June 20, 2024


Interior Of The Road

Here’s what homes sold for week of Jan. 17



399 Warwick St, Catrone Michael to SFR3-050 LLC, $71,500

167 Ruckel Rd, Hokes Joseph T to Five Stream Ventures LLC, $40,000

343 Sieber Ave, Beal Troy to TJ Land Management One LLC, $34,100

1214 Bellows St, Cgsedillo LLC to Bengal Investments Inc, $45,000

1294 Carnegie Ave, Whitesides Cynthia to Abdullah Nena T, $137,500

1035 Oakland Ave, Predico Henry N to Bhandari Abi N, $121,500

1327 Brandon Ave, Sanchez Ethan to Turley Brandon Robert, $84,900

1148 Hazel St, Manijak Susan D to Gibson Tara, $80,000

828 Orlando Ave, Tatum Robert to Nixon Haniyyah, $111,998

597 Van Everett Ave, Lash Sharon C to Lash Sharon C, $3,000

1180 Laird St, Dudai Meir H to Jordan Michelle, $35,000

192 Grand Ave, Detwiler Richard E to Kennerly Darnell, $52,000

969 Davis St, Woolweaver Barbara J to Ingersol Steven, $45,000

508 & 510 N Hawkins Ave, Flashhouse Oh 2 LLC to Heil Kevin T, $105,000

88 Hawthorne Ave, Crouse James A to Tran Sue, $185,000

1437 Laffer Ave, Diludouico Ralph to Tisci Saverio V, $45,000

384 Dillon Rd, Everhard Linda L to Smith Scott M, $215,000

1275 &1261 Roslyn Ave, Sweitzer Robert W to Twin Hills LLC, $289,900

969 Davis St, Ingersol Steven to Islum Noro, $63,000

844 Beardsley St, Naas Properties LLC to Jacob Jessica K, $59,000

360 Vincent St, Beasley Vera M to Fraiser Gregory R, $60,000

1557 Goodyear Blvd, Svoboda Wayne John to Su Rehmer, $35,000

63 & 65 E Linwood Ave, Hicks Virgil D Trustee to Enderez Rentals LLC, $65,000

2506 Income Dr, Shorder Mark R to Richuisa Joseph Dominic, $141,777

251 E Lods St, Habitat for Humanity of Summit County Inc to Turner Latoya A, $133,000

643 Donald Ave, DJT Realty LLC to Riley Helen, $99,000

17 Verdun Dr, Smith John R to SFR3-040 LLC, $65,000

341 Fernwood Dr, Kma Capital LLC to Oneil Lamont, $65,000

1849 Brookfield Dr, Leonard Brian P to Eisinger Justin, $270,000

130 Oviatt Pl, Andes Michael A to Leo Barker Property Management LLC, $10,000

664 Garnette Rd, Long Christin to Krieger Brian, $168,000

279 Clinton Ave, Baranowski Joshua J to Zaccone Nicholas J, $117,500

386 Ellen Ave, Baer Erin M to Gour Alexis Marie, $134,900

623 Allyn St, Meech John R to Xu Linjun, $46,000

1250 High Ave, City View Development Group Ltd to Jacob Jessica, $59,000

808 Lindsay Ave, Baughman Kevin Earl to Sorn Nai Ong, $45,000

241 E Thornton St, Riley Christopher R to Jacob Jessica, $88,080

1315 Kentucky Ave, Marsh Sharon Ruth to Christoffer Josef, $58,000

1048 Sawyer Ave, Amd Property Company LLC to Longhitano Debbie Caporuscio, $35,000

813 Fess Ave, Bobby L Jackson Northern Akron Limited Partnership to SFR3-050 LLC, $33,500

1472 Rockaway St, Hufnagel John W to SFR3 050 LLC, $37,500

2576 Kilgore St, Perry Jabrae L Jr to Bennett Beth A, $120,500

472 Morningview Ave, Likens Shawna to Peterson Paige, $77,000

1835 Ford Ave, Letta Helen to Pataki Tibor F, $64,500

806 Crouse St, Semgen Holdings LLC to Nolt Jennifer, $61,900

393 Grand Ave, Ricmac Properties Ltd to JP Neo Properties LLC, $85,000

417 Raasch Ave, Riffle Michael A to Abbotsinch Rehab Housing SPV LLC, $341,000

2094 Stillwood Ln, George Nicholas Trustee to Cousino Curtis, $315,000

423 Moody St, Antibus Donna J to Poe Paddy Partners LLC, $65,000

1228 Sherman St, Gilpatric Lawrence to Amponsah Rosemary, $75,000

142 Byers Ave, Accv Properties Ltd to JP Neo Properties LLC, $85,000

601 Treeside Dr, Sami Amilia D to Bugg Dolores, $122,980

470 Baldwin Rd, Jack Rei Company LLC to Himelright Kevin, $75,000

580 Glenway Dr, Hayes Paula L to Martin Jeffrey A, $109,900

701 Ecton Rd, Phillips Lori K Trustee to Keith Daniel J, $223,000

1709 & 1711 Tanglewood Dr, Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd to J&J Home Improvements LLC, $102,000

