February 28, 2024


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3 Factors That You Must Explore Before Buying The fitted table covers

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Promoting a company or brand is a challenging affair. The same strategies never apply to all types of industries. Even when you sell the same product or service as many other companies, the promotional campaign that worked for another seller may not work for you. It depends on a long list of elements and factors that determine the impact of a strategy on the company’s sales figures. 

Here, you will come o know about the factors you should keep in mind while customizing the table cover for the business. 

Factor #1: Determine the type of fitted cover that the business needs

The fitted covers for tables are available in various shapes and sizes. But before you choose the covers, make sure that you know how you plan to use the covers. 

  • Are you going to use it on a standard size table?
  • Which area on the table cover will provide the best space for the brand logo to offer maximum exposure? 
  • Should you focus more on the sides of the top?

Answering these questions will help you design the ideal cover for the trade shows. If you want to pick the appropriate one, you have to remember the usage plan. 

Factor #2: Relevant size 

Selecting the right side of the table cover is essential because it will portray the presentation of the company. May business owners end up buying an oversized table cover owing to mistakes or ignorance to check the dimensions of the table. 

  • If you don’t know the dimension of the table, it is better not to buy the cover on the basis of assumptions. 
  • However, the default standard size of the tables for trade shows is 6 feet or a maximum of 8 feet. If you think that it is 6 feet one and not 8 feet one, then buy accordingly.

But the right way to purchase the fitted table covers will be to measure the table.

Factor #3: Aesthetic appeal

Do you know that an effective design on the table cover can actually convince people to visit the booth for once? And that doubles up the opportunities for lead generation. 

  • So you look for the best designs that will reflect the best form of the company. 
  • Check the color combination, which should be attractive enough to turn a few heads. 
  • Is the logo visible? If not, then you can increase the size of the logo and work on better placement that will enhance the aesthetic appeal.

The aesthetic help the prospective customers to have an impression about your company. And as you know, first impressions are often the last impressions. 

The final word

As you know by now, the things that will matter when you buy the table covers. It will be easier for you to make the purchase decision. When you choose the fitted covers, you should prioritize the durable polyester fabric for a more durable option.

The intriguing and attractive covers will always attract people to your booth. They may even make people rely on the company by assessing the quality right from the quality of the table cover.