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    We aim to provide our customers
    across all sectors a market leading,
    innovative out of home food
    and drink experience


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    is to provide our customers
    with bespoke solutions that are tailored
    to meet their specific


    Whether it’s a freestanding hot drink
    machine, complimented by a snack and
    cold drink machine, we can provide a
    machine solution which fit your
    individual sites, staff and requirements


    As a market-leader in new
    technology, we look to bring the
    latest concepts straight to
    our customers

  • Subsidiaries

    Within the Uvenco group, we
    have two other operating
    Snack-in-the-Box & Drinkmaster


    In today’s environment our
    customers like to have flexibility
    and we look to provide this
    through our wholesale service


    A bespoke on site self-serve convenience
    store, allowing you and your employees
    the opportunity to purchase high quality
    fresh products at your leisure for best


    When traditional coffee does
    not meet your demands and a
    Premium fresh milk espresso
    solution is required

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    Welcome to our blog section

  • 1962 Drinkmaster starts manufacturing hot drinks and supplying businesses in the UK with coffee & tea
  • 1969 VMI is established in the Northwest
  • 1990 Simply Drinks is formed in London
  • 2001 SnackTime is founded
  • 2007 SnackTime is listed on the London stock exchange with shares that are now actively traded on the AIM market under the ticker code SNAK
  • 2009 Acquisition of Snack-in-the-Box 2009
  • 2010 Acquisition of Vendia UK Group 2010
  • 2014 UVENCO Group purchases shares and becomes the majority shareholder 2014
  • 2015 The VENDIES Awards Winner of the Best Route Operator of the Year & Best Service Engineer of the Year 2015
  • 2016 SnackTime Plc rebrands its business to Uvenco Uk plc  2016

Our values

We respect each employee, but act as a team, sharing our ideas in order to achieve common goals. We constantly generate new ideas, engage in new businesses, acting as innovators and leaders.

We are demanding to ourselves and very attentive to customers needs. We aim to be the first innovative company in the world in order to lead the market.


Our culture

As a business we believe maintaining the right culture is a key to serving our customers needs. It is our goal to provide a first class service to our customers and ensure that we are in a position to listen to their requirements and find the right solutions.

We look to approach our customers with an open mind, offering flexible and bespoke solutions, depending on their different needs.

Putting the customer experience first is a priority in our business, as we believe that our customers should always enjoy our products.

We believe staff should feel empowered to share their opinions, as it is their passion which drives the business forward. Their feedback and suggestions often give us incredibly good insights on how we can improve our services and performance.


As a leader in the vending industry, we know that we have a responsibility to our environment and community. Sustainability plays a key role in our approach to business. As one of the first vending companies to be ISO: 14001 accredited, Uvenco places a lot of importance in controlling and managing its environmental performance. Our strict buying policy ensures we continue to reduce wastage by keeping it to an absolute minimum, with each depot having a full recycling system for correct disposal and re-use.

Product and
equipment sourcing

Within our supply chain we actively look to work with our suppliers to ensure that we make ethical purchases on behalf of our customers. Whether it is looking to source products which support Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or other community/environmental driven initiatives or whether it is about offering more energy efficient machines that reduce the carbon footprint.

Within our product offering, we look to provide our customer with clarity allowing them to make informed decisions and understand the product they are purchasing through communicating nutritional information and sustainability certifications related to the product.

We offer our customers a range of ingredients and actively promote ranges, which provide some form of international environmental certification demonstrating that the manufacturers give back to the local communities.

  • Uvenco sold 65 tonnes of coffee last year and over half of that was sustainable, that’s the equivalent of nearly 6 full sized African Elephants.
  • Over 90% of the 2 million teabags and 8 tonnes of fresh brew tea consumed by our customers in 2015 was either Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance.
  • Hot chocolate was a big hit, with customers consuming 87 tonnes in one year! That’s the equivalent of 23 giraffes in weight, over a third of that was Fairtrade.
  • All our sugar that we use is Fairtrade and we got through nearly 45 tonnes last year. A salt water crocodile weighs 700kg, so that’s more than 64 fully grown crocodiles worth of Fairtrade sugar.
  • With more chocolate bars being made with Fairtrade chocolate, Snacktime are keeping on the pulse, and were able to sell nearly a quarter of a million Fairtrade bars last year.


We have many different approaches to reduce our impact on the environment. One key area is through the roll out of telemetry, which allows us to become efficient in our approach to visiting customers and machines. The telemetry systems being introduced to our newer customers, give us an opportunity to plot our visits based on product consumption rates and become more efficient in the traveling we do as a business. We also have the added benefit of being able to identify any machine problems and in most cases even before the client is aware of it. With real time information we are aware of all transactions as and when they happen.

By embracing new payment technologies such as Wave & Pay, we can reduce transport of coinage by up to 40% in some locations. This provides an added security benefit by reducing the amount of cash held within the machine at any given time. We look to improve staff skills, allowing them to fix equipment first time and reducing the number of unnecessary visits to machines.
Providing the right vehicles to do the job is part of our company policy. We aim to change our fleet on a 3-year basis to acquire vehicles that have the lowest emissions.

We are members of the Carbon Directory.
The Carbon Directory is the first UK business directory to promote the efforts of the companies who are trying to safeguard the ecosystem and environment, bringing your environmental efforts to the attention of customers throughout the country. Our Carbon Directory membership allows us to purchase carbon credits from reliable, ethical sources, which in turn will allow us to offset some of our emissions. In addition, we promote the ways of reducing the carbon footprint of our services through open dialogue with our customers. This can be achieved through the equipment we are able to offer and how the equipment impacts the environment, or how we work with our customers in delivering our service.


As part of our approach to sustainability, we recognize the importance of our people and how they play a pivotal role in our business and for our customers. Foremost, we look to create a solution, which provides a safe, pleasurable environment. We look to do this by providing customers with a safe working environment, the right tools to do their job, and the opportunity to be recognized for their hard work. We are an accredited “Investors in People” business.

We provide full Lavazza barista training to our operators, engineers and sales staff to ensure everyone is knowledgeable to assure the best quality.

We are an Automatic Vending Association, European Vending Association and European Vending Machine Manufacturers Association member.