July 25, 2024


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Real Estate Riches: How To Benefit With Real Estate Options

Welcome to the world of real estate options! If you’re curious about getting into real estate investing but don’t have the capital or credit to purchase a property outright. In that case, there’s an exciting new way that can help you get started. 

While many people aren’t aware of how to make money with real estate options, it is a powerful tool for achieving financial freedom. This article will teach you what they are, how they work, and how to use them successfully to build your portfolio and grow your real estate riches today!

What Is A Real Estate Option?

A real estate option is a contractual right to purchase the property within the specified period. The option buyer pays an amount called the option fee or premium, which is a certain percentage of the property’s total purchase price.

In fact, real estate options are typically used when more than one property investor would like to purchase a property but doesn’t have enough money. This is because real estate options offer investors the right to buy a property at a given price within a certain period but don’t obligate them to do so.

Real estate options are also used by homebuyers who aren’t entirely sure that they want to purchase a particular property, as well as by sellers who prefer not to sell their properties outright for whatever reason.

Why Consider Real Estate Options?

There are many reasons real estate options make sense. The first one is that you have the right to buy or sell a property at a specific price within a particular period of time. Therefore, you don’t have to buy or sell, but the option is yours for the taking.

Second, you can make money on the deal without ever owning the property—this is called an assignment fee. An assignment fee is where you find someone who wants to purchase the property. Then you assign it over to them while collecting a finder’s fee (typically around 5% to 35% of the deal’s total value).

Third, as with all options, you are not required to buy the property; in fact, most people don’t! The beauty of options is that they give you control over a piece of property with little money down and no credit checks.

Are Real Estate Options Right For You?

If you are a start-up or full-time investor, real estate options can provide you with better control and flexibility. Also, if you have limited capital, this strategy will help you build real estate riches faster since the initial cash outlay is minimal. Additionally, it’s a low-risk approach to increasing your net worth (a favorable tradeoff), and it can be done whether or not the market is going up or down.

How To Buy An Option In Real Estate

To buy an option on a property, you’ll need to determine how much cash you can put up. To do this, take your net worth and subtract your long-term liabilities (liabilities that will not be paid off in the next five years). What’s left is the amount of cash you can put up for an option.

Next, search for properties that are ideal for options. Once you find one, contact the owner and discuss what you have to offer.

Remember that there’s a good chance they may not want to sell. However, if they don’t want to sell now, offer them a price for an option with the intent of buying their property later. 

Moreover, you can use calculators to help you visualize your real estate options’ profitability. For instance, I use this rental property calculator to help me understand how much money I could make from renting a specific property. 

How To Sell An Option – Obligation To Purchase The Property

As the option holder, you have the right to purchase property at a fixed price for a given period of time. You pay a fee upfront for this right, called an option fee. The money you collect from the sale of options is all yours when the option is sold – there are no commissions.

The other side of the transaction is selling the option to someone who wants to buy your property. This person is called the optionee. When you sell an option, they have the right but not the obligation to purchase your property at a predetermined price and timeframe in exchange for your fee. If they do not exercise their rights, that’s fine too. You keep all fees collected and can use them towards another project or just keep it as part of your real estate riches!

Closing The Option Transaction

By this time, you’re excited to make a million dollars in real estate. Here are a few ways to close the option transaction and grab those real estate riches very soon!

Assign The Option

You will transfer the right to purchase your chosen property to someone else, who will then buy it from you at an inflated price. The person who buys it must be notified of their obligation to fulfill the terms of your original contract with the seller, and they must agree to do so. In this case, you will continue receiving compensation until the new buyer has fulfilled their obligations.

Transfer Your Chosen Property Directly To A Willing Buyer

If a buyer is ready and waiting, this is often a faster route than assigning the option. Still, in some instances—like when there is no willing buyer lined up—it may not be possible until you’ve successfully assigned an option first.

Close Your Transaction

Close your transactions once you have completed either of these procedures with satisfactory results. The paperwork involved in these processes may vary depending on local laws and regulations, so ensure that you know what’s required in your area before proceeding!


As you’ve learned, real estate options are great for both the buyer and the seller. They offer enormous benefits—they are a great way to make lots of real estate riches without dealing with too many hassles. They’re a good investment option for anyone looking to get involved in their local community and grow their wealth. With real estate options, you can’t go wrong!