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Your Horoscope This Week

After what was for many a draining and traumatic week, we can expect a mental shift on Monday, when messenger Mercury forms a conjunction with expansive Jupiter. This transit helps us to share big ideas and plan for the future. Discuss your options with friends and colleagues to make the most of this collaborative event.  Try to pace yourself and take things slowly on Tuesday, as speedy Mercury creates a square with chaotic Uranus in retrograde. It’s easier for us to get our signals crossed when working with others, so take a little extra time to make sure that you’ve got all of the facts before you get started on a new project. Many of us may be searching for a way to move forward or find the will to continue working toward our goals right now, and Wednesday offers an opportunity, as the emotion-ruling Moon begins a new cycle in determined Capricorn, making us feel reflective. This new Moon forms a conjunction with powerful Pluto, which will add power to our manifestations. It could be tempting to go into attack mode on this day, as warrior planet Mars forms a square with rule-making Saturn. Instead, do your best to use the energy of this transit to plan on how you can best protect yourself from unexpected challenges, and practice mindfulness as these strong planets clash against each other. There are better ways to spend your time on Wednesday than getting in a Facebook fight — such as getting in touch with your creative side. Play with your aesthetic, flirt, and socialise as charming Venus makes a trine with enigmatic Uranus in retrograde. Now is the time to live in the moment. We’re blessed with a chance to make significant changes in our lives starting on Thursday, as Uranus, the Planet of Innovation, stations direct in reliable Taurus. It’s the perfect time to reflect on how we may have felt stagnant in our lives since mid-August, when Uranus began his backward motion. We’re now equipped with the resources we need to move forward, and are liberated by Uranus’ powerful energy. It’s time to initiate change and roll with the punches. The ego-ruling Sun also creates a conjunction with power-focused Pluto on Thursday, enhancing the introspective energy of the week. It’s time to look within ourselves and bring our darkest secrets to light. Work to seek greater self-understanding during this transit, and allow yourself to evolve.AriesMarch 21 to April 19Do you have a thirst for knowledge, Aries? You may want to consider incorporating a new reading practice into your days starting on Monday, when routine-ruling Mercury forms a conjunction with philosophical Jupiter. If books aren’t your thing, you might be more attracted to an audiobook or podcast that helps you expand your mind as you’re taking care of your to-dos. The domestic-ruling Moon begins a new cycle in disciplined Capricorn on Wednesday, encouraging you to set intentions related to your personal space. You may discover a new neighbourhood or city that catches your eye as this new Moon forms a conjunction with transformative Pluto. You may find yourself getting ahead of yourself at work on this day, as ruling Mars forms a square with status-minded Saturn. Instead, use this transit to get organised and prepared for your next big projects. If you bite off more than you can chew, you may not be able to deal with the consequences, so only say yes to what is possible. TaurusApril 20 to May 20Try to avoid engaging in knee-jerk reactions at work, Taurus. Money-ruling Mercury creates a square with career-ruling Uranus in retrograde on Tuesday. In situations that call for you to evaluate your worth, gather all of the facts and make sure that you have clear communication with clients or managers before making a case for change. You’re ready to enact some exciting new developments in your professional life starting on Thursday, though, when status-ruling Uranus stations direct in reliable Taurus. Look back on how you’ve grown your skills since mid-August, when Uranus stationed retrograde, and consider where you’d like to move forward in your career. You could learn a lot about yourself on that day, when your domestic-ruling Sun in your 9th house of exploration, adventure, and belief creates a conjunction with passion-ruling Pluto. Use this transit to focus on self-care and nurture your sense of wanderlust. Research short trips or hikes that you can take to help clear your mind. GeminiMay 21 to June 20Do you feel your emotions bubbling up, Gemini? Let them out on Monday, when ruling Mercury forms a conjunction with affectionate Jupiter. If you’re in a relationship, this is a beautiful day to celebrate your bond. Single? You can make the