Real Estate Agent


Below are some of the ways to farm a real estate area:

This is one of the cheapest and easiest techniques for marketing. It is a technique where you hand out postcards to potential clients that have already been pre-qualified by realtors. Postcard campaigns are expensive, but the results are worth it.

This method effectively increases your fan base and encourages clients to contact you for more information about your services.

Real estate door knocking is a much more expensive technique and is only beneficial if you live in a high-end neighborhood without competition. However, if there are no other realtors nearby and your area is less competitive, you can capitalize on this.

This is a great way to get people who live in good neighborhoods to like your company and want to buy from you.

  • Hosting Neighborhood Events

It’s even more effective if you host an open-house event for local realtors and clients – this will show those potential clients that you’re willing to work with other agents and show them how many agents there are available in the area they want to live.


Finding Success as a Real Estate Agent


Why Real Estate Website/Blogging?

Websites and blogs are the number one places to go when you want to become an expert in a specific area. Websites are good for showcasing your expertise, business acumen, and professionalism.

Blogs are great for community building, showing off recent and exciting projects, and innovations in real estate marketing, and quickly getting your name out there.

The top 5 tips for successful real estate blogging include:

  • Know your audience.
  • Blog consistently.
  • Create content that is rich in quality, not quantity.
  • Keep track of your statistics and trackbacks on your blog.
  • Link back (if possible) to other blogs and articles you have read to keep the information flow growing and relevant.

Why a Google Search Ads?

Creating ads for buyers in the area searching for homes in your city or region will get your name up there. You can set the ads on Google search by selecting the maximum bid or cost-per-click (CPCC).


Finding Success as a Real Estate Agent

Best ways for real estate agents to learn and stay above the curve

Real estate agents who get comfortable do not stay up-to-date on the best practices for converting leads

These techniques include:

  • Read Books or Listen to Audiobooks about real estate

Popular books about real estate are:

  • “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas Stanley and William Danko.
  • “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.
  • “Real Estate for Dummies” by Bob Sullivan, Matthew McCaffrey.
  • Invest in Real Estate Coaching

Online courses or one-on-one coaching keeps agents on task and accountable for their success. Agents can feel lost when working alone and need professional guidance to keep them on track.

  • Network with Top-Producing Agents

Don’t be afraid to learn from your competition. The best way to do this is to reach out to their clients and ask them questions about what worked for them. This will give you a competitive edge as you learn from the best in your industry.


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Becoming an expert realtor is an effective and efficient way to build a solid and profitable real estate business. Real estate is not an easy industry to break into because there are many different players, rules, regulations, and trends to learn.