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Gladys T. Black

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Christie A. Morrison to Eric J. & Ann M. Powell, 4311 Fairfield School Road, Leetonia, OH 44431, $395,000.

Donna Waugh to Evan M. Waugh, 9838 Lynchburg Road, Kensington, OH 44427, $330,000.

Thomas R. Jones III & Karen S. Jones to Matthew R. & Amy Taylor, 46750 Winston Drive, East Liverpool, OH 43920, $297,000.

Patricia Williams to Gary Williams, 14362 East Liverpool Road, Lisbon, OH 44432, $183,000.

Aqua Sky LLC to Larry D. Davis, 5219 State Route 9, Salem, OH 44460, $180,000.

Melissa Nagel to Chandra S. Cleland, 430 Somer Street, Leetonia, OH 44431, $165,000.

Jason W. Megan D. Stokes to Kaitlyn Stokes, 3286 Saint Clair Avenue, East Liverpool, OH 43920, $141,000.

Mark A. Drewnoski to Kristi N. Luchansky, 417 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Leetonia, OH 44431, $132,500.

Mitchell S. McGuire to Shane Layman, 856 Aten Avenue, Wellsville, OH 43968, $105,000.

George A. & Pauline V. Pitre to Jason & Alicia Pitre, 25149 Quaker Church Road, East Rochester, OH 44625, $100,000.

Week of April 4, 2022
ROR LLC to Cot Pizza RE LLC, 556 Main Street, Wellsville, OH 43968, $961,434.

James M. Hall & ROR LLC to James M. Hall & Cot Pizza RE LLC, Market Street, East Palestine, OH 44413, $878,064.

Gregory E. & Susan R. Foltz to William M. & Joyce L. D’Amico, 47745 Tomahawk Drive, Negley, OH 44441, $519,000.

James E. & Kathy A. Jarvis to Marcella C. & David C. Woofter, 2187 Bandy Road, Alliance, OH 44601, $443,000.

Alan D. & Kimberly A. Wolfe to Laura Bach & Hager Dean Hackney Jr., 44243 State Route 154, Lisbon, OH 44432, $425,000.

Michael R. Blaner to Charles A. Hilditch Jr. & Rebecca J. Hilditch, 13069 Weber Lane, East Liverpool, OH 43920, $400,000.

Margaret J. Bloor Trust to Scott & Tina Takacs, 5810 Bandy Road, Homeworth, OH 44634, $387,000.

David R. Nixon, successor trustee, to Eric Wayne Smith, Robert Scott Smith & Hartley J. Malone, 245 South Elm Street #1, Columbiana, OH 44408, $300,000.

Renee L. Jones to Thomas Harry Johnson Jr. & Shayna K. Johnson, 488 Edgewood Avenue, East Palestine, OH 44413, $300,000.

Timothy P. & Diana Baringer to Anthony Dean Ferrell, 1355 Beaver Circle, Columbiana, OH 44408, $295,000.

David W. Miller to Dillon T. Green, 10246 Rochester Road, Minerva, OH 44657, $284,707.

Gretchen Lee Claypool, Trustee, to Lori Gresh, 16351 State Route 267, East Liverpool, OH 43920, $275,000.

Let Me Think LLC to Kimberly A. & Alan D. Wolfe, 581 Pidgeon Road, Salem, OH 44460, $235,000.

Brian J. & Amanda J. Smith to Gary S. Semics & Cynthia S. Kilgore, 248 West Chestnut Street, Lisbon, OH 44432, $226,000.

Sandra L. Bragg to Seven M. Howard Jr., 48586 Spruce Court, East Liverpool, OH 43920, $205,000.

US Natural Resources Inc. to Jacob Larue, Hazel Run Road, Washington Township, OH, $183,506.

Robert J. Stockunas to Mackey Carson Stiner, 51368 State Route 14, East Palestine, OH 44413, $158,000.

Kathleen M. Watson to Legacy Lands LLC, State Route 517, Fairfield Township, OH, $150,000.

Frederick H. & Judith A. Wolken to Dombrowski Realty Company Ltd., 1136 East State Street, Salem, OH 44460, $150,000.

Pamela J. Kidston to Carolyn & Marvin Rowton, 1770 North Ellsworth Avenue, Salem, OH 44460, $141,000.

Timothy S. Bell to Michael J. Zelenak, Carbon Hill Road, Middleton Township, OH, $137,926.

Christopher J. Adams to Connie Turner, 14951 Old Fredericktown Road, Calcutta, OH 43920, $130,000.

Amy B. Lane to John D. Howell Sr. & Becky S. Howell, 42 Case Road, Beloit, OH 44609, $129,900.

Rita M. Ankeny to Lee W. & Pamela S. Benner, 8392 Rochester Road, Kensington, OH 44427, $125,000.

Ronald J. Hyde to Morgan Rogers, 45542 Cream Ridge Road, Lisbon, OH 44432, $117,000.

Daniel G. & David E. Sanor to The Agent Real Estate LLC, 620 Columbia Street, Salem, OH 44460, $111,000.

Karla Calvinoaks to Flora L. Giles, 30382 State Route 172, East Rochester, OH 44625, $110,000.

Diana Veglia, trustee, to Jarin M. Heath, 153-155 Park Drive, Salem, OH 44460, $110,000.

Michael W. & Jennifer L. Jones to Pamela Sue Carver, 775 Superior Avenue, Salem, OH 44460, $104,000.

Keith R. & Vicky L. Clutter to Michael James Edmond & Ashley Michelle Clutter, 133 Westfield Road, East Liverpool, OH 43920, $103,000.

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