most of this transit by sharing your light with friends and family. It also could be the right time to reach out to a special someone who makes you smile — deepen your connection as these planets complement each other. Plant a seed towards supporting your financial goals on Wednesday, when your money-minded Moon begins a new cycle in hard-working Capricorn. You could be on the path towards a helpful new nest egg as this new Moon creates a conjunction with routine-ruling Pluto. Prioritise your health and look inward on Thursday, when the ego-ruling Sun in your 8th house of transformation, mystery, and dramatic change creates a conjunction with wellness-minded Pluto. A metamorphosis is coming — take control. CancerJune 21 to July 22Open your mind to what’s possible, Cancer. It’s time to strengthen yourself from within on Monday, when spiritual-ruling Mercury forms a conjunction with wellness-minded Jupiter. Take time to learn about self-care practices that align with your beliefs as these planets support each other so that you can stand tall. Are you setting new goals for yourself? Remember that you’ve got what it takes to succeed on Wednesday, when your ruling Moon begins a new cycle in ambitious Capricorn. Bring joy back into the equation as you chase your new goal — this new Moon forms a conjunction with entertainment-loving Pluto, helping you to see the brighter side of things. You could be on your way to strengthening an existing relationship starting on Thursday, as the money-ruling Sun in your 7th house of partnerships, contracts, and business creates a conjunction with pleasure-seeking Pluto. Work doesn’t have to be a bore and could be quite stimulating if you find the right match. LeoJuly 23 to August 22Have you been putting any of your projects on the back burner, Leo? It’s time to spend time working on what you truly love on Wednesday when career-ruling Venus makes a trine with passionate Uranus in retrograde. Get outside of your comfort zone and experiment with new ways to bring your dreams into reality. Your love life is about to get a significant boost starting on Thursday — whether you’re single or attached — when affection-ruling Uranus stations direct in warmhearted Taurus. The Planet of Change is moving forward, helping to bring all sorts of new excitement into your romantic world. If you’ve been thinking about how you can sustain your New Year’s resolutions, you’ll be supported by the conjunction of your ruling Sun in your 6th house of health, order, and service and domestic-ruling Pluto on Thursday. You’ve got all of the tools to hit your targets if you can stay focused during this helpful transit.VirgoAugust 23 to September 22You’re ready for anything when inspiration strikes, Virgo. Start by planning your next big move on Monday, when ambitious Mercury forms a conjunction with domestic-ruling Jupiter. Make sure that you’ve got a quiet and clean space to work in beforehand so that you can avoid distractions. If you’re in a relationship, you may butt heads with your partner on Wednesday, when sensual Mars forms a square with pleasure-seeking Saturn. If you have disagreements about what you’d like to be receiving, make sure that you’re able to communicate your desires with compassion. Single? It could be difficult to state what you want during this transit, so work out your feelings by talking them out. You may not know what’s causing your frustration until you investigate. Have you gotten used to a specific schedule since mid-August? Get ready for some new excitement to come your way starting on Thursday, when routine-ruling Uranus stations direct in security-loving Taurus. The Planet of Innovation and Change is ready to shake things up in your schedule, and you’ll be there to find new solutions. LibraSeptember 23 to October 22Speak your truth, Libra. You’re invited to let your feelings be known on Monday, when inner growth-ruling Mercury forms a conjunction with communicative Jupiter. Link up with people who share your positive energy and want to nurture your sweet spirit. Consider any career goals you’d like to achieve on Wednesday, when your status-minded Moon begins a new cycle in hard-working Capricorn. It’s essential for you to look towards the future as this new Moon creates a conjunction with cash planet Pluto. How can you grow your business? How would you like to grow as an individual? These are questions that you can ask yourself as you set an intention. Your attention turns towards creating support in your home on Thursday, when the ego-ruling Sun in your 4th house of family, instincts, and foundations makes a conjunction with money-ruling Pluto. Spend time getting to know the ins and outs of your financials during this transformative