July 25, 2024


Interior Of The Road

Enrich home design with a timeless sense of style | Senior Living

(BPT) – The worlds of fashion and interior design intersect in more ways than one. From thoughtful details to bold palettes and shapes, both disciplines play an important role in evoking personal style. In order to ensure home design demonstrates a bespoke sense of style that lasts, one must consider how all elements involved work together to create a cohesive look for a unified and timeless aesthetic.

Taking cues from the fashion industry, approach interior design with an eye for timeless infusions to create an aesthetic that will stay forever au courant. For instance, borrow inspiration from past eras, allowing for additions such as velvet-upholstered furniture to bridge the gap between past and present for a modern, yet classic look. Introduce intriguing materials like wood, leather and marble into a living area, as they can transition through decades while remaining staple elements.

For an elegant interpretation of minimalistic design, utilize high-contrast color pairings. A Jason Wu for Brizo™ kitchen faucet, exclusively available in a stunning Matte White finish, pairs well with a multitude of marble countertops — choosing black marble creates a dramatic, contrasting statement, whereas a white, neutral marble brings forth a striking, monochromatic look. The faucet’s timeless, yet neutral, Matte White finish adds an elegant and modern appeal to any kitchen, while still establishing contrast against other distinctive pieces within the space. Subtle details complement the monochromatic faucet, such as the polished nickel handle, inspired by the look of fashion designer Jason Wu’s mannequins.

A purposeful melding of patterns and texture brings a sense of balance and depth to a room, just as it does in fashion. Consider an integration of stone and pale terra-cotta tile to establish a mosaic aesthetic for a wall, backsplash or floor. Add a sense of individual style with favorite, à-la-mode patterns and prints, such as florals and fringe, on decorative pillows or other easily transitioned accent elements.

Complete a space with adornments, such as a striking photograph or abstract art, drawing attention similar to that of a piece of statement jewelry. Further accessorize with mixed materials, adding metal accents to a plush chair or a teak wood table to bring a fresh perspective. When selecting furnishings and décor, marry sweeping curves and bold shapes throughout the home for a harmonized overall design that will withstand the test of time.