26 W York St, Glogore V Robert to in Admiral Inc, $78,000

1972 Goodyear Blvd, Ray Rhonda C to Bartholomew Charles, $102,000

431 E Glenwood Ave, Schuck Gary T to Jarjabka Nathan, $73,000

1455 Woodbine Ave, Nepal Manorath to Opendoor Property Trust I, $159,500

2577 Sourek Rd, Dar Mohammad to Voroshilova Olga, $505,000

479 Auld Farm Cir, Triban Investment LLC to K Hovnanian Aspire at Auld Farms LLC, $47,000

1420 Westvale Ave, Garvin Timothy C to Parr Cydney, $155,000

1502 Eastwood Ave, Krasauskas William J to Box Jennifer, $95,500

906 Dayton St, Testa Eugene M Trustee to D.R. Investments LLC, $77,400


543 Otterbein Ave, Vanbuskirk Roger Trustee to Amponsah Rosemary, $79,764

826 Ashland Ct, Diversified Real Estate LLC to Weigand Mackenzie, $35,000

954 E Robinson Ave, Lopuchovsky James A to Johnson Michael P, $179,000

238 25th St NW, Tonge James W Jr to Roc N Refuge Properties LLC, $80,000

2535 Bishop Oval, East New Haven LLC to NVR Inc, $41,616

2640 Himelrigh Blvd, East New Haven LLC to NVR Inc, $41,616

1433 Forrest Dr, Sykes Thomas L to Tonge James W Jr, $231,900

277 7th St NW, Andes Michael A to Leo Barker Property Management LLC, $77,000

95 24th St NW, Smith Squire E Jr to Petit Dennis T, $51,400

1045 Wooster Rd W, Gallagher Holly N to Walker Larry, $55,200

5221 Witner St, NVR Inc to Howell Justin Michael, $277,000

5232 Witner St, NVR Inc to Armbruster Leah, $235,790

381 Portsmouth Ave, Velo Robert C & Sheila C to Mayo Steven, $199,900

5220 Witner St, NVR Inc to James Reesa Lynn, $274,155

374 37th St SW, Cain Jimmy D to Cook Thomas E, $160,500

Bath Township

4484 Ranchwood Spur, Kuczynski Patricia Ann Co Trustee to Sulenta Doug, $379,500

4824 Rolling View Dr, Aboulhosn May H to Stefanini Joseph M Trustee, $375,100

Copley Township

545 Queens Court, Domchick Laura to Pajk Janice A, $343,000

71 Garnett Cir, Thorne John C III to Shanmugam Jaganmanigandan, $447,500

279 Adena Trce, Parks Joseph A to Hansel Todd A, $281,500

1100 Meadow Run, NVR Inc to Reynolds Donna Jo, $229,990

1101 Meadow Run, Gabriel Development LLC to Battula Anusha, $155,000

Coventry Township

3194 S Bender Ave, Brady Randy Lynn to Martin Robert D, $53,376

Cuyahoga Falls

1400 E Bailey Rd, Anno Travis L to Khadka Budha, $198,000

1874 Windsor St, Smith Donovan to Knarr Stevan Paul, $157,000

1653 8th St, Foster Jennifer E to Marsch Ramon Lloyd III, $180,000

1964 26th St, Huff Catherine Nicole to Heller Amanda Marie, $190,000

1120 Highland Ave, Winans Chad Patrick to Daniluk Paul, $122,000

2023 18th St, Conyers Bryan to Conyers Bryan, $65,470

2378 Giffels Dr, Pfaff Steven M to Fink Sari Anita, $140,500

1282 Myrtle Ave, Snyder Tricia A to Norton Hillary Ann, $131,000

620 Woodhaven Dr, Harwood Lundy M Trustee to Hemel Debbie L, $700,000

3651 Eakins Rd, Karam Building Corporation to Karam Julie L, $210,000

parcel 3506092 Creekside Trl, A R Lockhart Development Co to Crestwood Circle LLC, $20,000


