July 25, 2024


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This Tiny Home Comes With a Greenhouse and Porch Swing

Elsa Tiny Home by Olve Nest

Tiny living doesn’t always mean giving up the pleasures of a larger home. Elsa, by Olive Nest Tiny Homes, is a perfect example. Featuring a greenhouse and porch swing, Elsa allows for the cozy and minimalist lifestyle that is so attractive about tiny homes but adds the pleasure of having a backyard.

Inspired by vernacular Scandinavian architecture, Elsa features warm cedar shiplap siding contrasted with cool dark gray finishes on the exterior. The structure includes 323 square feet of space and is built on wheels for ultimate flexibility. Within, a high A-frame and plenty of windows make the interior feel bright and spacious. Lighter wood details and white finishes throughout contribute to the feeling.

Interior of Elsa Tiny Home by Olve Nest

Elsa is full of hidden storage and clever space-saving techniques like the rotating bar/table and a pull-out couch. The kitchen includes a full-size gas range, quartz countertops, a large refrigerator, and modern finishes. A lofted bedroom keeps the sleeping area private from shared spaces and preserves more room in the home. All of these considerations tie back to the Scandinavian inspiration where function is paramount and aesthetic is defined by clean lines and little ornamentation.

Aside from the 323 square feet of tiny living space, Elsa adds an 85-square-foot trailer with a pergola-covered porch swing and a small greenhouse. The color palette for these outdoor elements mimics the interior, making the design consistent.

Elsa is a product of Olive Nest Tiny Homes, run by Mary Susan Hanson, Randy Hanson, and their daughter Melodie Aho. For more from the family-owned business, be sure to check out their Facebook page for an update on Elsa and more tiny home ideas. Or, keep scrolling for more shots of Elsa captured by Calvin Hanson.

Elsa by Olive Nest Tiny Homes allows users to enjoy the amenities of a traditional home by including a greenhouse and porch swing.

Elsa Tiny Home by Olve NestBed in Elsa Tiny Home by Olve NestSofa in Elsa Tiny Home by Olve NestDetail in Elsa Tiny Home by Olve Nest

Olive Nest Tiny Homes: Facebook
Calvin Hanson: Facebook

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Olive Nest Tiny Homes. All images via Calvin Hanson.

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