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    We aim to provide our customers
    across all sectors a market leading,
    innovative out of home food
    and drink experience


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    is to provide our customers
    with bespoke solutions that are tailored
    to meet their specific


    Whether it’s a freestanding hot drink
    machine, complimented by a snack and
    cold drink machine, we can provide a
    machine solution which fit your
    individual sites, staff and requirements


    As a market-leader in new
    technology, we look to bring the
    latest concepts straight to
    our customers

  • Subsidiaries

    Within the Uvenco group, we
    have two other operating
    Snack-in-the-Box & Drinkmaster


    In today’s environment our
    customers like to have flexibility
    and we look to provide this
    through our wholesale service


    A bespoke on site self-serve convenience
    store, allowing you and your employees
    the opportunity to purchase high quality
    fresh products at your leisure for best


    When traditional coffee does
    not meet your demands and a
    Premium fresh milk espresso
    solution is required

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    Welcome to our blog section


The concept

With changing needs in the workplace, the need for new solutions to cater for a changing workforce has become apparent. Providing fresh food concepts in a significantly different way has grown successfully across the US, and businesses across the UK can now see the real opportunities and wide range of benefits this can offer for your staff.

  • Micromarkets offer our customers a self-checkout retail food and drink establishment by placing a range of open rack displays, reach-in refrigerated coolers, self-serve table top coffee machines and payment terminals onsite.
  • Micromarkets allow for a wider, fresher and healthier selection of products to be offered, including a wide range of sandwiches, yoghurts, dairy products, fresh fruit and sushi alongside a selection of best-selling snacks and cold drinks, with premium branded hot drinks.
  • Each Micromarket is exclusively designed to fit your site and operated 24/7 with no shop assistant or cashier required.
  • The Micromarket concept allows your employees to save both money and time, moreover encouraging their loyalty through rewards and healthier options at good prices.
  • Security is provided through online CCTV monitored by Uvenco.

How to use

To become a customer of the Micromarket each employee will register and be issued a loyalty card, which they simply have to keep at hand and follow these easy steps

  •   Select the products they would like to buy from the shelves and fridges
  •   Scan loyalty card and scan the barcode or choose from the product range on the payment terminal
  •   Insert money or credit card and make a purchase.

In the upshot

If you have found that your business culture and traditional food service solutions have significantly changed and no longer fit your business needs, then it is time to contact us in order to find out how we can help provide you a better, more modern, solution.


Our advantages


    National Operator

    National vending machines
    service & ingredients supply


    Top branded ingredients

    Best quality drinks &
    premium coffee beans


    Employee awards

    VENDIES 2015
    Route operator of the year &
    Service Engineer of the year


    Environment care

    Rainforest Alliance &
    FairTrade certified products


    Proven quality

    ISO 9001 & ISO 14001