2509 Haverhill Rd, Lotrean Samuel D to Sweeney Robert, $230,000

1017 Bunker Dr, Weninger David M to Buksdorf Eduard, $230,000


66 N Tamarack Dr, Turner Linda to Turner Ealton E Jr, $171,000

1363 Medley Dr, Taucher Jeffrey N to Buerling Peter J, $104,000

2543 Royal County Down Dr, Jenkins Judith D Trustee to Fessler Cory, $75,000

parcel 2812216 Wise Rd, Day Donald L to Boling Patricia L, $10,000

1278 Spruce Wood Way, Cross Kristin to Toth Ashtin Marie, $236,000

4617 S Arlington Rd, Roberts Robert O to Grosscup Lee, $255,000

4201 S Cottage Grove Rd, Nyeste Properties LLC to 5354 Telluride Way LLC, $295,000


6165 Paderborne Dr, Goodloe Alan M Jr to Larimore Rhonda, $985,000

6562 Regal Woods Dr, Bendik Andrew M Jr Trustee to Rettger John H, $749,900


2652 Chelsea Dr, Duncan David to Peak Charles Robert, $210,000

3180 Sunny Brook Dr, TWL Hidden Lake LLC to NVR Inc, $60,000

3191 Sunny Brook Dr, NVR Inc to Gurung Jai, $277,160


517 Ledge Rd, Marino Francesca A to Wits End Properties LLC, $240,000


3563 Mogadore Rd, Lewis Tammy D to Cradlebaugh Kevin Michael, $166,250

3563 Mogadore Rd, Cradlebaugh Kevin Michael to Cradlebaugh Kevin Michael, $8,750

New Franklin

4723 Manchester Rd, Hummel Lawrence A to Hummel Lawrence A, $60,000

217 S Messner Rd, Miller Frances A to BRM Legacy 3 Investments LLC, $82,000

5028 Will Dr, Heller Fred E to Hall Christopher L II, $180,000

Northfield Center Township

100 Marwyck Pl Lane, Rabung Eleanor to Kozik Holly M, $190,000

50 Firebush Lane, Dorigan John Patrick to Fallsevac Shelley Lynn, $127,500

165 Hazel Dr, Kozlik Jerry B to Yuhas Thomas, $200

8895 Olde Eight Rd, Andrea Joshua to Andrea Joshua, $85,150

118 Dover Pl Lane, Reed Timothy D Trustee to Jones Christine, $198,000


146 Huntington Dr, Whittaker Patrick Dale to K Kapitol LLC, $120,000

142 Birch Ave, Oasis Investments Group LLC to Jewell Stacy L, $108,000

9121 N Plaza Dr, Grobe Robert J to Mueller Mark, $140,000

241 Heights Ave, Shorter Danny C to Swiger Steven R, $185,000


3665 Knecht Rd, Benttle Development LLC to NVR Inc, $50,000

4677 Bevington St, J & J Home Improvements LLC to Oluwadare Mopelola, $199,900

1080 Gardner Blvd, Leatherman Ashley J to Hunger Ryan M, $134,008

4101 Summit Rd, Crumley Jason D to Brown Danielle R, $87,500

3316 Wadsworth Rd, Wickwire Treva C to Green Pointe Mangement LLC, $100

3316 Wadsworth Rd, Green Pointe Mangement LLC to Martin Enterprise Company, $35,000

Silver Lake

2931 Silver Lake Blvd, Hite Joni M Trustee to Kever Daniel M, $875,000

Springfield Township

286 Columbine Ave, MCMLXX LLC to Smith Tiffany M, $173,000


1670 Ritchie Rd, Steigmeier Terrance to Ritchie LLC, $210,000

5264 Brockton Dr, Seslow Bryan D to Mitchell Michael J, $290,000

2196 & 2200 Samira Rd, Lansinger Deborah D Trustee to Eckenrode James J, $155,000

2105 Graham Rd, Buzaki Magdalena to Peters Kurt, $135,000

1756 Arndale Rd, Savick David M to Custom Consulting Group LLC, $150,000

1815 Lillian Rd, Smicklevich Mickey to Coates Lee C, $224,500

3066 Kent Rd, Canavan June to Reedy Donald L, $66,000


373 N Thomas Rd, Naumoff Daniel J to Blaess Brendan R, $120,000


2857 S Tinkers Ln, Stevens Diane F Trustee to Mcnair Romelo L, $165,000

9605 & 9607 Chamberlin Rd, Johnson Loren L to Mckee-Williams Tamra J, $275,000

2035 Presidential Pkwy, Patel Ankit to Patel Ravikumar, $110,000

1531 Bridget Ln, CS Maple Properties LLC to Henderson Lawrence M, $120,000

Twinsburg Township

3088 Aspen Ln, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Shaikewitz Manon Ubaghs, $553,045



842 River Run Rd, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Muthaiyan Rajesh & Mahwswari Govindarajan (J&S), $523,230

19 Greenbriar, Bank of New York Mellon the (Trustee) to Antil Kelly C, $225,000

865 Dipper Ln, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Frostino Wendy A, $359,170

635 Beljon Ln, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Araujo Leandro Filgueiras & Bruna Jeunon Dutra (J&S), $628,110

490 Woodview Tl, Mitco Remodeling & Renovations Inc to Rinaldi Anthony (Trustee), $495,000

395 W Club Dr, Prestige & Premier Companies to One Two Nine Holdings LLC, $182,000

Brimfield Township

825 Lakeview Ct, Meagher Patrick M & Deborah G (J&S) to Smith Judy Ann, $250,000

2180 Orchard Cr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Mckenzie Christopher Michael & Tessa Renee (J&S), $439,375

2225 Orchard Cr, Cranberry Farm LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $61,800

2246 Orchard Cr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Green Joseph Anton & Beatris Revesz Green (J&S), $369,985

Deerfield Township

1400 Bonner, Bann Mark to Dugan Seth C, $137,500

10552 Country Club Ln, Dunbar-Spencer Alison Leah (Trustee) to Edgell Joshua J & Nicole A (J&S), $382,250

9422 Bluebeard Ct, Marlo Geoffrey E & Gloria J (J&S) to Dixon James Thomas & Brenda (J&S), $225,000

Franklin Township

4659 Newcomer Rd, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Workman Jerrod & Dayna (J&S), $512,555

4647 Newcomer Rd, Newcomer Partners LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $79,750

Garrettsville Village

Garrettsville Sub (Old) N Part of Lot 1-10 Silica, Baldwin Gladys M to Hecky Chad E & Ping (J&S), $284,000

10542 Liberty, Baldwin Gladys to Hecky Chad E & Ping (J&S), $284,000


1403 Water, Hershberger Thomas L & Barbara J (Co-Trustees) to JKK House LLC, $209,000

Mantua Township

Boyer Acres 2 Lot 9 F 160.00 St Rt 82, Deskins Patsy J (Trustee ) to Kotrlik Dale T, $15,000

