May 22, 2024


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42 Creative Ways To Make Your Home Look So Much Better For Less Than $30

I think we’d all be lying to ourselves if we said we didn’t want the finer things in life. That means something different to everyone — some of us are suckers for expensive candles while others can’t resist a good charcuterie board — but whether we admit it or not, we’d all love the ability to buy what we want without questioning if it fits into our budget. The good news? Thanks to Amazon, it’s easy to find luxury-adjacent things for your home and beyond at way less-than-luxury prices. These are things that look and act the expensive part but won’t actually destroy your bank account with a single purchase. In fact, this list tops out at $30.

Below you’ll find a wide variety of home goods that will make your place look and feel like the opulent haven you desire. They range from simple upgrades, like swapping out your house numbers for more sophisticated ones to cleaning products keep your furniture in prime condition, and even decorative accents that just look bougie. No matter your tastes, you’ll find something you can use, enjoy, and show off for years to come. All you have to do is keep reading to find out what will capture your interests — and your house guests’ eyes.

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These Industrial-Style Cabinet Pulls Give Your Hardware A Subtle Upgrade

Replacing your cabinet pulls with these mega handles is an easy fix that makes a profound difference in the appearance of your kitchen, bathroom, or furniture. These modern, industrial-inspired pulls are made from matte black stainless steel and come in a pack of 12. They’re sure to give your home that contemporary finishing touch you’ve been seeking.


These Mirror Wall Stickers Make Your Space Look Larger

If you’re seeking a statement piece for a large, open wall, then you need to add these honeycomb mirror stickers to your cart. The 15-piece sticker set can be arranged in whatever shape you want to create an eye-catching piece of decor — it uses one of the oldest design tricks in the book to catch the existing light in your home and make the space look bigger. Each hexagon-shaped mirror is lightweight, measures approximately 4 inches on each side, and is backed with adhesive for easy installation and takedown.


These Easy-To-Read House Numbers Are Sleek, Weatherproof, & Easy To Install

Your house number is one of the first things visitors and passersby see of your home: Make the first impression count by swapping your current address numbers for these modern floating numbers. At less than $8 apiece with all the installation hardware you need included, these weather-proofed numbers are a good investment in the future of your home’s exterior. They’re easy to read from a distance, and you can screw them to your door, your walls, or even your mailbox post.


This Pastel Pad Protects Your Desk From Scratches & Spills In Style

After stumbling upon this multifunctional office desk pad for another piece, I liked it so much I decided to invest myself – and believe me, it was more than worth the $10. It divides up my desk nicely and makes a stylish landing spot for my desktop computer setup, my morning coffee, and the other random items I use throughout my work day. I especially like that the faux leather material is waterproof and easy to wipe clean, and that the pastel pink I selected looks even better in person than it did online (though there are 10 other reversible shades to choose from if pink is not your thing).


This Fuzzy Faux Fur Rug Adds Dimension To Your Floors Or Furniture

Treat your feet to this plush faux sheepskin rug, which comes in over 200 size, shape, and color combinations. The pictured rug measures 2 by 3 feet, the perfect size for a living room or bedroom area rug. It’s so soft to the touch you’ll want to spend all your time on it. You can even use it as a throw blanket tossed over the end of your bed or to add texture to an accent chair or couch.


These Artificial Flowers Look Like The Real Deal With Way Less Maintenance

These artificial flower bouquets are a great way to add fresh blooms to a corner of your home, and best of all, you’ll never have to replace them or replenish the water. Select your favorite shade of these flowers — they come in two-packs with five pastel shades to choose from — and stick them in your favorite vase as a table centerpiece, shelf accent, and more. They’re silky soft, look super real, and are resistant to UV rays so they won’t fade over time.


This Kit Has Everything You Need To Make Dingy Wood Furniture Look New Again

Over time, wood furniture can become scratched and damaged, especially after a move. Professional repairs can be expensive, but this furniture repair kit comes with everything you need to fill in the gaps and make your pieces look new again. Eight shades of markers and wax crayons are included, along with a wax stick sharpener, and all you have to do is draw over the scratch with the appropriate color and watch it disappear before your eyes.


This Sleek Glass Oil Dispenser Makes The Perfect Cooking Accessory

Pouring the appropriate amount of oil into your dish is tricky when you’re wielding a massive container of it. Instead, pour whatever oil or sauce you work with most into this glass dispenser, which allows you to pour the perfect serving without spills or drips. Plus, this looks much more elegant on your countertop. The non-drip spout also keeps out dust, and it’s easy to see when it’s time for a refill.


