July 25, 2024


Interior Of The Road

Buying & Selling Household Goods Through Free Small Ads

Local market towns in the area I live in often have free newspapers that are available in local shops or are posted through the letter box each week. Some of these newspapers accept free small ads and this is ideal if you have surplus items that you want to sell.

I’ve always wondered, until recently, whether anyone takes the trouble to read the classified advertisements and if these ads for free are successful at attracting buyers. Then I discovered that my neighbour looks at them every week and has picked up some real bargains.

The neighbours are planning a move from UK to France where they have bought a small cottage, so they are always on the look-out for bargain-priced furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Their recent purchases include a multi-fuel stove which will help run their central heating system as well as provide cooking facilities, and which the previous owner used to fuel twelve radiators. They bought two radiators from another seller, and from someone else just a couple of streets away, they bought a six foot six inch orthopaedic bed which they carried home along the street, much to the amusement of passers-by. All of these valuable items were at knock-down prices.

So if you find yourself short of money and have surplus household goods that are just taking up space, it is well worth trying to generate some cash by using free small ads in your local newspaper. And if you need things, but your budget is tight, a few minutes spent glancing through the small ads could yield just what you have been looking for.