12115 Sheldon, Simpson Vandell E III & Patricia E (Co-Trustees) to Holt Steven M & Sasha B (J&S), $270,000

4661 Wayne, Cheatham John W & Norma Marina (J&S) to Cheatham John W & Norma Marina (J&S), $186,000


10937 Fernway, Moore Leslie R & Yvonne D (J&S) to Elson Josh & Andrea Belding (J&S), $320,000

10600 S Main, HSC Mantua LLC to MDC Coastal I LLC, $1,848,890

Randolph Township

3808 Randolph, Kane Tracy A & Carolyn P (J&S) to Decrane Donald J & Margaret M Kane (J&S), $160,000

4373 Bryar Ct, Ebie Connie S (Trustee) to Ebie Brian D & Laura L Hoopes (J&S), $60,000


1065 Williams, Murdock Chad E & Jackie A (J&S) to Lesher Richard D, $85,000

121 Garden Ct, RLL Realty Company LLC to Rini Jessica N, $111,750

Ravenna Township

3276 Summit, Butler Joan C to Callen Jackie, $155,000

Shalersville Township

Lot 22 Peck Rd, Novak Richard G & Lynda S to Ellis Richard Hardy Jr, $78,000


Lot 69 E Diagonal Rd, Jackson Deborah Ann to Worcester Bruce, $240,000

8770 Diagonal, Jackson Deborah Ann to Worcester Bruce, $240,000

1315 Vantage Wy, Hejduk John E & Emily (J&S) to Penwell Jennifer A, $199,000

9159 Page, Knight Jason A & Nichole A (J&S) to Braun Kendall M, $175,000

9928 Meldon, Mora Genene A to Anders Peter, $118,000

1678 Sugar Maple Ct, Rajakumar Subajothy to Lovejoy Kathleen Lynn, $152,500


9026 Store, Blankenship Douglas to Mcclellan Nicholas R, $133,500

9008 Wilverne, Pallo Michele to Phillips Trisha, $125,000



Antonasanti Antonio from Antonasanti Corinnea, 2351 S Seneca Ave, $135,000.

Covello Barbara A from St John Kyle R & Erica M, 233 Shadyside CT, $119,277.

Federal National Mortgage Association from Battershell Benjamin R, 342 S Park Ave, $28,000.

Mom2 LLC from Howard Grace L, 1046 Garwood St, $27,500.

Nichols James D from Rogers Matthew L & Darla S, 2513 S Seneca Ave, $121,600.

TKB Dayton LLC from Thoma James E Ttee & Thoma James E Ttee, 1905 Parkway BLVD, $120,000.

Bethlehem Township

Equity Trust Co. Custodian for Stephen from Finley Benjamin P & Horton Kaitlin, parcel 10008983 Mose St SW, $135,000.

Weber John D from Weber John D & Helene M, 142 Jacob St NE, $53,250.

Canal Fulton

Davis Michael from Heckathorn Jenna R & Aaron L, 837 Dan Ave, $260,000.

Prestige Worldwide Re LLC from Jhex LLC, 448 Gloria Cir, $137,500.

Tanner Ryan N from Joseph Heather R, 247 Milan St N, $146,500.


Adams Justin & Jaclyn from Nationwide Investments LLC, 1325 18th St NW, $135,000.

Barr Justin M from Bryan Janice B Trustee / Janice B Bryan, 1221 35th St NW, $144,900.

Broyles T’chara C & Bryant Derek D from Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio, 2122 25th St NE, $130,000.

BSMK, LLC from Yoder Steven R & Ellen K, 1115 Roslyn Ave SW, $140,000.

BSMK, LLC from Yoder Steven R & Ellen K, 1426 Shriver Ave NE, $140,000.

BSMK, LLC from Yoder Steven R and Ellen K, 534 Columbus Ave NW, $140,000.

BSMK, LLC from Yoder Steven R, 1506 5th St NE, $140,000.

Cialella Joseph from Morris Vendal, 138 Claremont Ave NW, $57,500.

Cim REO 2021-NR1 LLC from Goodright Willard R, 122 Bellflower Ave NW, $88,000.

Clay Scott B from Tufts Jeffrey C & Diane L, 420 Hazlett Ave NW, $24,900.

Dalton Debbie M from Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio I, 2010 Indiana Way NE, $2,700.

Daniels Matthew Tyler from End Zone Properties LLC, 1524 Ferndale Rd NW, $103,400.

Davis Kimberly from Mayle Eric, 2537 Baldwin Ave NE, $105,000.

Digirolamo Lawrence O & Melissa from Rosenblatt Linda K & Arnold M TRUSTEES/L, 2208 University Ave NW, $300,000.

Ee Homes LLC from Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, 1403 24th St NW, $61,000.

Fame City Properties LLC from Davison Kareem, 420 Belden Ave SE, $15,500.

Feller Richard from Finn Timothy P & Debra J, 1648 Tanner Ave SW, $95,000.

Green Lashawn & Ujama H from Beuter Robert N Trustee, 1732 Spring Ave NE, $85,000.

Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio from Rickets Jane E, 446 Girard Ave SE, $45,000.

Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio from Ricketts Jane E, parcel 235286 Girard Ave SE, $45,000.

Hogue Brett Aaron from Disman Deidre K, 316 Raff Rd NW, $140,000.

Huayamabe Carlos from Oxier Christine, 1004 14th St NE, $7,570.

Jackson Benjamin from Schneiders Joel A, 1229 Wertz Ave NW, $100,000.

Kanam John from Kell Jacob, 2010 9th St SW, $52,200.

Korak John Joseph from Monnot James L Trustee of the James L Mo, 401 Broad Ave NW, $50,000.

Lopez Marvin from Vianney Holdings LLC, 1020 Bedford Ave SW, $39,900.

