May 18, 2024


Interior Of The Road

Decide This Year to Notice What Happens Outside, in Your Own Backyard, in Autumn

~The calm reading under the palm tree! There are so many places to find that makes writing fun, relaxing and new! Try writing under a palm tree, that’s actually a unique and comfortably novel place to write and pretty cool too, if you ask me… The fall season is a great reason to notice the changes in nature, animals and natural outdoor events that take place whether we notice or not. Decide this year to notice what happens outside, in your own backyard, in Autumn.

Whether you read the Psalms under the comfortable palm trees or study your French lesson, finding a relaxing environment is key to attaining perspective or finding a great place of inspiration.Living in a tropical climate has a lot of benefits as well as challenges, though I prefer to focus more on the wonderful elements that tropical living brings! Whether wearing shorts and flip-flops all year long is your habit or looking at the wild rabbits that are eating your garden plants and vegetables, just enjoy the natural environment and the place where you call home.

Living in unison with the birds and the bees is quite humbling. Watching the lizards run about and the garden snakes recoil for cover when they get discovered is such a wonderful way to live. Enjoy watching the baby papaya trees get so busy stretching their branches and growing their leaves to see who will survive and grow up to be the grand fruit-bearing trees that human beings’ await for and relish. The fruit-bearing trees make the other trees so jealous, though for what reason, nobody knows for sure.

**As fall draws near, come more visits from the wild family of reindeer that like to comb common areas and neighbor hoods that they call home. As the weather gets colder the wild deer get bolder and want to spend more time roaming around the rivers, lakes and streams sometimes playing, looking for food, or who knows maybe laughing at human beings who are wearing reindeer sweaters in Florida~ as the holiday season is not far away. With less and less sightings of alligators and more and more sightings of deer you can be sure that Halloween and Thanksgiving draw near.

**The once plush green grasses of neighboring lawns and yards get less replenished; now more the emphases in on the small patches of yellowey- tinted weeds and grass that was once hidden under fertile green landscape, you know fall is falling upon us again! The one common animal, rodent or whatever category is most appropriate is the ever-present squirrel population. Wonderful squirrels run around my roof at night like giggling little girls and can be seen crossing the street, without looking both ways first, during any season or day of the year. Enjoy your fall season! **

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!~