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    We aim to provide our customers
    across all sectors a market leading,
    innovative out of home food
    and drink experience


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    is to provide our customers
    with bespoke solutions that are tailored
    to meet their specific


    Whether it’s a freestanding hot drink
    machine, complimented by a snack and
    cold drink machine, we can provide a
    machine solution which fit your
    individual sites, staff and requirements


    As a market-leader in new
    technology, we look to bring the
    latest concepts straight to
    our customers

  • Subsidiaries

    Within the Uvenco group, we
    have two other operating
    Snack-in-the-Box & Drinkmaster


    In today’s environment our
    customers like to have flexibility
    and we look to provide this
    through our wholesale service


    A bespoke on site self-serve convenience
    store, allowing you and your employees
    the opportunity to purchase high quality
    fresh products at your leisure for best


    When traditional coffee does
    not meet your demands and a
    Premium fresh milk espresso
    solution is required

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12 September 2017

3 Types Of Vending Machines Used In The Commercial Sector

At Uvenco, we specialise in providing food and drink vending machines to organisations such as healthcare, education, business, public and industry. Thanks to our strong relations with elite manufacturers, we have emerged as the go-to vending machine distributor in the UK. Our machines are automated and are operated by inserting a coin. 


23 July 2017

Getting a Coffee Machine? Find Out the Things You Must Consider!

At Uvenco, we are dedicated to providing a top-notch quality coffee drinking experience across all industries and sectors. Thanks to our ability to consistently deliver premium products at competitive rates, we have emerged as UK’s go-to coffee vending machine provider. We have long-lasting relations with some of the best vending machine manufacturers in the industry and our wide range of HORECA fresh milk espresso machines guarantee that you will always get to enjoy great tasting coffee.


04 July 2017

Coffee Vending Machines Create A Fantastic Drink Experience

Uvenco is one of the leading and largest suppliers of coffee vending machines in the UK. Our products are carefully sourced from only the best and renowned manufacturers guaranteeing the highest standards of quality. We aim to provide all our clients across all sectors and industries an innovative and market-leading out of home drink experience with our exceptional selection of HORECA machines. Our machines offer premium quality drinks that not just meet, but exceed expectations. When traditional coffee fails to meet your demands, turn to our fresh milk espresso machines.


14 June 2017

Partnering With A Reliable Food Vendor Is Prudent

Uvenco is one of the leading providers of branded food products and ingredients. We are sensitive towards the changing business environment and have made available a comprehensive range of wholesale solutions to meet diverse demands. Our food offerings can be complemented, via snack vending machines that are easy to operate, self-serviced or managed through your on-site corporate caterers. 


24 May 2017

A Quick Guide To Buying A Beverage Vending Machine

Uvenco is the UK’s leading and largest beverage vending machine provider. Our machines come in a range of sizes and can be customised as per your business needs and preferences. If you are looking to install a vending machine in your workplace, we are the company for you.