Milano Jordann & Anthony from Schumacher Homes of AKRON/CANTON Inc, 444 Montabella PL NW, $442,869.

Mulheim Bailey R from English Andrew, 1915 Franklin PL NW, $125,000.

MW Wright Properties LLC from Walter Bruce A, 729 Broad Ave NW, $74,500.

Neo Home Buyers Inc from Sealock Chad R, 3031 Gilbert Ave NE, $24,000.

Neo Home Buyers Inc from Sealock Chad R, parcel 300667 Fletcher Ave NE, $24,000.

Palm Properties LLC from WL Real Estate LLC, 1738 Ohio Ave NE, $64,500.

Patterson Davon & Horton Katrina from Dayton Elizabeth A, 544 Hamilton Ave NE, $50,000.

Patterson Davon & Horton Katrina from Dayton Elizabeth A, parcel 208108 Georgetown Rd NE, $50,000.

Rchi Properties LLC & Hostetler Joseph from Taylor Aaron Matthew, 2208 Snyder Ave NE, $32,000.

Rocket Mortgage LLC from Clayton Anthony R Sr, 3421 35th St NE, $64,000.

SFR3-040 LLC from Colap Properties Ltd, 1255 Woodland Ave NW, $51,000.

SFR3-050 LLC from Postlethwait Sandras, 913 Bedford Ave SW, $32,000.

Sider Haithan Muhieddin from Abraham Michelle Susan, 1930 Midway Ave NE, $75,000.

Smith Robert & Nicole from Bausher Nancy A, 1401 19th St NE, $140,000.

Stiner Gretchen K from Muckley Edward M & Billie Jo Trustees, 3430 Arnold Ave NW, $147,500.

Susej LLC from Stutler Roger & Sonia Trustees, 3826 Mahoning Rd NE, $125,000.

Willey Properties LLC from Walter Bruce A, 723 Broad Ave NW, $89,900.

Zeus Properties LLC from Mittas Constantinos, 1116 Dougherty PL NW, $30,000.

Canton Township

Bell Autumn Lea from Bell Jan T & Joel A, 1225 Faircrest St SW, $80,000.

Bice Allen D & Erin M from Erickson William T, 5217 Cleveland Ave SW, $104,900.

Leber Kimberly A from Russell Carol E, 517 35th St SE, $129,000.

Mangus Ashlee Elizabeth from Stoehr Flek G, 3005 46th St SW, $185,000.

Zeus Equitys LLC from French Lewis W Jr, 4603 Cleveland Ave SW, $55,000.

Zurcher Joshua R & Shiplett Rebecca K from Dyer Frederick E & Marcia A, 1553 Broad Ave NW, $136,500.

Jackson Township

Bibbee Charity L from Williams Pamela S & Williams Kenneth E, 9250 Clearway St NW, $290,000.

Campbell Anthony & Stephanie from Britton Souad S, 5150 Quail Hill St NW, $325,000.

Hartel Mark & Melanie from Dimartino Amanda Nickole, 6184 Swan Lake Cir NW, $520,000.

Hensley Samuel Mcdavid from Kondev Gjorgi & Kondev Carol D, 7500 Seymour St NW, $292,500.

Houska Michael J from Whipple Ave Corporation, 3445 Whipple Ave NW, $99,900.

Iannacchione Benjamin from Noda David A and Angel M, 4327 Ranier Ave NW, $440,000.

Moneypenny Michael R Jr & Rebecca from Mosgrove Mark D & Tracy L, 6523 Dale Ave NW, $265,000.

Norcia Timothy J from Henry William J, 6410 Palmer Dr NW, $185,000.

SCF RC Funding 111 LLC from BW Marketing LLC, 8200 Traphagen St NW, $1,175,388.

Wang Jia Ri & Zhou Li Li from Barson Kyle E & Courtney, 2818 Brighton Cir NW, $225,000.

White Joshua from Mowery Barbara J, 1106 Concord St NW, $177,000.

Wood Correy D & Heather A from Schumacher Homes of AKRON/CANTON Inc, 5691 Shadow Ridge Cir NW, $443,000.

Lake Township

Fairless Samantha Dalynn from Mancini Betty L, 9097 Cleveland Ave NW, $80,900.

Kapper Rhonda M from Winnett Lee E & Kelly M TRUSTEES/WINNETT, 1605 Susquehanna St NW, $150,000.

Mcclaughry Michael K & Renee from Toth Nancy M Etal, 2371 Lovers Lane St NE, $194,900.

Schroll Steven E & Shelly R from Glengarry Properties Ltd, parcel 10003505 Cleveland Ave NW, $90,000.

Sheets Gary D & Donna M from Miller Stephanie S Ttee, parcel 2205178 Patunia St NW, $75,000.

Lawrence Township

Alto Robert G & Melody A from Johnson Larry J & Gary D, 8548 Kepler Ave NW, $110,000.

Forgues Robert R from Homoly June A, 6341 Chiltern Rd NW, $205,500.

Hartman Ryan & Leanne from Wellman North Ltd, 14840 Penford St NW, $35,000.

Lexington Township

Mac Trailer Realty Inc from Caserta Properties Co, parcel 2801411 Hemlock St NE, $34,100.

Mac Trailer Realty Inc from Caserta Properties Co, parcel 2801413 Rockhill Ave NE, $34,100.

Pol Wayne & Theresa from Gill Stephen M, 13060 Beeson St NE, $197,000.