These Flameless Candles To Set A Mood In Your Home

Add some ambiance and embrace the chill vibes using this trio of flameless candles. A flickering light creates a realistic-looking flame, which lasts up to 50,000 hours and doesn’t have any of the fire risks of real candles. The set also comes with a remote control, which you can use to power the candles on and off, set timers, and create 24-hour cycles from up to 16 feet away.


These Magnetic Curtain Tiebacks With A Chic Design

These magnetic curtain tiebacks are a favorite with nearly 3,000 positive ratings on Amazon. They have a metallic look with a braided effect, and the ultra-strong magnet holds even long, thick curtains in place to create a nice draping effect. One reviewer wrote “These magnetic curtain tiebacks are so cool…They look great and I can wind them around once, twice, depending on how tight I want the curtains to pull in.”


Upgrade Your Kitchen With A Set Of Under-Cabinet LED Lights

Illuminate the underside of your kitchen cabinets with this warm LED lighting kit. The set includes a wireless remote and six pre-cut light strips totaling 9.8 feet, which adhere to your cabinets, the underside of your shelves, or wherever else needs a little boost, with easy-to-stick adhesive. Use the remote to control the power, brightness, and timers from up to 60 feet away.


These Faux Houseplants To Make Your Space More Green

Maybe you’re not blessed with a green thumb or maybe your home lacks adequate lighting for houseplants. You can still fill your space with greenery with the help of this three-piece mini potted plant pack, which includes one each of a faux eucalyptus, boxwood, and rosemary plant. They look realistic, and come in stylish paper mâché pots measuring just over 3 inches tall.


A Storage Ottoman That Moonlights As Extra Seating In A Pinch

In small spaces, multi-purpose furniture is essential, and this 15-inch ottoman can also function as storage, a foot stool, or extra seating. Remove the lid and it’s subtle hiding place for blankets, games, and more. It supports up to 350 pounds and has a sleek linen fabric that’s comfortable and durable. It even folds flat when not in use, so you can tuck it away without it taking up any extra space.


This Set Of Sleek Candlestick Holders For Chic, Ambient Light

A trio of matte black candlesticks is exactly what you need to outfit your fireplace mantle or side table. They vary in height and fit standard taper candles. They’re elegant and versatile, so you can use them year-round and swap out for different colored candles as needed for seasonal festivities.


These Peel-&-Stick Subway Tiles Will Help You Fake A Trendy Kitchen Backsplash

No backsplash? No problem. These peel-and-stick subway tiles can take over in a moment. Not only do these tiles look realistic, sleek, and classic, they’re also super easy to install with a strong adhesive backing that’s resistant to heat and moisture. And if you’re a renter, they’re easy to peel off without damaging your walls.


These Easy-To-Install Wall Sconces Give Your Home An Industrial Feel

This pair of geometric wall sconces creates a symmetrical effect in your home as bedside lights, in an entryway, or as porch lights. Once installed, their angle can be shifted up to 240 degrees, and everything you need to hang them is included. Use Edison lightbulbs inside to really lean into the retro-inspired design with contemporary edges.


A Bamboo Charcuterie Board With More Than Enough Room For Cheese & All The Fixings

No dinner party is complete without a charcuterie board, and you’ll really impress your guests when you serve it on this beautiful bamboo cheese board. With built-in serving compartments for crackers, nuts, and other sides, the cheese and garnishes become the center of attention. Plus, details like slip-resistant tabs and the cheese carving in the center make it a great housewarming gift as well.


A Pair Of Oversized Linen Curtains That Keep The Room Light & Airy

One of the oldest design tricks in the book is hanging your curtain rod above your actual window frame to draw the eyes upward and make your window appear larger. These extra-long linen blend curtains are up for the task: At 52 by 108 inches, the two panels are a large version of a timeless window treatment. The breathable fabric is soft to the touch and brings in a diffused light that provides privacy while still making your space feel airy.


This Bamboo Bath Mat Is An Eco-Friendly, Sanitary Swap

Whether you’re stepping out of the pool or out of the bathtub, this non-slip bamboo shower mat offers a comfortable place to rest your feet. It’s a bit more elevated than your average fabric bath mat, and won’t need to be replaced as quickly due to the slatted surface that allows water to drain through. Plus, you can use it indoors or out, and all it takes to keep it clean is a quick wipe down and to store it on its side when not in use.


