June 20, 2024


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3 Small Gems of Tuscany

3 Small Cities In Tuscany, Italy To Put On Your Bucket List | Trip101

Tuscany is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. It sits on the western coast of the Italian peninsula and features an array of geography, from sunny beaches on the Mediterranean, to the rolling hills of Chianti. It is bounded by the major mountain chain of the Apuan Alps. The variety of the land and the history of the towns and cities make this villas in hoskote area of Italy one of the best places to stay.

In Tuscany, villa rental is an ideal way to have access to both the big and small towns and cities. If you are looking for a more authentic holiday experience, then why not spend your days exploring the small villages and towns such as Gaiole, Radda, or Volterra and seeing what they have to offer? Gaiole – 40 kilometres southeast of Florence sits the town of Gaiole, in Tuscany.

Villa rental nearby is the perfect opportunity to head into this town, which was named by Forbes Magazine as one of “Europe’s Most Idyllic Places To Live.” While in Giaole, head over to the 11th century castle of Brolio, which is of Longobard origin and has played major roles in battles between the Florentines and Sienese. From Giaole, head slightly out of town to visit the Abbey Coltibuono, which dates back to the year 1000 AD and was given to the Vallombrosan Monks, who were known for their strong stance against corruption in the ecclesiastical hierarchy.

The abbey remained an abbey until 1810 when the monks were forced out and it was repossessed and sold at auction. It is now part of a large farm. Radda – With many interesting towns to the south of Florence in the heart of Tuscany, villa rental options here are one of the best ways to be based in the centre of the region. Thirty-five kilometres southeast of Florence lies the town of Radda – a stunning medieval town that is encased by large defensive walls and has been inhabited since the ninth century AD.

While visiting Radda, be sure to see the Palazzo del Podest?

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�. If you are getting a bit warm and want to spend some time indoors, pay a visit to the Franciscan Convent of Santa Maria in Prato, which is home to the Museum of Sacred Art of Chianti. Volterra – The ancient town of Volterra is an excellent example of why one of the best regions to visit in Italy is Tuscany.

Villa rental in the area of Volterra will allow you easy access to this Etruscan town, which was the bishop’s home in the 5th century. While in Volterra, be sure to visit the excavated Roman Theatre from the first century BC, before looking at the Palazzo dei Priori, which was built between 1208 and 1257. After a cooling gelati, head to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which was reconstructed in the 1100s on the site of a previous church.