Ross Joshua & Morgan from Oldham Cory J, 10855 Julie St NE, $200,000.


Wickline Ted M & Janet M from Sanor Wanda J, 120 Chapel Ridge St, $130,000.

Yoder Brian Mason & Linder Ty Matthew from Ross Joshua & Morgan Taylor, 1603 Sturbridge Dr NE, $312,000.


Calvin Christopher from Morrison Seth R, 1003 Niles St SW, $161,000.

Drake Russell III & Shana from Hardie Heather M, 314 2nd St NE, $99,900.

Drake Russell III & Shana from Hardie Heather M, parcel 616115 3rd St NE, $99,900.

Ferrell Jason from Heinzer Joseph M & Judy A, 804 Erie St S, $43,900.

Fries Nathan from Heartland Housing Group LLC, 1321 Marion Ave SE, $50,000.

Gehring Olivia from Guleff Richard W, 2518 Main Ave W, $150,000.

Gehring Olivia from Guleff Richard W, parcel 613132 Main St W, $150,000.

Gehring Olivia from Guleff Richard W, parcel 613218 Main Ave NW, $150,000.

Goff Dylan & Joseph from Winter James W & Cathy S, 1761 Meadowbrook Rd SW, $140,000.

Huskey Amber from Faber James C, 916 7th St SW, $94,000.

Husted Brandon J & Lauren R from Persson Rebecca, 2536 Meadows Ave NW, $149,000.

JD Real Estate Investments, Inc from Sylvester David, 819 Federal Ave NE, $32,000.

Joseph Asset Management Company LLC from Gerber Adam J, 214 Commonwealth Ave NE, $128,000.

K Hovnanian at Country View Estates LLC from Partner Land Company LLC, parcel 10014519 23rd St SW, $330,000.

Lee David H & Rebecca L from Getz Dacia, 169 Rolling Park Dr N, $3,500.

Patti Richard T & Gail A from Briggs Richard K & Peggy J, 726 8th St SW, $61,000.

Vandyke Kristin Nicole & Stiles Andrew from Hardwick Phyllis v, 422 17th St NW, $220,000.

Vandyke Kristin Nicole & Stiles Andrew from Hardwick Phyllis v, parcel 611438 Lincoln Way NW, $220,000.

Welcsh Thomas A & Kathryn M from Home at Last Properties LLC, 941 10th St NE, $135,900.

Wilson Marjorie L from Palumbo Diane L, 21 Rolling Park Dr N, $1,000.

Zentkovich Melinda from Lantz Forest & Lori, 2207 Oak Ave SE, $141,900.

Nimishillen Township

Karasarides John M from Karasarides John M, 5847 Paris Ave, $40,260.

Kegg George Samuel from Ostrowske Hans Matthew, 8695 Columbus Rd, $218,000.

Kegg George Samuel from Ostrowske Hans Matthew, parcel 3300732 Columbus Rd NE, $218,000.

Kellermier Harry C & Alyssia C from Sinclair v Lee & Janet L, parcel 10014855 Paris Ave, $200,000.

North Canton

Hogue Lyndsey & Lori from Pfeil Kathryn M, parcel 9207522 Bachtel St SW, $140,000.

Hogue Lyndsey & Lori from Pfeil Kathryn P, 217 Bachtel St SW, $140,000.

Hurd Dominique J from Martin Greg S & Scott D & Lisa M Truste, 410 Portage St NW, $176,000.

Pierce Angela from NC Houses LLC, 816 Oakridge St SW, $258,900.

Toth Nancy M from Bzdafka Kathryn, 1118 W Maple St, $106,000.

Osnaburg Township

Kraft Kristine N & Rai Harish Kumar from Kraft Kristine N & Rai Harish Kumar, parcel 3700706 Crestlawn Dr SE, $1,000.

Mossgrove Scott W & Elisa L from Mossgrove Dean J, 8281 Cindell St SE, $68,000.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from A List Land Development LLC, parcel 9000073 Quarry Lake Dr SE, $58,184.

Paris Township

Beck Raymond T & Carloyn S from Critean Sally A, 555 Robertsville Ave SE, $500,000.

Louive Janice from Kohmann John C & Joann, 615 Chestnut St, $165,000.

Perry Township

Bowersox Dawnyel R from Fano Nicholas E & Vogt Christina M &, 300 Pershing Ave NW, $138,500.

Boyes Stacey from Everhart Jeffrey S & Lynn A, 4423 15th St NW, $255,000.

Diaz-Cedillo Jose A & Barrera-Menedez from Moser Frederick, 1628 Spring Valley Ave NW, $119,900.

Doolittle Bethany K & Raymond E II from Mesenger Adam & Brown Darrell, 509 Elmford Ave SW, $137,000.

Harte Richard E & Burick-Harte Holly J from Witmer John, 5236 14th St SW, $23,000.

Lackney Stephen S & Jessica L from Walker Alex J, 4603 Aurora St NW, $145,000.

Sommerville Valrie from Vianney Holdings LLC, 5015 12th St SW, $150,000.

Whitmer Autumn Victoria & Erik Joseph from Willison Greg A & Rebecca D, 1733 Thornridge Rd NW, $180,000.

Plain Township

Allen Larry & Krista from Lisovets Pavlo, 1423 Applegrove St NE, $48,000.

Asad Lynnette Rodriguez from Nice Houses LLC, 7432 Market Ave N, $229,000.