A Hotel-Quality Shower Curtain That’s Simple & Affordable

Few things are more annoying than when you’re trying to take a peaceful shower but your shower curtain is blowing around like a tree in the breeze. The heavy-duty, water-repellent fabric of this waffle shower curtain prevents exactly that, plus it adds some minimalist sleekness to your bathroom decor. One reviewer wrote “We love this shower curtain because it is of good quality and is a nice long length…This is a great product and a total bargain.”


These Ultra-Soft Hand Towels Are Plush & Long-Lasting

Hotel-quality hand towels instantly elevate your bathroom, and this set of six plush hand towels has you covered. The cotton towels are luxuriously soft to the touch and designed for high absorbency. Pro tip: To make your towels last longer, avoid washing them with fabric softeners and dryer sheets, as they will coat the fabric and reduce their absorbency over time.


A Multi-Functional Toothbrush Holder For Sleek Storage

Get your everyday toiletries off of your bathroom counter and into this wall-mounted toothbrush holder to save some space and make your bathroom feel less cluttered. It holds way more than just toothbrushes: There are three storage areas for personal care products, slots for toothpaste and up to four toothbrushes, and room for two cups. Made from waterproof plastic with a self-adhesive hanger, this toothbrush holder is also easy to install on most types of walls and mirrors.


This Relaxing High-Pressure Shower Head That’s Ridiculously Easy To Install

You may not be caught in a warm tropical rainstorm, but this high-pressure shower head will certainly make it feel that way. It’s surprisingly easy to install without needing tools and comes with everything you need. And it comes with a water restrictor if you’re interested in saving some money on your water bill.


This Ultra-Slim Toilet Paper Stand Holds All Your Extra Bathroom Supplies

Keep your friends close and your extra toilet paper closer with this slim toilet paper stand. It measures just 30 inches tall by 5.1 inches wide, and two shelves provide ample space for cleaning supplies, a plunger, extra soaps, and of course, toilet paper. It’s so narrow that it’s practically guaranteed to fit in any bathroom or even in other rooms as a nightstand or extra storage.


This Elegant Tiered Organizer Is The Best Way To Store Your Jewelry

Show off your favorite accessories on this tiered hanging jewelry organizer. At 19 inches tall with three T-bars, there’s more than enough room for all your necklaces, bracelets, and dangling earrings, plus a tray at the bottom for rings and other small pieces. The pictured model is white and brass, though there are several other finishes available to suit your style.


These Hollywood-Quality Mirror Lights Upgrade Your Vanity In A Flash

All it takes to make your own Hollywood vanity mirror are these stick-on lights. Arrange them around the border of your existing mirror with the industrial adhesive stickers included with the set and plug them in. That’s all it takes to upgrade your makeup station and get the bright lighting you need for a flawless face. They have a maximum length of 13.5 feet, so this lighting fixture will fit most makeup mirrors.


This Bamboo Bathtub Tray Is A Recipe For Relaxation

Practice some self care with this luxury bathtub caddy, an adjustable bamboo tray with space for your tablet, book, a glass of wine, and more. Your tub will just look great with this stylish tray in place. It extends from 27.5 to 41 inches wide, enough to fit standard bathtubs. There are special slots for all your bath supplies, so you’ll have everything you need within arms reach.


These LED Lights Illuminate Your TV & Sync With The Music

For the ultimate movie night experience, add these LED backlights to the back of your TV. The 10-foot-long cord covers all sides of most 40- to 60-inch TVs and adds a colorful backlight that reduces visual glare while watching. Customize the colors and sync them with the music using the included remote or coordinating app for an even more immersive and dynamic viewing experience.


This Runner Rug Is Stylish & Machine-Washable

Complete your entryway with this machine-washable runner, a non-slip and easy-to-clean rug measuring 20 by 59 inches. Designed to be used indoors, this rug can absorb moisture and scrape dirt off of shoes. The geometric design with neutral hues allows it to feel modern and fit in with different decor styles. Made from dense fibers with a rubber backing, this rug is durable and ideal for busy homes with lots of foot traffic.


This Sleek Digital Clock That Can Charge Your Phone

This modern mirrored digital clock also doubles as a charging port and an alarm clock, all while being sleek and easy to read. There are two USB ports for charging your devices and three adjustable brightness levels. It also has a large, easy-to-find snooze button so you can get some extra quality shut-eye without fumbling around in the dark.


