July 24, 2024


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Cyprus Property Villa Sales Guide

Perspective purchasers normally consider all of the various property types available in Cyprus, although any one on a low budget will probably end up with an apartment. You need to compare the varying types of property available throughout the island as you may come across some serious bargains. If you do come across a real bargain try and find out why it is so cheap by comparing it to the surrounding property and always try and get an estate agents reasoning confirmed by other sources.

The advantages for buying property in Cyprus are just endless but you will no doubt come out winning in so many different ways. So let’s not start off on the wrong foot and make any mistakes when it comes to the purchase of your property. You will more than likely have contact with the owner, so always make sure that you ask them any important questions as well as asking the agent. If you don’t have contact with the owner, then try contacting the neighbors. Don’t forget that if you are dealing with an authentic bargain, it is because the owners are after a quick sale, so don’t offer the asking price.

The successful outcome of the operation will be dependent on several factors, so the more local knowledge you have under your belt, the better. Other important factors include you being a cash buyer or having a mortgage agreed and not being caught up in any sort of property chain. Make sure that you give concrete details on exactly what you are looking for and don’t to swayed into buying something else, regardless of how good it may seem. Stick to your guns and check out several estate agents and look through local newspapers for a better overall view of the local property market.

Under normal circumstances when there is a property crisis and the market slows down, well the purchaser tends to have the upper hand on the negotiating table. Although we are seeing this trend at the moment throughout the western world, Cyprus is still a developing nation and the current trends just don’t apply there. If we now had to compare current market property prices in Cyprus with the rest of Europe, you would be shocked to see that a villa in Cyprus would only fetch you an apartment in the UK.

When looking into a possible purchase and especially at an agreed price, you need to take into consideration what it will actually cost you in refurbishment costs in order to get the property up to top standard. Take a professional along with you and get a quote for any work that need carrying out and then make sure that this amount is reflected in your offer. You may also want to take into account a bank survey as this price is what the bank considers as it’s value. It is a good independent way of finding out if you are getting a bargain or not and you could consider it as an insurance policy for not getting ripped off.

On the whole the majority of people that have been going into property investment in Cyprus are those at the lower end of the budget scales. Small studios and apartments are ideal for both holiday breakaways and for letting out to tourists. It is in fact an ideal investment for anyone with limited resources as it will reap quick profits as well as an ideal holiday destination. This type of investment has changed the lives of so many people and the opportunities are still there for many more people to take advantage of.

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