Augustine Alyssa Lynne & Anthony from Thewes Laurie L, 6902 Firestone Rd NE, $306,500.

Bitonte David A & Amelia Hyland from Appalachian Basin Management Corp, 1580 Eagle Watch St NE, $745,000.

Bricker Adam & Julie E from Martell Lois J, 2233 Beechmoor Dr NW, $390,000.

Certainteed LLC from Charis Homes LLC, 3524 Martindale Rd NE, $15,000.

Cugini Casey Ellen & Cady Ann from Walter David J, 2534 42nd St NW, $123,000.

Depietro Greg & Kimberly from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 1267 Fountain View St NE, $345,760.

Detore Donald J & Shelley L from SRS Group LLC, 2585 Carlton St NW, $65,000.

Dulac Jonathan A from Mcloud James E III & Ashley E, 8028 Woodrush Dr NW, $251,000.

Esmont Dante A from Mawdsley James L & Shelia R, 3811 Ashwood St NW, $197,000.

Hider Katie from Future Rental Properties LLC, 4265 Shrine PL NW, $150,000.

KGR Investments LLC from Colonbini Rickey Patricia, 3200 22nd St NW, $164,500.

Kleve Kevin & Catherine from Lexington Farms North Ltd, parcel 10013241 Harness Cir NE, $80,000.

Kush Brett W & Kim from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 7103 Stonegate Cir NE, $386,145.

Laemmert Anna M from Asr Homes LLC, 2426 45th St NW, $102,500.

Mackim Misty from Tarr Alan D, 2728 Shortridge Ave NE, $83,500.

Mattos John Anthony from Tsaftarides George A, 1219 34th St NE, $153,900.

Mungo Michelle & David from Lucas Anthony J, 1361 Shelley St NE, $218,000.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Mckinley Edgewood Development Company LLC, 1303 Southbrook Cir NE, $86,490.

Petrakis Gust E & Helen K from Kurian Genevieve M, 1424 Whittier St NE, $142,800.

Rigney Cody M & Christina from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 7918 Cobbler Ave NE, $361,605.

Russell Mary Irene from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 1288 Fountain View St NE, $293,975.

Steiner Charles Marion & Shamira Marie from Nice City Homes LLC, 122 32nd St NE, $58,000.

Teels Shawn G from Hoover Lawrence P, 4326 20th St NW, $105,600.

West Deborah R from Spotleson Patrick &Norma J, 5314 Lindford Ave NE, $175,000.

Sandy Township

Ingledue Deborah A from Mowder Wanda, 8853 Mapledale Dr SE, $50,000.

Paul Angela from Rohrig Zane D & Noll Brooke R, parcel 6102600 Battlesburg St SE, $10,000.

Yoder Simon & Katie from Tusco Holdings LLC, 7340 Willowdale Ave SE, $99,000.

Sugarcreek Township

Crabtree Christopher M & Kori N from Strong Trevor D & Madison, 13462 Elton St SW, $178,000.

Ewing Kevin from Oney Donald, 525 Cedar Ave NW, $35,000.

Radich Joseph P & Sydney A from Youngman Neil A, 186 5th St SW, $117,500.

Swartzentruber Jonas & Mattie from the Dutch Legacy Company LLC, 12281 Lawndell Rd SW, $120,000.

Tuscarawas Township

Hoover Jason R & Sharon L from Jones Earl J &Steven & Scoeppner Terri L, parcel 10014879 Deermont Ave NW, $319,766.

Miller Nathaniel D & Mary Ann from Mast Duane & Katie, 15217 Lincoln St W, $175,000.

Paul Larry D from Jones Earl J &Steven & Scoeppner Terri L, 1444 Deermont Ave NW, $570,900.

Sloan Kevin Paul from Becker Kevin R, 11612 Millersburg Rd SW, $120,000.

Washington Township

Springer Michael & Tracy from KJ Sarchione II LLC, 3961 S Mahoning Ave, $800,000.

Springer Michael & Tracy from KJ Sarchione II LLC, parcel 7506717 Mahoning Ave NE, $800,000.



2087 Greenwich Rd, Ratta Grace M to Ratta Norman, $120,000

251 Deepwood Dr, Huffman Jennifer N to Sonntag Maggie, $112,000

334 Koontz Rd, Phelps Mark W & Gina C to Smith Samantha Marie & Ryan James, $402,500

186 Longview Dr, Mcmaster Jameson S to Landrum Heather Dawn, $221,000

249 Knollwood Rd, Valentine Beverly J to Mcbride Jennifer M & James A Zverloff, $207,181

1228 Ledgestone Dr, Pinchot Diane M to Pinchot Christopher Anthony & Melissa M, $330,000

184 Pine St, Miksch Kyle to Conley Kari, $225,000

1000 Main St, Hartman Hills Inc to Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC, $2,047,500

1318 Bolich Dr, Woodhaven Reserve PH 2 LLC to Bennett Jeremiah G & Amanda L, $94,900

382 Durling Dr, Masters Cheryl L to Wright Shaun & Mariah Valley, $165,000


5279 Creekside Blvd P-12, Scott Jeff to Federico Kristiana Noel, $126,250

5288 Bringham Dr, Leake Tiffany A to Morgan Terese & Daniel August Wittway, $285,000

3085 Trentwood Ct, Phillips Alfred S & Tammy A to Largent Jeffrey & Rosaura, $360,000

parcel 003-18A-07-068 Homestead Dr, Kintop Barbara Marie to VM Pronto LLC, $167,400