This Peel-&-Stick Marble Contact Paper Is A Renter-Friendly DIY Project

At just $6 a pop, you’ll feel inspired to cover all your walls, furniture, and counters with this marble contact paper. It’s an easy, renter-friendly makeover: Use it to cover an unsightly paint job, create an accent wall, or give an old desk or table a new look without commitment. The self-adhesive backing sticks durably to most flat surfaces and is easy to remove when the time comes.


This Super Soft Faux Fur Throw Blanket Is The Ideal Couch Nap Accessory

This winter you definitely won’t want to go without the coziness that this fuzzy faux fur throw blanket has to offer. It’s oversized, lightweight, and super soft — what more could you ask for in a throw blanket? Plus, it looks deceptively expensive on your couch or bed and comes in seven sophisticated colors.


These Leather Drawer Pulls To Give Your Cabinets & Drawers A Whole New Look

Give your furniture and drawers a quick makeover with these leather drawer pulls. Made from genuine cowhide leather, they offer a softer but durable alternative to traditional hardware and are easy to install yourself. One reviewer wrote “Looks exactly like the picture, arrived quickly, and is a good quality item…I am happy with the purchase!”


These Fancy Dinner Napkins To Make Your Table Look More Sophisticated

One easy way to make your dinner table look a little more grown up is to substitute reusable fabric napkins for paper, and this set of 12 hemstitched dinner napkins is a great set to start with. Made from a linen and cotton blend in a neutral cream shade, these slightly oversized napkins are suitable for a variety of occasions. They’re also conveniently machine-washable.


This Highly-Rated Wood Polish Restores Damaged Floors, Furniture & More

My mom — and over 21,000 shoppers who left a five-star rating — swear by this wood polish and conditioner to maintain a wood countertop. I’ve never seen ours looking dull or damaged in my life. It moisturizes and conditions all wood surfaces, adding a soft shine and protective coating that heals damage and prevents drying and fading.


This Magnetic Poster Hanger Makes Damage-Free Decorating Possible

Get the look of a framed poster without the commitment and damage to your walls just by hanging this magnetic poster hanger. The hanger uses strong magnets to secure any print or poster and is available in several sizes from 8 to 40 inches wide. Hanging is a breeze, and it’s easy to swap out the artwork as you wish and change the look of your space.


An Antique-Style Lion Door Knocker That Adds A Timeless Touch To Your Front Door

Add a regal touch to your front door with this antique-style bronze lion door knocker. Made from durable and hefty zinc alloy, it adds an impressive element to your front door but reviewers have also used it to outfit furniture and cabinets as well. It comes with all the necessary installation hardware.


A Jar Of Shiny Gold Paint For Artwork, Decor, & More

All you need to give your decor pieces a shiny new look is this acrylic gold paint, which has an eye-catching, metallic finish. It’s suitable to use on a variety of surfaces, such as wood, canvas, paper, metal, and more, so you can use it on almost any object in your home as a quick DIY project. One reviewer used it to add accent colors to a planter while another used it in their resin art, so the possibilities are truly endless.


This Adorable Jar Is Actually A Very Practical Match Striker

This handmade match striker serves as decor, storage, and, well, a match striker. It works with any match; just strike it against the rough bottom half of the jar to spark a flame. Store matches right inside the jar or other small items like toothpicks or cotton swabs.


This Peel-&-Stick Wallpaper Gives You An Exposed Brick Look Without The Commitment

Love the look of exposed brick? Try this peel-and-stick wallpaper with a realistic brick pattern, which can be adhered to any wall and is ideal for renters. It comes in red and white, and each roll measures 20.5 inches by 18 feet, which is enough to cover about 30.75 square feet.


This Set Of Gold Flatware Makes Any Meal Feel Special

Forget silverware when you have this set of gold cutlery. Made from stainless steel with metallic gold plating, this luxurious set comes with 20 pieces that are perfect for special occasion use. With settings for four, they’re weighty, durable, and even dishwasher-safe, so feel free to use them every day if that’s what strikes your fancy.


This Elegant Carafe & Glass Set For Serving Your Favorite Drinks

This bedside water carafe set makes serving your favorite beverages look oh-so-good. It includes a small carafe and tumbler glass, perfect for serving a glass of water, juice, or something stronger. Both are made from dishwasher-safe borosilicate glass, which is heat- and cold-resistant.