transit — you could learn a lot about new options available to you and your loved ones. ScorpioOctober 23 to November 21Are you ready for change, Scorpio? You could have some exciting surprises in store at home when affectionate Venus makes a trine with home-loving Uranus in retrograde on Wednesday. It’s a good day to take small steps toward transforming your bedroom into a magical getaway to help nurture your sensual side. If you’ve been thinking about switching up your living situation entirely, you’ve got the opportunity to make a big move starting on Thursday, when domestic-ruling Uranus stations direct in determined Taurus. Look back to mid-August, when the planet of innovation moved retrograde and inspired you to consider your options. Now that Uranus is moving direct, you can help initiate changes you’ve been mulling on since then. Listen to your instincts at work on Thursday, when the career-ruling Sun in your 3rd house of communication, thought, and community creates a conjunction with ruling Pluto. It’s time to make your ideas known — present them with confidence.SagittariusNovember 22 to December 21The squeaky wheel gets the grease, Sagittarius. You’ve got the opportunity to make a big splash in your career on Monday, when ambitious Mercury forms a conjunction with ruling Jupiter. Colleagues are ready to listen to your ideas and collaborate with you as these planets connect. Speak up and be heard. It could be tempting to make significant demands on Wednesday, but hold back. It’s in your best interest to do your research and present an organised plan to ask for what you need on Wednesday when warrior planet Mars forms a square with money-ruling Saturn. You’ve got a better grasp on what counts as a necessity on Thursday when the ego-ruling Sun in your 2nd house of finances, values, and possessions creates a conjunction with inner-growth ruling Pluto. Now is the time to think sustainably.  CapricornDecember 22 to January 19How would you like to be loved, Capricorn? Whether you’re single or attached, you have the opportunity to decide how you would like to receive love by setting an intention on Wednesday, when your affection-ruling Moon begins a new cycle in sensitive Capricorn. This new Moon also forms a conjunction with powerful Pluto, asking you to look from within to help you to engage in this transformation. Career-conscious Venus makes a trine with money-ruling Uranus in retrograde on Wednesday too. The pairing of these planets will help to bring grace to words, so that you can begin negotiating. Then, prepare to receive abundance and opportunities starting on Thursday, when money-minded Uranus stations direct in Taurus. Be ready to put the work in and make change happen as the Planet of Innovation moves forward. AquariusJanuary 20 to February 18Are you ready for a change of pace, Aquarius? Get ready to spice up your schedule by setting an intention to create more transformative days on Wednesday, when your routine-ruling Moon begins a new cycle in persistent Capricorn. This new Moon could help you seek new professional opportunities, as it forms a conjunction with career-ruling Pluto. Start stretching on Thursday, as you’ll be called to become flexible as ruling Uranus stations direct in determined Taurus. You’ve been given the opportunity to initiate the changes that you’ve been pining over since the planet of innovation stationed retrograde back in mid-August. You may find yourself pulled towards more meaningful work beginning on Thursday, when the love-ruling Sun in your 12th house of inner growth, vulnerability, and conclusion creates a conjunction with status-minded Pluto. Make sure that if you’re ready to make a move, that it aligns with your morals. PiscesFebruary 19 to March 20Are you hiding your gifts, Pisces? Consider sharing them with the world on Monday, when passionate Mercury forms a conjunction with career-ruling Jupiter. People are especially receptive to big ideas as these planets complement each other — take a leap of faith. Be patient with loved ones and get ready to encounter some bumps in the road on Tuesday, when domestic-ruling Mercury creates a square with dynamic Uranus in retrograde. The clash of these planets can cause confusion and delays in even the most organised of homes. Take the pressure off by making an easy meal for dinner, or order takeout to help quell any nerves. Kick back and relax to shake this energy off. Meditate on what goals you’d like to achieve on Wednesday, when your creative-ruling Moon begins a new cycle in focused Capricorn. You could break major ground on a project as this new Moon forms a conjunction with transformative Pluto.Like what you see? 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