4444 Homestead Dr, Kintop Barbara Marie to VM Pronto LLC, $167,400

parcel 003-18A-07-070 Homestead Dr, Kintop Barbara Marie to VM Pronto LLC, $167,400

295 Brad Dr, Prevost Kelly R & Kenneth W Mcgraw to Williams Erin, $250,000

843 Amherst Ln, Mack Joseph E to Heighway Janice A, $155,000

775 Gallo Dr, Barrett Shawn M to Ohio Rebuild LLC, $240,300

2042 Byron Dr, Kraly Erin to Eberts Lauren F & Brianna M Hartman, $200,000

Chippewa Lake

7768 Chesterfield Dr, Prok Robin R & Christopher M Cook to Blatnica Christopher & Kimberly, $314,000


12447 Jeffrey Rd, Glick John L & Delila to Whittington Jack R, $282,000


parcel 024-04A-22-028 Crow Rd, Duncan Johnnie Wayne to Tompkins Shawn T & Ashley M, $85,000


513 Creek Bend Trl, Whisper Creek Development LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $43,000

8772 Congress Rd, English Lee to Aug Property Investments LLC, $144,000

8334 Harris Rd, Boscaljon James D & Valarie Z to Cook Christopher & Robin Prok, $317,500

parcel 013-14B-19-004 Harris Rd, Boscaljon James D & Valarie Z to Cook Christopher & Robin Prok, $317,500

505 Creek Bend Trl, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Williams Raven Heather Leah & Kerry Levon, $264,990

parcel 013-14B-19-006 Harris Rd (R), Boscaljon James D & Valarie Z to Cook Christopher & Robin Prok, $317,500


200 Granger Rd Unit 74, Geml Jaclyn C to Murphy Valerie A & Robert D, $104,500

6996 Toucan Dr, Gall Peter D & Kristina M to Ginley Megan Elizabeth & Adam Brannon Shipley, $350,000

5378 Ivandale Dr, Angus Theresa M to Etherington Amber & Josh, $306,000

6157 Lake Rd, Fleischer Investments II LLC to Buehner Candice D, $224,900

7185 Lafayette Rd, Czerwieniec Dale D to Urbanos John A & Cynthia M Gamber, $154,000

4926 Summerwind Dr, Scardigli Rosa to Pavelchak Daniel Walter & Carol A, $425,000

3974 Ritz Ct, Brauel Darleen P to Phillips Allison, $188,000

parcel 028-19A-13-012 Brookland Dr 366-368, Waite Carolyn S Trustee to Wilson John, $270,000

1036 Oak St, Cunningham & Associates Profit Sharing Plan & Trust to Heberlein Kylie B, $124,000

parcel 028-19C-20-227 Topsail Dr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Nangah Cynthia Mantohbang, $313,735

1260 Dover Dr, Rich Jennifer to Keefer David M & Alyssa N, $365,000

parcel 028-19C-20-233 Topsail Dr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Houston Maria P & Kevin Todd, $315,330

6241 Hollow Ln, Gazzo John N & John N III to Hanck Donald P & Barbara L, $319,900

6080 Wadsworth Rd, Goff James E & Doris J to Tuggle Kurt D, $219,000

5378 Wayside Dr, Howman Chad E to Treb Michael Neil & Cheryl Ann, $505,000

234 Harding St, Hejny Nicholas J to O’donoghue Brittany Elaine & Matthew Ryan Nixon, $165,250


32 E Main St, Semon Richard L Jr & Dawn I to Mcknight Shannon, $187,500

280 Center St, Demastes Richard G to Millsop Properties LLC, $220,000

9 Prospect St, Bonacci Anthony & Kelly R Patton to Semon Richard L Jr & Dawn I, $215,000

parcel 012-21A-16-158 Main St, Bonacci Anthony & Kelly R Patton to Semon Richard L Jr & Dawn I, $215,000

Valley City

1615 Masons Way, Valley Investments 2 Ltd to Hornsby Tabitha & Brandon, $100,000

1536 Columbia Rd, Bauer Charles D to Brooks Victoria & Andrew Christopher, $275,000

Westfield Center

6594 Greenwich Rd, Navratil Hildy J to Simon Darthea Kay, $450,000


Apple Creek

10215 10229 Dover Rd, Miller Atlee D & Elsie R S/T to Miller Javin L, $360,000

174 Apple Ridge Dr, Mcelwain Mary S to Hudson Kristoffer James & Stephanie Marie S/T, $170,000


225 E Middle St, Kelly Rodney V to Mast Logan D, $133,000


177 S Prospect St, US Bank National Association as Trustee for Residential Asset Securities Corporation to Tieche Gregory Dean, $24,000

parcel 20-00470.000 Prospect St, Hostetler Donna J to Witting Andrew, $136,363

parcel 20-00471.000 Prospect St, Hostetler Donna J to Witting Andrew, $136,363

641 Prospect St, Hostetler Donna J to Witting Andrew, $136,363

parcel 20-00473.000 Prospect St, Hostetler Donna J to Witting Andrew, $136,363

parcel 20-00474.000 Prospect St, Hostetler Donna J to Witting Andrew, $136,363


197 Anna Dr, Curtis Chad C & Jennifer A S/T to Dodd Danny & Jacquelin S/T, $379,000

This article originally appeared on Akron Beacon Journal: Home sales for Summit, Stark, Portage, Wayne, Medina week of Jan. 17